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Myself Meena IASby Dakshita Das

Book Excerpt From ‘Myself Meena IAS’ by Dakshita Das

This is an excerpt from Dakshita Das' new book, ‘Myself Meena IAS' that tells the story of Meena, a young, attractive, fun-loving girl from Bareilly, who finds her life in a state of disarray.
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6 Easy Office Hairstyles For Long Hair

Having a bad hair day and have to rush to work? Pooja Sharma lists a few hairstyles you can choose on those bad hair days or when you’re in a big hurry.
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Shashi Pandey 2

Naaree Interviews Dr. Shashi Pandey Of Infinite Mobility Tech

Naaree.com interviewed Dr. Shashi Pandey, Director, Infinite Mobility Tech, which achieved a business revenue of over Rupees 2 crore in under a year.
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