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woman achiever

Women Achievers: Never Apologise for Your Success

One of the things I advocate in my book, Step Into Your Feminine Power, is that women achievers stop apologising for their success and achievements.
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woman executive

What Not to Wear To An Interview

Want to look professional so an interviewer pays attention to what you are saying? Avoid the following 20 fashion mistakes while attending an interview.
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Women In Business

Karishma Lalwani

Naaree Interviews Woman Entrepreneur, Karishma Lalwani

Shades of Joy has transformed Karishma Lalwani not just into an entrepreneur, but infused confidence in her and boosted her self esteem to great heights.
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  • NRI Wedding

    Marry An NRI At Your Own Risk

    The promise of a luxurious life lures many women and their families to opt for marriage to an NRI groom, making them vulnerable to exploitation and abandonment.
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