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Angel Healing Workshop From Holistic Studio

For those who believe in angels and spirit guides, angel healing can be a very powerful way to get inner guidance from your intuition. Holistic Studio is happy to announce The Angel Healing Workshop – a basic course in contacting your Angels and learning to work with them.

This two-day workshop will leave you feeling deeply connected to yourself and to the Universe. You will learn to trust yourself and the guidance you receive from the Angelic realms.

You will connect with your Guardian Angel, your Guides and also with the Ascended Masters and understand how you can work in tandem with them to live a spiritually and materially abundant life.

Healing with the angels, doing Angel Readings, opening your intuition, solving problems with their help and meeting wonderful like minded people are a few of the benefits you will walk away with.

The Angels are always with you, eager to help you in every possible way. Allow yourself to experience the joy and wonder of the miracles they unfold as you make contact.

Date: 29 & 30 September

Venue: Tea Centre, Churchgate, Mumbai

Contact Dan at for further details.

Email: dan [at]




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