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4 Car Maintenance Tips Every Woman Should Know


Are you the kind of woman who likes to go for long drives, or head out into the unknown by yourself or with a bunch of gal pals?

Then you might want to understand a few car maintenance tips so that you can handle small glitches and problems without calling in the big guns.

According to the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, around 90% of the female motorist are involved when it comes to the process of decision-making for the family’s vehicle maintenance as well as repair.

Although most women have a say in what happens to their family’s vehicle, do they really know what’s going on under the hood and how to better take care of it?

If you’re a woman who owns a car, this article will teach you some car care tips and car maintenance basics to make your vehicle last longer.

Always Check the Air Filter of Your Engine

Think of your car as a well-functioning body. The lung of your vehicle is the engine air filter. You have to check it on a regular basis to make sure it is functioning properly.

You can check the owner’s manual so you can see when the engine air filter ought to be swapped to make sure that your car can breathe well.

Do Check Your Car’s Engine Oil and Filter

If the engine air filter is the lung of your car, then the engine oil is the blood. You have to check the engine oil regularly.

Again, you can refer to the owner’s manual so you’ll know when the oil should be changed as well as which grade you should be using.

Also, try to talk to car enthusiast in your neighborhood. You’ll certainly gain some insights about the products they prefer to use and why.

Know How to Change a Tire

This is one of the most basic things any car owner should know. However, it’s a skill that is most often overlooked.

Don’t you know that you can go to a car care professional and ask them to show you how it’s done? Yes! This way, you will know how to do it if you ever find yourself alone on the road with no help in sight.

Another thing you ought to know is the right tire pressure when filling your tires. To be safe, read the owner’s manual to know what specific pressure is required for your car.

You can easily find the owner’s manual in the glove compartment or the door jamb. Don’t forget to fill and check your spare tire, too.

Prepare a Preventive Maintenance Checklist

If you do this, you’ll surely be thanking yourself because you’ll be saved from so much trouble when it comes to car problems. What you can do here is to take your car to an expert and have them perform a preventive maintenance check on your car.

Do this on a regular basis. Some of the things to check are the tire pressure, belts, hoses, fluid levels, engine oils, and the rest, making sure that they are all working well.


Now that you know some of the basic things that should be done to your vehicle, life won’t be too hard if you ever need to change a flat tire or encounter engine problems.

In severe cases, always have the number of your preferred car care professional in your phonebook at all times. This will make sure that you know who to call if you ever need help.

But for the easier maintenance check, continue to learn more about it, so you’ll know how to take care of your car better.

Author Bio

Williams A. Young is a car enthusiast who loves to share his knowledge about cars to anyone who is interested. When he is not busy taking care of his car, he loves to go camping with his camping vehicle from Darwin4WDHire. Williams also loves to write about his adventures and camping tips and techniques.





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One thought on “4 Car Maintenance Tips Every Woman Should Know

  1. Being as a woman car owner it is the responsibility of her to maintain the car to enjoy stress free ride. Always check the air filter of your car’s engine as it helps to make your car breathe healthy. To be safe read owner’s manual to know the specific pressure of your tire and fill it accordingly. You can take your car to an expert and have them perform a preventive maintenance check on your car. There are some of basic things that should be done to your vehicle such as ever need to change a flat tire or encounter engine problems.

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