Career Women

What Not to Wear To An Interview

Want to look professional so an interviewer pays attention to what you are saying? Avoid the following 20 fashion mistakes while attending an interview.

The Complete Beginners Guide for Women in International Jobs

Working overseas has a lot of benefits, but there are pitfalls as well. Here's what you need to know before you decide if an international job is for you.

MBA Courses In A Woman’s World

With an MBA degree you have more career choices, better success when applying for jobs and the expectation of a higher salary.

Training At Work: Unlocking Your Full Potential

Businesswomen the world over can take advantage of cloud based learning and gain strong footholds within their chosen careers, with maximum confidence.

Consulting Careers: A Promising Option For Women In India?

If you’re considering becoming a consultant, here are a few things to consider. Do you have industry experience in the consulting area you’re considering?

How To Create A Good Impression In Interviews

When meeting people from many different backgrounds, here are a few tips for creating an impressive interview image.

Team Building Strategies For Project Managers

Keeping the group together, delegating tasks and saying what you want done properly is the proper way of influencing your colleagues at work.

The Top 5 Sports Women Of India Who Made It Big

These five Indian women took the athletics world by storm, with fierce determination, grit and awe-inspiring passion.

Indian Women Scientists: Do We Lag Behind Our Western Counterparts?

Worldwide, science is traditionally considered the stronghold of men. This has led to the marginalization of women in science related careers - more so in India.

Women in Bollywood: How Female Roles For Actors Have Changed

The role of female protagonists in Indian cinema has evolved with the times. Today a typical Bollywood flick has roles that the audience can relate to.
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