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How to Emphasise Your Pregnancy Bump

If you’re desperate to put your bump in the spotlight, read on for tips on how to emphasise your midsection and give it the attention it deserves.

How to Be an Entrepreneur and a Mom

Starting a business while being a parent can be an overwhelming task, but the benefits mean you can plan your business around your parenting needs.

Book Review: Fetal Attraction

Fetal Attraction is a unique book which answers the queries of the Indian pregnant woman right from the stage of planning to conception to neo-natal baby care.

Adoption For Single Women In India

A single woman in India doesn’t necessarily have to give birth to a child to become a mother. She can become a mother through adoption.

The Needs Of Working Mothers And Child Care Options In India

There are plenty of options for childcare to help you achieve a balance, and if you have decided that you want to work, stick to your decision guilt-free.

Pregnant At Work: Healthy Pregnancy Tips For Working Women

If you have a career to attend to, being pregnant at work can be challenging. Here are some tips to ensure that your time at work is comfortable and healthy.

Single Working Mothers: You’re Not Alone – Help Is At Hand

Balancing work, home, kids and your social life is a juggling act that can leave many single working moms feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day.

Fitness For New Moms: Getting Back Into Shape With Yoga

With the kind of routine that involves caring for a newborn, you need to select a form of exercise that’s easy on your body and mind. You need a routine that can be broken up into parts, so that you can do it whenever you can spare some time. Under these circumstances, there’s really nothing better than yogic stretches, notes Priti Salian.

Sushmita Sen: Motherhood Beyond Biological Boundaries

In-your-face. Outspoken. Endearingly different. That’s Sushmita Sen, the Cinderella who turned Miss Universe® and subsequently Fairy Godmother to Renee. Sushmita speaks about her inherited parenting values, the process of acceptance as a single mother in the public domain – and the incredible joy of it all.

Supporting Woman Abuse Survivors as Mothers

The legal establishment in India has take an important step towards preventing abuse of children by parents and caretakers. As someone who endured physical abuse as a child, I feel very strongly against child abuse and will, from time to time, feature articles and resources on prevention and management of this social disease. 
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