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Don’t Settle For Less In A Relationship

Often women settle for undesirable men, unsatisfying relationships, or marriages of convenience, out of loneliness, or the fear that they won’t get anyone better.

We women can be such self-sacrificing martyrs sometimes. And that especially applies in our relationships. I see so many amazing women willing to date and/or marry men who are simply not worth their while. And, I confess, I used to be one of them.

Is it a result of our conditioning that we’re willing to accept less than respectful behaviour from men in relationships? Is it our codependent tendencies that cause us to choose dysfunctional men who need “rescuing”? Is it our cultural conditioning that makes us put a man’s needs above our own?

What is it that makes so many educated and intelligent Indian women settle for arranged marriages with men they feel little or no attraction for? Should we blame women’s liberation – or women themselves – for allowing men to think that they can have their cake without having to make a commitment in relationships?





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