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Leadership Through Influence: Skills To Help Motivate Others


Acquiring influence and power over others, especially in a working environment, involves making yourself valuable to the organization, and not just as a leader or manager.

You can choose to make yourself indispensable by focusing on specific tasks that only you can master and that will be valuable to the organization. This step basically begins with you focusing on your job and doing it exceptionally.

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Make yourself helpful and valuable to more people in the organization. You can do this by going the extra mile when providing service or working on a project. Not only will you expand your influence over others, you also expand your network of people who consider you a valuable part of their work.

Another step to expand your influence is to seek more opportunities in terms of career advancement and growth by pursuing higher learning and acquiring a better degree. You can also achieve this level of influence innovating processes, or think up unique concepts and ideas to boost sales and productivity.

As you continue your career growth and climb up the corporate ladder, you will also expand your influence to include a greater number of people in the organization. The first thing you need to do when you want to use your influence to motivate others is to first win them over.

Here are some skilful actions that will help establish your edge of influence in your organization.

  • Set An Example

If you set an example of doing a good job or performing above expectations, people will look up to you and follow your example. You establish your reputation and credibility by being the person they expect you to be, or better yet, exceed their expectations.

  • Be Dependable

You must be able to follow instructions with little or no supervision at all. This is one sure way to help create an impression of reliability not only with your peers and your managers, but also with your subordinates.

  • Exceed Expectations

Whenever you are working on something, make sure that you exceed expectations by trying your hardest to succeed and ensuring that you focus to work effectively and efficiently. This is one way that you can motivate others to also try their hardest.

  • Be Professional

Always behave maturely in front of everybody. As a professional, you are expected to always display a professional demeanor. Not only are you setting the example of level-headedness, but you are also creating the setting for others to follow suit as well.

  • Be A Positive Influence

Always display a positive mental attitude, especially in the workplace. There will always be occasions where other people give out negative vibes or create a depressing mood, but you can change the energy by choosing to have a positive attitude.

In a nutshell, these five steps will help you set the right example and boost your influence to motivate others in your organization.


Resources to Boost Your Influence:

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