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Learn How To Pleasure Yourself For A Better Sex Life


Sex can take us to a place where we are truly confined to ourselves and there is something unusual about this pleasant moment.  Pleasing yourself is not a male dominated territory; today women have all the reasons and means to pleasure themselves too.

We are now in age where women can and do take ownership of their own happiness and pleasure, so talking about it in a safe place is sensible and not taboo. There are enticing and safe options available online, which are absolutely reliable and fun to use.

To all who feel that using sex toys means that you and your partner are not compatible, relax. Vibrators don’t threaten your partners. In fact, learning how to please yourself can improve your sex life because you can now teach your partner what works (and doesn’t work) for you, in bed.

As Lisa Thomas, LMFT, writes in Psychology Today, “As a grown woman you should think about giving yourself permission to find your pleasure and masturbate when you want.”

Here’s how to go about discovering new ways to pleasure yourself.

Learn what turns you on

Masturbation is a term we generally associate with men, but women can and should try it too.  We may not need it as frequently as men or perhaps we may, that’s a matter of choice.

It still remains a secret as to what truly excites a woman. Is it erotic novels, solo sessions in the sack, sexy innuendos, vibrators, dildos or a certain fragrance that reminds them of some romantic moment?

Test out different sensual experiences and figure out what works for you. What really turns you on? Using sex toys can bring pure efficiency to your sex life.

A few things to be cautious about are – whether they are made from body-safe materials like silicone, stainless steel, glass or hard plastic.

Play it safe

Using sex toys is safe unless of course you are overzealous. It is easy to experiment and know what your happy-high is and where to really stop.

A well-made sex toy should be smooth and unbreakable, and can be cleaned efficiently. It’s best to avoid toys that have hard to clean parts.

Also purchasing your toy should be done in a safe environment, where people can inform you about how to best use your sex toy or answer any other question you have regarding an adult product.

The safest place to shop is online from the best online sex shop in India.  With a ton of experience, this site knows how to guarantee your discretion and inform you about all you wish to know.

As for the toys, to ensure pleasure doesn’t turn into pain, wash your hands with soap before you masturbate. Dirty hands or hands with which you have just cooked spicy food are very capable of causing irritation, inflammation or an outright infection.

Trim your nails

Your genital areas – mainly the clitoris, inner and outer lips of your labia and the walls of your vagina – are very soft and delicate. They can be easily hurt with long nails. So cut your nails short and file them fine so that you don’t end up hurting yourself.

Set the mood

To set the mood, put on some soothing or sexy music play at the in the background. You can even have your own sexy playlist of songs, including those by Sade.

What turns you on is totally subjective, but the key to feeling sexy and unwind could include upbeat music or an erotic novel along with dim lights to create the mood.

The next best move could be to undress yourself. However this is entirely a matter of choice. Some women don’t feel comfortable being completely nude and that is quite okay to go with what suits you.

You could even put on some sexy lingerie and work up some dance moves, if that floats your boat.


Touch your body, running your fingers across it, and figure out where your erogenous zones are – such as your nipples, breasts, thighs, neck, labia, or your vagina. Intensify the touch and stimulate the process with the help of sex toys.

You could explore different options in dildos or vibrators to enhance the climax. Don’t let inhibitions or guilt of any sort creep in. Dwell in the moment completely and the simple act of breathing deeply can help your orgasm last longer.

Sexologists are of the opinion that masturbation is a great way for women to learn how to have orgasms. Such solo acts with some trendy sex toys give women the privacy, happiness and ease to experience sexual arousal and orgasm on their own.

After play

Once you have attained absolute bliss, after your orgasm, give your body the space and time to relish the moment. Some of you may feel a little sleepy and need a short nap after a great session while others may feel excited.

Take it in your stride and do what pleases you then. You could also enjoy a nice cuddle with your pillow. The best thing to do is to allow yourself to revel in the feeling.

Don’t forget to clean up

After a short nap or curling up in bed, head to the restroom and wash up. You can keep vaginal infections at bay if you make sure that you clean your sex toys before and after each use.

Cleaning your sex toys and your vagina is an important part of the process, as during arousal your vagina secretes lubricating fluids that you might want to wash away once you are done.

Feeling loved yet?

We hope these easy to follow steps and ideas were fun to read and worth a try. So get rid of the fear, guilt and shyness and learn to put a smile on your own face today.




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