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Relationship Advice: Ten Tips To Keep Your Man Happy


Simple gestures and little things go a long way in keeping your man happy. It’s all about unconditional giving, says Sakshi Singh.

Men claim that they’re simple and women are complex. Well, I don’t disagree, for simple gestures and little things go a long way in keeping them happy and it’s not too much to do. It’s just a little bit at a time and it’s all about loving and giving.

Happy-coupleThe occasional ego massage

Throw in phrases like how much you adore him, or how hot he looks in those trousers, or how proud you are of what he does for a living. Spoil him rotten and play along when you see his ego getting a little bloated.

Everyone enjoys a little pampering and being pampered, and men are no exception. Whisper sweet compliments and call him sweet names, and you’ll have him loving you and feeling more attracted towards you.

The special meal

Whoever said the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach knew exactly what they were talking about. Just cook him that special dish he drools over, and girl, you’ve won brownie points for life.

Be his super girl

Support him through thick and thin, through his crazy phases where he wants his beard to touch his feet and tell him how much you love it. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, he’s going to look and feel surprised and love the way you love him for everything he is.

Whether it’s a new class he’s taking, or whether he’s just plain feeling low, support him and tell him how you think he’s so exciting because he’s so open to new things. Being by his side when he’s low tells him that you’re there for him no matter what.

Allow him his guy time

So he couldn’t make all those dates you were hoping he’d make. But as long as he intended to and he makes up for it, don’t intrude into his guy time. It’s his special space that he needs to unwind and enjoy.

You may never understand how he can prefer a night with his friends to your company, but as long as it makes him happy, you must let him have it. Allowing him some uninterrupted guy time will only make him want you more.

PDA (Public displays of affection)

How much is too much is the big question. Can you hold hands in public? Or kiss? How far is going too far? Every relationship is different and you both must set your own boundaries, but make sure you make your presence felt by that surprise hug while you’re sitting around in a group, or a quick kiss on the cheek, or that gentle touch of a hand to get your feelings across.

Guys adore gifts

Boys sure will love their toys. But before you think that he’ll love that pink giant sized teddy or expensive jewellery, stop and look around for something more macho. From video games, to gadgets and gizmos to computers and phones, it’s what their world is all about. If you go ahead and buy them that something practical, girl, you are one smart girlfriend.

Be his comedy queen

I’ve heard about women always wanting a man with a great sense of humor. I say, whether the man has it or not, you can build it. Now how’s that for having a healthy and fun relationship? Share a joke, read funny things out to him, figure out what makes him laugh and there you have it, a great tool for connecting with your man.

Share something whacky and hilarious every day or talk about the comical things that happened in the day. There’s nothing like a good belly-laugh and learning to enjoying the simple things in life.

Be feminine

Having an opinion and taking a stand is all well and good. So is being independent and out going, but there’s a secret you should know. Even though guys love the very freedom loving, independent and intelligent women, they equally dig the sweet and feminine girlfriend who gets all girly with them in private. Being soft, sweet and vulnerable is the key to open the doors to a world of love for yourself.

Be a friend

Guys love the no-nonsense, non-fussy, and no tantrum side of women so give them that. Be his buddy, play his favorite indoor or outdoor games, go get a beer and share a joke that you normally wouldn’t with him. It’s refreshing for him to see you this way, and for you too to let go and see what it’s like to be on the other side.

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