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Top 5 Career Options For Women In India

Gone are the times when teaching and clerical jobs were the only ones considered fit for womankind. Today, as India’s economy flourishes, there is a plethora of job opportunities for women that also allow for a good work-life balance.

Despite domestic help and support from families, many modern working women seek a career that is less demanding in terms of hours and allows them to spend more time tending their homes and children.

Moreover, women are now leveraging their creativity, compassion and communication skills in various job profiles, which have increased their demand in the job market and have helped them surpass men in several fields.

Here are the top five career options for women in India:

  • Journalism/ PR/ Advertising/ HR:

Women are inherently bestowed with an ability to communicate, nurture relationships and multitask. This makes them a perfect fit for a career in mass communication.

In fact, in these fields, women far outnumber men and have a higher demand. Some job profiles offer flexible work hours, part-time and work-from-home options.

  • Jobs in Design


Depending on their aptitude and qualifications, women can pursue a career in fashion and apparel designing, jewellery designing, website and graphic designing or even interior designing.

Creativity is the common thread that runs through these professions and women have proven to be far more creative than men. They are more likely to have an artistic sense and an eye for detail.

The fact that they can choose to be freelance or independent professionals, promises a lot of flexibility. Many designers work out of their home office.

  • Counseling/ HR/ Social Work:

Owing to their strong communication skills and ability to listen attentively, women are much suited for profiles that involve a direct and frequent interaction with people.

Fields like counseling, HR and social work require a compassionate and empathetic approach – an area where women undoubtedly score over the opposite sex.

  • Doctor


Although the initial years can be quite a struggle, women doctors eventually succeed in striking an enviable balance between work and home, especially if they run a private practice.

They are their own boss and get to choose their hours – it surely helps to have a good administrative system in place to handle emergencies and heavy workloads.

Women who work at large hospitals may have more stability, but they are required to adhere to working hours and emergency shifts. Of course, working part-time is always an option.

While some fields of medicine are more demanding, others are more flexible and accommodating. Careers in diagnostics, pharmacy, generally do not involve catering to emergencies, which make them desirable career options for women.

  • Education:

An academic career requires an intellectual aptitude as much as it requires patience and articulation. Women are blessed with these traits and the moderate working hours makes academics an ideal career for women.

From teaching at schools and professorships to curriculum designers and online tutors, there are options galore for women who wish to make good use of their education.


Resources for Career Women:

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One thought on “Top 5 Career Options For Women In India

  1. As far as India is considered, many rural girls consider teaching to be the most safe and respectable profession.

    As opposed, urban girls, considered more modern, prefer to be software professionals.

    Best part is that, girls want to have a career these days and be self-dependent. Call it evolving India!

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