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Indian womenWrite for and get featured on a high-traffic online magazine for Indian women. accepts guest posts on the following topics:

  • Women’s issues
  • Women’s interests
  • Women leaders
  • Women achievers
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Women’s safety
  • Self-Improvement
  • Careers for women
  • Self-employment
  • Work at home
  • Food and recipes
  • Fashion for women at work
  • Social issues concerning women
  • Relationship tips

Please stick to these guidelines if you want to be published.

  1. Your articles must be between 1200-1500 words, original and unique, not published anywhere else.
  2. You must agree not to publish the article anywhere else for a month after it is published on
  3. If you provide images or photographs, they must be your own photos or screenshots or stock images that you have purchased and have permission to use.
  4. You may add up to two links to your own blog or website in the author bio at the end of the post.
  5. All quotes or factual statements must be supported by inline links to references or authoritative sites.
  6. Send all guest posts to us as a Word doc attachment. Images must be attached separately in the same email.
  7. Please edit your articles for language, spelling and grammar. We reserve the right to reject any article that does not meet our standard.

Send at least 5 blog topics for consideration to “priyaflorence (at)”

At, we receive a large number of submissions and our publishing schedule sometimes requires guest bloggers to wait for months before their post gets published.

Here are a couple of things you can that can help ensure publication in a time-frame of your choice.

  1. Send us a topical, exceptional, well-written and unique article that is of interest to our readers.
  2. If your article does not meet the standards above, please consider paying a small editing fee of $20 or INR 1000 to support the efforts we put into editing and publishing your guest post. In return, we will push your article to the top of the line. In case your article is not approved for some reason, we will refund your payment.

To pay the editing fee in USD, use the button below.

To pay the editing fee in INR, please email “priyaflorence (at)” for instructions.


28 thoughts on “Write For Us

    1. Shivani, they both have their virtues. The franchise may have some requirements that you need to meet first. May be easier to startup on your own and then opt for a franchise.

  1. Hello All,

    My mother is 50 years old.
    we owned a shop of hand bags, and now we have dissolved the business due to few personal reasons. Now my mother is at home and she wants to earn money while at home.
    and support daily expenses.
    Is there anything she can do?
    she knows how to operate a smart phone.
    we live in Bangalore.

  2. My utmost concern is the domestic violence, my sister has been going through physically and emotionally. Since her husband is not working, we always support willingly in order to see my sister happy, but when we stop helping them, as we can’t all the time, then problem starts, and he starts abusing, harassing her emotionally. In past many times, we used to call our sister at our place for few days just to revitalize her mind, but since she is matured girl, and she doesn’t find this as a permanent solution and a respectable approach. And Now she started telling us, I will do something unexceptional here at my in laws place only but I will not come.

        1. Hi Supriya,

          You can add your profile as a freelancer to and where you can offer services like graphic design, programming, content writing etc.

  3. Wish to start tailoring and embroidery work at home. Financially weak as husband is not supporting. How to start and how to proceed please tell.
    Sarita Sarthi

    1. Just get started, Sarita. Spread the news online among Facebook groups created for people in your locality and ask your friends to spread the word for you too.

  4. Wish to start tuition center work at home. Financially weak as husband is not working. How to start and how to proceed please tell.
    Greta Lawrence

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