Monthly archives: April, 2011

Single Working Mothers: You’re Not Alone – Help Is At Hand

April 30, 2011
Balancing work, home, kids and your social life is a juggling act that can leave many single working moms feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day.

Effects Of Stress: How Stress Causes 95% Of Physical Illness

April 29, 2011
According to cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton, 95 % of all illnesses are caused by stress. It decreases functioning of our immune system, leading to disease.

Brilliant Business Plans: 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Yours

April 28, 2011
What’s your big game plan for this business year? Have you got your year – your business, your life, your health - mapped out perfectly?

Indian Women In The Armed Forces: Army Careers For Women

April 27, 2011
In non-combat roles, the military in India offers excellent career opportunities for women. Here are the pros and cons of pursuing a career in the Indian army.

The Impact Of Lack Of Self-Esteem On Business Professionals

April 27, 2011
At least 85% or more of the world's people, including some very successful business people, lack self-esteem in some areas of their lives.

Business Fashion: Stylish Career Suits For Women At Work

April 26, 2011
Want to be a serious worker and a fashionista at the same time? Business suits for women help you express your femininity in a professional and stylish manner.

Got A Passion For Fashion? Design Schools Can Help You Shine

April 22, 2011
If fashion is your passion, you might be the right candidate for a fashion design school. Learn the basic criteria to use in choosing a fashion design school.

Social Entrepreneurship: Indian Women Shine In Social Ventures

April 21, 2011
Indian women who are passionate about the society around them, are taking their passion to a higher level by running large-scale, successful social ventures.

Drama–Free Dating Tips For Women: How To Get Over A Breakup

April 20, 2011
In this issue of her Dating Dish, our dating coach, Paige Parker shows you how to get over a breakup - without breaking down.

Call Center Careers: How To Be A Successful Call Center Agent

April 20, 2011
Becoming a call center agent is not as easy as it looks. Here are some skills and attributes you will require in being successful in this demanding career.