Monthly archives: September, 2011

The Three ‘I’s Of Leadership: Idea, Incorporate, Identity

September 30, 2011
Woman leaders know the different functions in business and how they work together. The three I’s of leadership will boost your growth up the leadership pipe.

Women In Modern India: The Forty-Something Diva

September 29, 2011
Today's 40-something Indian woman is wise, well-read,well maintained, articulate and tech-savvy, and knows how to carry herself with grace and elegance.

Retaining Women In The Workforce: How To Nurture Female Talent

September 28, 2011
For Indian women lack of flexiwork options, male-dominated office environment and inadequate work-life balance are the main deterrents to professional growth.

3 Green Business Ideas For Startups That Make A Difference

September 27, 2011
With eco-consciousness becoming widespread and few products to meet that demand, this is the perfect time to go green when it comes to new business ideas.

Women Leaders, Define, Design And Project Who You Really Are

September 26, 2011
With their abilities to avert risk and focus on long term matters, women leaders in business are expected to bring better growth that is more result oriented.

Business Travel Tips: How To Deal With Travel Stress

September 24, 2011
Business travel can be stressful and have a negative impact on one’s efficiency and work performance. Here are some tips to combat travel stress.

Indian Women Social Entrepreneurs: Achievement For Self-Realisation

September 23, 2011
These famous Indian women social entrepreneurs have successfully challenged the status quo and the myths about social entrepreneurship in a heart-centered way.

Business Etiquette Training: Get The ‘Finishing School’ Advantage

September 22, 2011
An executive finishing school is an institute that offers to 'polish' a person’s skills and train them to deal with situations they may encounter at work.

Women In The Workforce: What Do Women Want In Their Career?

September 21, 2011
The issues that drive a woman to work outside the home, and the choices and priorities that she makes during her career are different from that of a man.

Awakening The Entrepreneur Within You®: The Power Of Practice

September 20, 2011
Author, Michael Gerber, shares three exercises to awaken the entrepreneur within you to come out and begin do her work to create your new and astonishing world.