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Leadership Skills For Women: Becoming A Trusted Leader

“We can build our leadership upon fear, obligation, or trust. However, only a foundation of trust results in the collaboration and goodwill necessary to achieve our peak performance.”

These words, from organizational design expert, Roger Allen, could hardly be more succinct in expressing the central role that trust plays in building and leading high-performance business.

Trusted Leader

With the integrity of our business leaders under such a microscope these days, it’s valuable to take a moment for a refresher on trust in leadership. For integrity, though critical to trust, isn’t the only element of a trust-based management style.

According to Seattle-based management expert, Stephen Robbins, trust is based on four other distinct elements in your relationship with the people you lead:

  • Competence

At first this may seem strange—after all, can’t incompetent people be trusted? Of course, but not if you want to lead. Leaders are held to a different standard, and part of what your team trusts is that you know what you’re doing. It comes with the territory.

  • Consistency

This is one of the most pragmatic elements of trust. If your team knows what you stand for, then they will believe that you will react in a predictable way to certain situations. Over time your consistently expressed values become the shared values of the team.

Some charismatic leaders may purposely act unpredictably to “shake things up,” and they may well be wildly successful. But they won’t necessarily be trusted.

  • Loyalty

To a certain extent, your team can only trust you to the degree you are committed to their success and well-being.

Max De Pree, the legendary CEO of Herman Miller and champion of the “servant leader” concept, puts it this way: “The leader’s first job is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between the leader must become a servant and a debtor.”

This servant/debtor relationship to your team is one that strongly conveys your loyalty to them.

  • Openness

Trust is ultimately the characteristic of a relationship, and it is through its relationship with you that your team expresses its trust. Openness is a cornerstone of the ability to build these relationships.

If your team can’t get to know you, then they probably can’t get to trust you, either. With openness comes the requirement for a certain vulnerability: In this arena, you will generally have to “go first” by reaching out and creating such relationships.

By investing in building and strengthening these qualities in your leadership, you will be steadily reinforcing your trust relationship with the people who work for you.

Those relationships, in turn, become the foundation for building a high-performance company, particularly in times of change and stress, when people tend to rely upon their personal relationships.

If your team trusts you in good times, they are even more likely to stand with you when the times turn challenging.

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Lisa J. Peck, Step It Up Queen™, is a mother of eight children, highly acclaimed professional life coach, author of 19 published books, and former host of the radio program The Hero Factor. If you would like to learn more Stepping It Up™ to live the life you were meant to live, visit


Jobs For Women: How To Become A Personal Assistant

Do you have what it takes to become a personal assistant? Some people do and others don’t. But if you are serious about working at this level, what do you need to do?

First of all, you don’t have to take a course in college to become a personal assistant because there aren’t any. You may have an advantage over others who apply if you have a business or accounting degree since some employers need someone who can do some budgeting.

In fact, anyone can become a personal assistant as long as they are willing to work long hours, be able to multi-task, handle the pressure that goes with the job, be internet savvy and very comfortable using modern technology.

You should also have people skills since you will relate to people both internally and externally in the organization. Some employers want their personal assistants to learn a second language so if they have to travel, he or she can act as a translator.

Given that you are working in the inner circle, certain information that is classified as confidential should remain that way. You should be able to keep this under lock and key. If people ask, don’t make the mistake of revealing what you know since this will cost you your job.

The first step in becoming a personal assistant is to apply for the position and hope you get it. This will give you the opportunity to learn how things work in a company because even if there are differences in various working environments, there are a few activities there that are very common.

During the interview, remain calm and highlight your assets. It will be a great if you can tell the interviewer your previous work experience if you had the chance of working as a personal assistant in the past.

However, if you just graduated, highlight other things like you are conversant in foreign language, you can type X number of words per minute, you are internet savvy and very familiar with the latest high tech gadgets in the market.

If you are not able to get a job yet because the employer wants someone who is experienced, try to become a personal assistant through an apprentice program or offer your services for free.

There are also some agencies that help applicants look for a job so you can also consider sending your resume to them.

It is also possible to get the job by working first for a non-profit organization and building your network so when there is an opening, your name will be on top of the list.

Some people don’t sign up to become a personal assistant first. They enter the organization working in one position and then when there is an opening, they decide to apply for it since most employers are likely to hire within the company before putting an ad in the newspaper.

There are many ways to become a personal assistant. You can apply for the job directly or making your way to that position.

Whatever happens, expect to work longer hours because your job does not end at 5PM. There will be times you will have to travel and stay up late longer than usual so don’t expect to have a social life.


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How the Concept of Beauty in Indian Women Is Changing

Looking for a young, fair, beautiful girl of under 28 years of age; prospective groom is a 30 year old boy working in an MNC…” How often have you seen a matrimonial ad like this in the newspaper? The answer is very often!

Beauty in India has so many different levels to it, but until not very long ago, the core of it was fair skin. If you’re fair skinned, you get the successful groom, the big bungalow, the great life, and Heaven help you if you happened to be a shade browner than Kareena Kapoor.

Freida PintoUntil a few years ago, traditional beauty in India meant fair skinned, and light eyed, with a curvy body and long hair.

Perhaps Aishwarya Rai Bachhan was one of the last few “traditional beauties” that the world saw in Indian cinema.

When Sushmita Sen won the Miss Universe in 1994 despite not being the conventional fair beauty, the Indian mindset was shaken. Perhaps beautiful didn’t mean only fair, we began to think.

In the last five years, there has been a big shift in the attitude of Indians towards appreciating true beauty in Indian women, one that is not based on skin color alone.

When you see Freida Pinto at Hollywood do’s and models like Carol Gracias and Monikangana Dutta being the most sought after to walk the ramp, it is truly heartening.

A few Bollywood actresses have turned down lucrative ad offers for fairness creams, because of the signals sent out to the public.

Today, women in India are making more of an effort than ever before to “look good”. This includes starving themselves (sometimes to death!), nose jobs, lip jobs and various other jobs, going under the knife as if it were as regular as eating a slice of toast.

When Kareena Kapoor went from being the Punjabi “kudi” with a curvaceous body and a twinkle in her eye in “Jab We Met” to a barely recognizable anorexic shadow of herself in “Tashan”, it had a huge impact on how young women in India perceive beauty today.

Size Zero became the new “beautiful” and it has been a classic example of how Bollywood affects our thought process. There is a lot of pressure all around when it comes to beauty. Everyone wants to look good, and it is no longer a thing of “occasion”.

However, with the shift in attitude towards dark skinned girls or girls from different races, one thing has become clear – you need to wear your individual persona to look good.

Attitude is what counts more than traditional good looks. Confidence, the ability to hold a conversation, and carry oneself gracefully, are all a part of being beautiful today.


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Breast Examination

Top 10 Health Issues Women In India Are Being Diagnosed With

Women pride themselves on the fact that they are muti-taskers. However, very often the most important aspect of their lives is forgotten in the mayhem of multitasking – good health.

A lot of women’s health issues arise because of negligence and putting their health very low on the priority list. Here’s a look at some of the major health issues that affect women in India.

  • Heart Disease

Studies have shown that heart diseases affect 6 times as many women as breast cancer. Coronary Artery Disease occurs mostly in menopausal women, but in the presence of diabetes, women get affected at a younger age.

Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, smoking, and a lack of physical activity are all factors that increase the risk of heart disease. Family history, too, plays its part.

Dietary changes, quitting smoking, lipid-lowering medication, and regular exercise will help in lowering the chance of heart diseases. It is also important to go for regular health checkups; after all, prevention is better than cure.

  • Breast Cancer

While family history does have a role, it is important to remember that less than 10% of the cases of breast cancer are due to this.

Several other factors are known to increase the risk of breast cancer – obesity, early menstruation (before age 12) or late menopause (after age 55), excess alcohol and smoking.

It is important to do a self-examination of breasts and consult a doctor if any abnormality is observed. Women should also get regular mammograms done after age 40.

Woman breast examination

  • Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)

This is one of the most common endocrine disorders affecting women of child-bearing age. It is known to affect 5-10% of the women in this age group. Women with this problem have cysts in their ovaries and this, in turn, affects their ability to conceive.

Symptoms include irregular periods, infertility, high levels of insulin, excessive body hair, acne, and weight gain. Women should get regular medical checkups done and have this condition treated.

  • Strokes

A few million women throughout the world die every year of strokes. This silent killer has many causes including hypertension, diabetes, a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise, excessive junk food, smoking and alcohol.

Women should follow a healthy lifestyle and manage chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure carefully with the correct treatments to reduce the risk of stroke.

  • Osteoporosis

Known to be one of the most common issues that affect women, especially during middle age and after, Osteoporosis is largely preventable.

Problems such as joint pain, backaches, and frailty are mainly due to behavioural traits that women pick up during adolescent and youth.

Diets rich in calcium and physical activity like weight training will help women avoid Osteoporosis to a large extent.

  • Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or is unable to use insulin properly. This results in high levels of glucose build-up in the blood.

The consequences include heart disease, kidney problems, and even possible blindness.  Obesity is one of the major risk factors associated with diabetes.

Maintaining a healthy weight, and regular physical activity reduces the chances of type-2 diabetes.

  • Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory illnesses such as Chronic Obstructed Pulmonary Disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis, and several other problems affecting the lungs fall under this category. These mainly result from smoking and can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

  • Depression

It has been observed that depression affects more women than men. Women need to have a connection with loved ones and when they do not, depression is very likely to occur.

Sometimes hormonal changes can also result in depression, especially after pregnancy or during menopause. Other factors include substance abuse, trauma, family history of depression and chronic illnesses.

Download this Yoga classes for Depression. This is the perfect class for anyone needing to lift themselves up, invite motivation and restoration to the spirit, body and mind.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies have shown that women are more at risk than men to be affected by Alzheimer’s which results in memory loss issues.

Some of the ways of preventing this condition are managing chronic conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes and regular physical and mental activity to remain fit.

While it is not proven, when a woman reaches middle age, the reduction in estrogen is believed to increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

  • Hair Loss and Premature Greying

This is a problem that affects many women, especially in urban India.

While genetic factors do contribute to hair loss and early greying, some very important factors are a deficiency of Vitamin B12 and Iron, excessive consumption of junk food and coffee/tea, lack of sleep, an unclean scalp, smoking and stress.

Maintaining a diet rich in vitamin B12 and iron, and a healthy lifestyle can prevent this condition.


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Top 10 Health Issues Women In India Are Being Diagnosed With

Tarot Cards

Tarot Reading Classes In Mumbai: Get The Tools For Divine Guidance

Have you wondered if there is more to those flashes of insight you have had? Whether there was a way to consistently foretell events? Whether the answers to your questions exist? If your answer is “Yes”, then you might want to consider joining a tarot course.

Tarot reading provides you with answers to all your questions, material and spiritual. The Tarot represents human emotions and situations in a unique and in-depth way. Each card contains a secret, opening the mind and heart to a sacred journey through the mysteries.

Once understood it is never forgotten, but instead deepens our experience of life, helping us to see and accept the interplay of events. Not surprisingly, people from all walks of life use this art to see what the future has in store for them.

The art of reading Tarot cards is a prized gift, making it possible for every individual to gain insights into what is approaching and to dynamically create their own future. This is why Tarot has a widespread acceptance and a huge following.

Whether you are planning to be a professional reader or are just curious, the Tarot will be a valuable companion, guiding you easily through the twists and turns of life.

Decoding this ancient art for you through an interactive 2-day workshop is master teacher, Danovy Velloz. She has been featured in many publications including Femina, Indian Express and DNA. She has had a number of tarot card classes in Mumbai and is an expert in conducting tarot card courses.

She has also conducted Tarot and Reiki workshops across India and also in Hong Kong, the U. S., France and Germany, training people to be professional readers and healers.

  • Tarot Certification Course:

Unlocking the Major Arcana: This 22 card sub-deck is an entire tarot deck in itself. The cards are vivid and powerful and are key to understanding the secrets of the Tarot.

Unlocking the Minor Arcana: Corrupted into normal playing cards, the 54 cards of the minor arcana depict the life of each of us with startling clarity.

Readings or Spreads: Time, personality understanding, yes or no, annual reading, celtic cross, personal tarot card, past present future and other types of readings.

Meditating with your tarot guide: Your personal tarot guide will help you deepen your understanding of the cards, personalizing your interpretation and insights.

  • Testimonials:

‘I am doing readings full time now. I did the course with Danovy and started doing readings for people. They got good results and sent their relatives and friends to me. It is much better than a full time job because I can choose my hours and I earn well too.’ – Valli, Hyderabad

‘I have done the tarot reading course a few years ago but was never confident to read for people. I recently did the course with Mind Spa and already my confidence is strong. I have started doing professional readings and am getting a lot of clients. The course was easy to follow and I could really understand what the tarot cards were speaking to me. I am glad I learnt again with Danovy’ – Rahul Ahuja, Mumbai

‘My friends and I did the Tarot course for fun. We were surprised how accurate our readings were and how easy it was to understand and learn. We do readings for each other now. Some of us are thinking of doing readings as a career also. Very good course. I recommend everyone should do it.’ – Anuradha Sharma, Delhi


Mind Spa Private Limited, Email now to book your seat.

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The 10 Essential Keys To A Divine Feminine Lifestyle Business

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve often been asked what was the inspiration behind my interview series, 6-Figure Secrets Of Divine Feminine Entrepreneurs.

The answer can be summed up in that now-famous quote by the Dalai Lama: “The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

Feminine Business

I believe it to be true… and what’s more, I believe that spiritual women entrepreneurs are the ones poised to have the greatest impact and make the biggest difference. But… we don’t want to give up our relationships, our self-care, our lives to do it.

So I coined the term “Divine Feminine Lifestyle Business” to describe a business that…
• Creates a generous in-come (think 6-figures or more)
• Creates a big contribution. Women business owners giving back.
• Truly supports you and your feminine spirit.
• Truly supports the life you wish to live.

When I asked myself, what does it really take to create a business that hits the “sweet spot” of all four elements above, certain key pieces immediately came to mind. Here’s a quick checklist of the 10 essential components you’ll need:

1. Solve a pressing problem for a specific person. Yes, I’m talking about – say it with me now! – your niche. It’s important to have a compelling niche because people invest in problems they want solved. If you’ve been hearing, “Sounds great, but…” from your potential clients chances are, you’re not solving a problem that’s pressing enough for your peeps.

2. High-end offers. Offering 1-on-1 work at low fees (or giving away too much of your time) is a recipe for burnout, frustration and resentment. It’s also a guaranteed way to keep yourself stuck at a low income level.

One of the biggest mistakes spiritual entrepreneurs make is thinking they’re “not ready” to create a high-end program. Truth is, your high-end offer is what you want to launch first, in order to generate cash flow and guarantee that you work with ONLY highly motivated, committed clients.

3. A business model with multiple streams of income. Even 10 Platinum clients can tap you out quickly, especially if you only want to work 20-30 hours per week. Offering your service in different formats such as teleseminars, group programs and information products allows you to serve more people, without a cap on your time and income.

4. At least one leveraged offer, such as a group program, information product or membership site. In addition to more income in less time, leveraged offers allow you to help people at different points on their path.

5. High-service team. Hear me now, ladies – you can’t do it all yourself. Nobody creates a 6-figure business alone… and quite frankly, why would you want to? Build your team early and if it feels hard, stop and receive support.

6. Systems. Truth is, certain tasks need to happen in your business consistently in order for you to generate in’come, such as marketing, follow-up and client care. You need systems to make sure that they don’t fall through the cracks. The beauty of systems? They can be handed off to someone else, freeing you up for your brilliant work.

7. Your email list. While you don’t need a big list to create multi-six-figures (I’m living proof), at some point you’ll want the leverage that a list of ideal, qualified potential clients gives you. While you don’t want to put your email list before creating income, you do want to give it serious attention if you wish to create a business that generates a lot of income without you having to work all the time.

8. Strategic alliances. A single partnership with the right strategic alliance can fill your business with clients, add thousands to your email list, and much more. No matter where you are in your business, start creating these relationships now. And if you know some movers and shakers already, now is the time to ask, “How can I create a win-win-win partnership?”

9. Extreme self-care. You can’t give when your cup is empty… or when you’re constantly responding and reacting to every quote-unquote “emergency.” Instead, practice extreme self-care and put yourself first. (I first learned this valuable lesson from a multi-six-figure mentor who freely admitted to putting herself before her kids and her husband.)

10. A “goddess state of mind.” Many spiritual women solopreneurs carry a deep-seated lack of deserving. This completely undermines your ability to receive and serve. Instead, flex your receiving muscle and expand your wealth consciousness by practicing a goddess state of mind using this simple question throughout the day: “Is this fit for a goddess?”

Treating yourself like the goddess that you are will uplevel your experiences, raise your standards and expand your sense of authentic possibility!

Want to hear the full call where I go deeper into each of these keys? Be sure to register for 6-Figure Secrets Of Divine Feminine Entrepreneurs to grab the recording, plus receive invites to every single call – all free.

Business Coaching for Women:

  • 6-Figure Secrets Of Divine Feminine Entrepreneurs Are you ready to create a 6-or-7-figure business that serves YOU as much as it serves the world… all from a place of true Divine Feminine power? 12+ women entrepreneurs share the secrets to create a financially prosperous business AND a life you love – while honoring your Feminine spirit.

Work Fashion Tips For Plus Sized Women

Are you plus sized? Do you feel confused what to wear, especially to work? We help you make the right wardrobe choices that will ensure both comfort and style.

  • Plus size fashions for womenAlways Try Out Your Clothes

Always try on clothes before buying them and avoid stuff online. Some clothes look amazing on display but may not be as flattering to your body type.

Look out for well-fitted silhouettes that complement your shape and play up your curves. Anything that draws attention to the not-so-perfect areas, should be left out without a doubt.

  • Monochromatic Hues

Plus sized women will look sleeker if they wear a pant suit or a churidar- kurta suit in monochromatic tones. It is common knowledge that dark colours like black, blue or aubergine colours absorb light and portray a slimmer figure.

If you are going to a meeting, you can try wearing a tweed suit or a mix of two shades of the same colour, like light and dark blue or black with grey. Don’t be shy of wearing reds and brighter colors if they work for you.

  • Choose The Right Size

It is a myth that if you wear loose clothes, you will be able to hide your bulges.  Oversized clothes will make you look frumpy while something a size too small will highlight your bulges.

Pick the right size that confirms to your shape. A-line kurtas with stretchable cotton churidars are a good bet if you wish to conceal a heavy bottom and accentuate your waist.

In western wear, tops and tunics that end below the hips are much more flattering than shorter ones that end at the waist. Team these up with straight trousers made of slightly stretchable fabric.

  • Wear Heels

A few added inches will take attention away from your width and also improve your posture and gait. Invest in a comfortable and stylish pair of sandals or shoes that you can wear throughout the day.

Block heels, platforms and wedges score over stilettos when it comes to comfort and happy feet as these are less likely to strain your muscles. Always stand in an erect posture. Check yourself from time to time as slouching will make you look bulkier than you actually are.

  • Large-Sized Bags

Use large-sized bags to accessorise yourself – it is simple logic that smaller things will make you look bigger.

  • Layering

While wearing western, try layering light fabrics. The best way to do this is to use structured jackets. Light fabric layers look very elegant on apple figures as they add some dimension to the mid section, making you look shapelier.

On the other hand, if you are going to a casual affair, you can always try combining two fabrics like cotton and chiffon. You can create an illusion of  an hourglass figure if you wear an A line skirt with a structured jacket.

  • V-Necks

V-necks emphasise your neckline and emphasize your graceful collarbone and shoulders. If you can dare to bare a little, then a little show of cleavage would look nice. Afterall, not everyone can boast of deadly curves!

  • Smart And Well Fitting Inner Wear

Invest some time and effort to get yourself good and smart inner wear. A well-fitting bra with an underwire can make all the difference to your silhouette and posture. Also consider buying some body shaping garments, especially when you’re planning to wear a gown or a figure hugging dress.

  • Smile

The last and the easiest tip is to sport a radiant smile so that people are drawn to your cheerful personality. You can play up your best features with vibrant makeup.

  • Some Fashion Don’ts

• Say no to Lycra as it clings to the skin and highlights all the jiggly bits. The same goes for shiny clothes.

• Never try too many colours at once and steer clear of horizontal stripes that add girth to your frame.

• Frills and shoulder pads add volume – choose clean-cut styles that frame your structure perfectly.

• Chokers and polo necks will make your look bustier and bulkier. Accessorise your neck minimally and accentuate it with beautiful danglers.


How To Ask Your Boss About Working from Home

Do you love your job, but not the people you work with or the workplace setting? If your answer is yes, you may want to think about asking your employer if you can work from home.

Even if working from home is an idea that you do not feel your employer will support, you may still want to give it a try. After all, inquiring shouldn’t cause any harm

Before outlining how you can go about asking your supervisor if you can work from home, it is important to make sure that it would even be possible for you to do so. First, you will want to look make sure that your job is something that you can even do from home.

Mom working from home

Can you complete all of your tasks and duties from home? For instance, if you are a company greeter and your job involves greeting and directing all clients to the right department, you will likely be unable to perform your required tasks at home.

Secondly, you will want to examine if you have the equipment needed to work from home. The equipment that you will need to work from home will all depend on your company, as well as your job tasks.

Although there will be some differences in equipment, you will likely need to have a business phone, business phone service, a copy machine, fax machine, a computer, and possibly even high speed internet. If you do not already have these items in your possession, you will need to examine the cost of purchasing them.

Thirdly, you will want to examine your ability to work from home. As nice as it is to be able to work from home, you should know that working from home isn’t right for everyone.

You will want to make sure that you are able to stay focused and stay on task without supervision from your boss. If you cannot do so or if you are unsure if you will have a problem, you may want to reconsider working from home.

Saying that you are more than capable of working from home, when you are actually not, can have dire consequences. You may end up putting your job, as well as your good name in jeopardy.

If, after considering the factors here, you think you would be a good work at home candidate, begin to work on your approach. You will not want to ask your supervisor about working from home on an impulse.

You will want to carefully plan out your approach. You want to so in a professional matter. You should ask about working from home in a formal meeting that you have set up. Avoid asking your supervisor over the phone or in an email.

Before your scheduled meeting is to take place, you will want to make sure that you have “all of your bases covered.” When asking your supervisor about the possibility of working from home, you will want and need to sell yourself.

You will want to create a pros and cons list that you can use to outline both the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. You should also have a good reason as to why you, in particular, want to work from home, as your employer will likely ask that question.

You will also want to prepare for this meeting properly. See if any of your friends or family members would like to play the role of your boss in a mock meeting. Practicing your approach may help to ease any nervousness that you may have.

If you think you’ve got it down and are mentally and emotionally prepared, go ahead and set up a meeting. After all, you’ll never get it if you don’t ask for it.


Business Tips: How To Handle Your Prospects’ Sales Objections

All prospects have some form of resistance when buying a program, product or service. If they didn’t have reservations, they would have signed up already so it becomes your job to handle those objections and move that prospect from just being curious to being a believer and ultimately a buyer.

There are two ways to do this – either handle it verbally or on paper. Either way it’s a form of selling. But remember, selling is a good thing. Selling is something you do for someone.

You’re taking a stand for your prospect because deep in your heart you know that if they work with you or buy your service or product, they will get better results.

Overcoming Sales Objections

It’s your job to move the prospect out of his or her own way by handling their objections so they can get the results they say they are looking for.

Here are the 7 most frequent objections a prospect will have.

1. You don’t understand my problem. Everyone wants to feel understood and significant. How can you show your prospect that you know exactly what it feels like to be them?

2. How do I know you’re qualified? No one wants to be a guinea pig. They want to know you’ve been doing this for awhile and that you have what it takes to get them the results they need. So, how can you best convey your credentials?

3. I don’t believe you…There’s a lot of hype out there. It’s only natural for a prospect to feel skeptical so how can you best address this objection? How can you make them trust their decision to work with you?

4. I don’t think I need this right now…I always tell prospects with this objection — why would you wait when you want results NOW? How can you show them that now is the perfect time?

5. Will this work for me? They may feel that their business is “different” and what works for others won’t work for them. Show them how you are uniquely qualified to help them too.

6. What happens if I don’t like it? There is a definite risk threshold that some prospects aren’t willing to cross. How can you offer a risk reversal where you take on the risk and they can feel more comfortable working with you?

7. I can’t afford it. When a prospect feels they can’t afford what you offer it either means they’re not your ideal client or that you haven’t yet communicated the value and Return on Investment that they will get from working with you.

Your Video Assignment

Use the points above to identify your prospects’ specific objections. Then create a rationale as to why each objection simply isn’t valid. Weave this through your marketing materials to attract more clients and make more money!

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Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is founder of the Client Attraction System®, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more clients, in record time…guaranteed. To get your FREE Audio CD by mail and receive her weekly marketing & success mindset articles on attracting more high-paying clients and dramatically increasing your income, visit

Emotional Detox: How To Get Rid Of Your Emotional Burden

By Priti Salian

Have you ever noticed how some people can pack oodles of work in a day and still party after that, while some barely have the energy to drive back home?

While, in some cases, illness could be a reason for this, studies show that a whole lot of people suffer from a lack of energy due to depression and anxiety.

Since the reasons are largely psychological and emotional, one needs to look deeper into one’s thoughts and exercise control over them.

A positive view towards life and emotional contentment are mandatory for staying in good health, especially for working women who are balancing multiple demands and expectations.

“Any baggage related to stress is likely to reduce their ability to cope with these demands,” says Arpita Anand, Goa-based psychologist. “This is because the drain is both mental and physical,” she adds.

Feelings of hatred, jealousy, anger and resentment, are emotionally toxic and if nurtured for long periods, can drain you of the precious energy that is required for the functioning of your body.

Emotional detoxification cleanses you of all the venom that might have crept into your emotions and leads you towards happiness.

Let’s take a look at how your emotions and thoughts affect you and ways to handle them before they lead to irrevocable damage.

  • Reflections from the past

Your past often has a bearing on your present. You tend to linger on to painful memories, reliving them and hurting yourself over and over again. Thoughts of having taken a certain decision or having said those words at a wrong time keep visiting you time and again.

But thinking about it won’t change the past. On the contrary, the more time you spend mulling over bygones, the less energy you have for your present.

At times, your past relationships also have a subtle impact on your present ones. A bully brother who ridiculed you at your every attempt at success as a child, or an overbearing parent who was never satisfied with your performance, could have stripped you of your self confidence. This may make you behave in a similar manner with your children and lead to a lot of emotional damage.

Detox Tips

Identifying your problems is essential to resolving them. Once you are aware that your present reactions are based on your past experiences, you know it is time to sit up and sort out your behaviour with everyone around you.

Stop getting critical of your colleagues just because you didn’t get good company in your previous job. Don’t mistrust your partner simply because you were cheated by your ex. Look deeper inside for the qualities of the person you are dealing with. S/he may be absolutely different from your imagination.

Forgive yourself and others for all that has happened in the past and move on with life. It really works!

Do not underestimate the power of communication. Speak to someone who understands and cares about you. It may help you see issues from a broader perspective.

It will also release anger and restore your energy, leaving you relieved and rejuvenated. “If problems persist, it may be a good idea to seek professional help and deal with these issues,” adds Anand.

Remember, expecting a change in others is asking for too much. It is easier to change yourself. If there’s something about others that irks you, ignore. Remind yourself about their positive traits and tell yourself, “It’s a package deal!”

  • Stress – The Toxin In Your Present

When you are under stress, your body releases the hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol which set your breath and heart racing and make you break out into perspiration.

This diverts blood from your vital organs and skin to your limbs to get them ready to run (the fight or flight reaction). The liver releases more fat and sugar for energising the muscles.

Crucial body systems like digestion and elimination slow down. Thus, long-term stress can cause chronic fatigue. But that’s not all. The stress hormones are produced in limited amounts by the body. On requirement, they are produced again by the food you eat.

If the stressors in your life persist, the hormones involved may get exhausted and the body may experience a drop in blood sugar resulting in fatigue and an immune system overreaction which may harm healthy cells and tissues.

Detox Tips

“Prioritize, manage time effectively, engage in activities that help you relax and distract, exercise and communicate,” says Anand.

  • Stretch with yoga

Yogic stretches have the power to impact both your body and mind. They aim to massage your internal organs and improve your circulation, thus setting your systems right.

Yoga is known to give you a lot of peace and control over your mind, if you practice it regularly and properly. For those of you who don’t have the time for it, practising simply the Sun Salutation may be highly beneficial.

  • Meditate

Experts say that 15 minutes of meditation in the morning can become the most special part of your day as it gives you your very own time where you can clear your head and concentrate on your breathing.

As you do so, your brainwaves become slower and this has a beneficial effect on your blood pressure, cholesterol and adrenaline level.

  • Breathe right

Have you noticed how your breathing changes when you are emotionally charged? It becomes heavy and comes in spurts.

To relax yourself, you need to become aware of your breathing patterns and also learn to breathe right. Shallow breathing will not fulfil your respiratory requirements and your food will not be oxidized completely, thus causing you to feel less energetic.

Sit on a chair or lie down quietly and observe your breathing. Your chest should rise as you inhale and fall as you exhale. Become aware of the air passing through your nostrils and follow its way in and out. Your breathing will automatically correct itself with little practice.

There are various useful breathing techniques called pranayamas like Anulom Vilom and Bhramari pranayam which, if practiced on a day to day basis, can be quite beneficial.

  • Fear Of The Unknown Or The Future

A whole lot of stress in our lives is a sum total of the fears that we have about our future.

Will I get through that interview?
Will I be able to live up to my boss’ expectations?
Will I get a good partner?
Will my child score well in her examination?

These are all questions that we keep asking ourselves and wasting our energy on. Some people also give undue significance to the future and let their present decisions be affected entirely by what they feel they could encounter in the future.

Detox Tips

You need to get rid of your pessimism and negative self-talk. It can be detrimental continuously think about something that may not even happen. In fact, the Law of Attraction says that you attract into your life all that you want through your thoughts and feelings. So, think carefully!

Concentrate on the present as the future is not in your hands. Keep your focus on yourself and let your decisions be an outcome of what comes from within and not be shaped by what others may think. It is impossible to prognosticate the changing opinions of others.

It is better to confront your fears now. Look out for things that are stopping you from having a good time. If you work on your future now, you have a better chance of improving it.