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Inspiring Women Photographers To Role-Model In Your Photography Career

Women in India have often had to struggle with gender stereotypes when it came to job opportunities.

However, when you look at the first Indian woman photojournalist, Homai Vyarawalla, who celebrated her 97th birthday a few months ago, she affirms the belief that Indian women can pursue a career in photography with immense confidence, skill and finesse.

Vyarawalla is a woman who was never affected by the gender discrimination angle of things. She believed in doing the right thing in the right way, and she is an icon for women in photography today.

Women in India have a variety of options when it comes to a photography career today. Gone are the days when they just had assignments in wedding photography or doing baby portraits.

Fashion Photography is increasingly seeing a number of women photographers succeed, and so is travel photography.

Legendary photographer, Margaret Bourke-White, was the first female photographer to get a job with Fortune magazine in the late 1920’s. She was also the first photographer from the West to be allowed into the Soviet Union.

Bourke-White is also known to have photographed Mahatma Gandhi just a few hours before he was killed. Anne Geddes is a notable photographer of infants and has been an inspiration to many.

Other fields in photography include newspaper and magazine photojournalism, nature photography, culinary arts and food photography, sports photography and several others.

Shilpa Gupta, a 26-year-old freelance photographer says “I do a lot of wedding photography, and I’m an artist who sets out to capture the perfect moments of the bride and groom’s special day.”

As Gupta describes it, photography is an art which is just as tricky as painting. The visual aesthetics of the scene have to be perfectly captured.  As a woman, Gupta feels that her way of looking at a setting will be different from how a man would see it, and that will reflect in the photograph that she captures.

Aparna Dharmadhikari, who is a Director of Photography, has worked on several TV shows like CID, Don, and Happy Go Lucky. She is one of the first few women to have been successful in this profession.

Women are known to be romantic or artsy while men are considered to have a better technical understanding. Indian women are today busting myths of this sort and are taken seriously today as professionals.

This online Photography Masterclass will teach you how to take amazing images and even sell them, whether you use a smartphone, mirrorless or DSLR camera. It is designed to teach you the ins and outs of photography, even if you have little to no experience with it, to help create profitable images that help you stand out from the crowd and sell.

A woman’s perspective is different from a man’s and can add whole new dimensions to pictures. The sky is the limit ladies – go after your dreams!


Inspiring Women Photographers To Role-Model In Your Photography Career

Quick Beauty And Makeup Tips To Look Fresh After Last Night’s Party

After that exciting girls’ night out with your best friends or the morning after the New Year party, looking fresh might seem almost impossible.

But there are some quick tips which will help you look and feel good. Here are some we recommend:

  • Makeup TipsMoisturise

Take a lukewarm shower and apply moisturizer after, in order to cleanse and hydrate your skin. This is very important to maintain the suppleness of your skin and prevent dryness.

  • Cleanse

Make sure you use a cleanser to remove all the makeup before you go to bed. Never sleep with makeup on.

  • Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water or some orange juice rich in Vitamin C, which gives your skin a natural glow.

  • Sleep Tight

Get a good night’s sleep – beauty sleep works wonders on your skin.

  • Eye Care

• Put some tea bags or cucumber slices on your eyes, this allows your eyes to recover from fatigue and reduces puffiness.

• To get rid of dark circles the morning after, use a light coloured foundation depending on your skin colour directly under the eyes and let it dry. Use a cotton swab to blend some concealer into the skin and then dab the foundation on.

  • Make Up

• Use bronzer or shimmering powder over your foundation to add some zing, but don’t overdo it and risk looking all caked up.

• Go in for a nude colour lipstick and use one which has a moisturizer so that your lips are hydrated.

• Use a light coloured eye shadow and black mascara and liner. This instantly brightens up the sleepiest-looking eyes.

  • Dress Smart

Wear bright coloured well-fitted clothes. This is an instant mood lifter.

  • Smile 🙂

Above all, wear a smile and a positive attitude. Nothing makes you look better!


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Social Networking And Cyber Safety Rules For Women

With several social networking sites that have hit the scene, the vulnerabilities and risks associated with them have also gone up. Women, in particular, face a lot of issues when it comes to cyber safety.

Being cyber-stalked or harassed is not uncommon and one needs to be particularly careful in protecting one’s online privacy. Here are some rules for a safer social networking experience.

Before joining a social networking site, ensure you read all about how it works. Read about the privacy policies and the terms and conditions. Different sites have different default settings when it comes to privacy, and who can view your profile.

This is one of the most common mistakes we make – blindly clicking on the “I agree” button without actually reading the terms and conditions.

Remember that this can come back to bite you in the back if there’s trouble at a later point in time. Once you sign up, revisit all the privacy settings and modify them accordingly.

Don’t post personal information such as mobile numbers and personal email ids on social networking sites.

This information is meant for family and friends who will certainly have the information already. Why let anyone and everyone access this information?

Of course, social networking sites do allow you to choose who views this information, but then, be cautious while posting.

Also, don’t put up information that will allow people to locate you offline, such as your home address and work location.

Be extremely cautious while posting photographs and control who can view them. Bear in mind that photos can be saved and altered – you don’t want to regret having posted a particular photo, at a later stage!

Create restricted user groups who can view photos.  Also, don’t post embarrassing pictures of others.

Use strong passwords and use different passwords for different accounts. Social networking sites are very easily hacked into and information can be modified. So ensure that you don’t use weak passwords with personal information such as your birthday or your dog’s name.

Go crazy with your keyboard when it comes to choosing a password, and mix up those letters, numbers and special characters. Your password should be one that is difficult to guess.

Also, don’t share your password with anyone or let anybody else handle your account. What is seen as trust or some harmless fun, can have severe consequences.

Don’t accept “friend requests” from people totally unknown to you and from those that you don’t want to interact with. If you are being bothered by someone already on your friend’s list, feel free to block them! You get to choose who you want to interact with; don’t be “nice” and put up with any inconvenience.

Ensure your computer has a good antivirus and anti spyware software. A lot of applications on social networking sites can be malicious, and if your computer is not well protected, it can result in a lot of issues.

Last, but not the least, trust your instinct. If you are being subjected to any form of cyber bullying or harassment, report it at once!

Remember that information that you post once on the internet cannot be erased. Use your common sense and utmost caution when you publish anything.  A lot of cyber crime can be prevented simply by exercising caution.


7 Ways to Boost Your Bankability with Corporate Clients

By Angelique Rewers

Corporate clients can’t buy from you if they don’t know about you. And most of them are so overworked that they don’t have time to find a needle in a haystack.

Instead, they’ll ask colleagues or even other vendors if they “know anyone good.” They’ll look in their own Rolodex to see who they might already know. And they might, just might, do a Google search.

If you’re not on your ideal client’s radar screen when they are ready to buy, you’re going to miss the opportunity. This is especially important because at any given time, only about 3% of your buying population is in the market for whatever service you offer.

So how can you raise not just your visibility, but also your marketability? Here are seven strategies.

1. Enter award competitions.

There are awards for just about every type of professional service imaginable. There are also media rankings and other accolades designed especially for small business owners, women in business, solopreneurs, and so on.

By winning awards, you’ll not only gain greater visibility, but you’ll also have the added credibility that comes from a third-party organization recognizing you, your business, or your best work. That goes a long way in the eyes of a potential corporate client.

2. Write a guest column or blog.

Having your own blog or newsletter is great. Being a guest contributor for a professionally published blog, newsletter, newspaper or magazine is even better. “Real” publications have broad reach and a lot of clout. As a guest contributor, you’ll be seen as a top expert in front of a whole new audience.

3. Serve on the board or chair a committee for a professional association.

Corporate people put a lot of stock in what major industry and professional associations say. And just about every profession and industry has at least one association (if not more) dedicated to its field.

For example, in the communications and PR fields, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) are top players. Getting actively involved by serving on a committee, volunteering or speaking will put you elbow-to-elbow with potential clients while helping you establish strong credibility.

4. Author a book.

As a small business owner, having a published book gives you a tremendous advantage over your competition. Besides giving you a product to sell or use as a marketing tool, and it also positions you an authority on your topic. To the corporate client, your book is a sign that you’re a capable, knowledgeable service provider that they can put their trust in.

5. Be a media darling.

Being quoted by the media is good no matter who your target market. But it’s even more important when you’re targeting corporations. If the media sees you as an expert in your field, corporate clients will see you that way too.

6. Speak at professional conferences.

Conference planners are always looking for new speakers and new topics, and consultants are especially in demand. The free advertisement and exposure you’ll receive before, during and after these speaking engagements will have tremendous benefits for your business. The key is to choose the right conferences: i.e. the ones your target clients attend.

7. Issue press releases.

Putting out your own press releases — and using a real press release distribution service — shows clients that you’re the “real deal,” not just someone who hung a shingle yesterday.

And with online optimization of press releases, you’ll also get major SEO points that will make it a lot easier for potential clients to find you online.

These seven strategies are just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to raising your visibility and bankability to corporate clients.

If you’re ready to tap into this lucrative market, then check out my incredibly affordable online program: “7 Week Corporate Launch Pad: How to Get Started Landing Lucrative Corporate Clients for Greatest Impact and Maximum Profit.” It includes everything you need to know to grow your business by working with Big Business, including how to have them choose you!

Known as The Corporate Agent, Angelique Rewers, ABC, APR, teaches micro business owners and solopreneurs around the world how to grow their small business by working with Big Business. Get her FREE CD and articles at

Women Of Empowerment: 5 Inspiring Women Leaders In India

Women in India have proved beyond their capability and mettle beyond any doubt. Indian women have produced leaders who exude confidence and dignity. Here are some who have empowered other Indian women to be their best and made us proud.

  • Kiran Bedi

A symbol of courage and an excellent leader, Kiran Bedi has been a perfect example of the fearless Indian woman. Having been a lecturer of Political Science for 2 years at Khalsa College for Women in Amritsar, she joined the Indian Police Service in 1972.

She has braved some extremely difficult postings since, including Deputy Inspector General of Police in the insurgency prone region of Mizoram. During her term in the IPS, she has brought about several reforms in the areas of narcotics control and traffic management.

She has won many prestigious awards including the Ramon Magsaysay Award (1994), and the United Nations Medal.

  • Meira KumarMeira Kumar

Polite and charming, yet extremely reserved, the First Woman Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Meira Kumar, is a disciplinarian to the core. Kumar was a lawyer and a diplomat before being elected to the Lok Sabha first to the 8th Lok Sabha.

She was a Cabinet Minister in the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment between 2004 and 2009. She is a strong proponent of women’s empowerment in India, having strongly opposed the dilution of the Anti-dowry law.

“Safety, dignity and equality of women are very important,” Kumar said while interacting with women journalists here. Questioned on her views on the dilution of 498(A), the anti-dowry law, which some sections of civil society argue is too harsh, she said, “I am not in favour of dilution of any law which is for the safety of women.” (Source: Deccan Herald)

  • Mother Teresa

Born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, the Late Mother Teresa was a beacon of light for empowerment and care for the poor. Her contribution to our country’s development has been indescribably immense.

She founded the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta , and for 45 years she tended to the poor, the sick, and orphans. She received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and the Bharat Ratna in 1980.

The Missionaries of Charity have homes and hospices for lepers, patients with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, and also counseling centers in 123 countries around the world. After her death in 1997, Mother Teresa was beatified by Pope John Paul II and she came to be known as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

  • Bachendri PalBachendri Pal

The first Indian woman to scale the Mount Everest in 1984, Bachendri Pal is a picture of grit, determination and one who dares to dream.

She was born in a family of small means, and went on to first become an instructor of mountaineering and then to scale the Everest itself.

She continues to be active even today, and she is involved with the TATA Group, as the chief of the TATA Steel Adventure Foundation (TASF). She heads expeditions in the Himalayas organized by TASF for women.

  • P.T. Usha

The Queen of the Indian Track and Field, the “Payyoli Express” as she was nicknamed, is the trailblazer for women athletes in India. Her medal record in the Asian Games, and several other national and international events is proof of her fantastic career.

She was the first Indian woman to reach the final of an Olympic event by winning the semi-finals of the 400 m hurdles in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

At this event, she missed the bronze by 1/100th of a second. She was conferred the Arjuna Award in 1984, and the civil honour Padma Shree in the same year.


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Image source & ennapadampanchajanya

7 Ways To Better Your Life

By Karen Fagan

When it comes to making changes to bettering our life, the first thing that you may ask yourself is where to begin. I have 7 brilliant and easy ways to better your life starting today.

As you read through start with the ones that most resonate with you.

Better Your Life1. Trust Your Intuition

Imagine your life if you fully tapped into your intuition. Our intuition is one of most powerful resources we own.

Listening to our intuition is the essence of creativity, the foundation for intentional living, and the source of all our best answers and decisions.

Intuition is that hunch you have, your gut feeling or as I refer to it, my “knowing.” Connecting and listening to your intuition is a skill to master.

For some people, trusting intuition is hard to do. I recommend you start by allowing yourself the experience of listening to your intuition. Even if you’re unsure, listen to your knowing and begin to trust.

Listening to your intuition is key in making decisions because you already have the best answer inside you. By listening to your intuition you access exactly what you need to know and is the best knowledge source for any life or business decision.

2. Show Up in Your Life

Do you expend more energy avoiding your life rather than showing up in it?

Is more time spent telling yourself you will do it tomorrow, wasting hours away on Facebook, or watching television instead of being present to your life’s vision? It’s time for that to change.

Begin showing up in your life — in small big ways, it doesn’t matter; the point is to show up. Show up imperfectly; be exactly who you are right now.

Agree to stop tricking yourself into thinking you will show up later – once you’ve come up with the perfect way to do it, the best idea or the ideal opportunity.

The best of everything comes after you decide to show up. When you show up in your life, you build a deep sense of self-confidence and which allows you to play a bigger role in your life.

3. Learn to Receive

Women are masters at giving but have a difficult time receiving. We often don’t fully receive what is given to us. Open yourself to fully accept what others offer to you; you deserve it.

Accept compliments, gifts, and help when others extend them to you. All you have to do is say, “Thank you.” When you begin to receive you experience life and people in a more meaningful way.

4. Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be unpleasant or scary, but staying in a place where we feel at ease doesn’t help us make the changes we desire or take our lives to the next level.

Make an agreement with yourself to find a way to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Today, do one thing you’ve wanted to do but haven’t yet because you feel uncomfortable doing so. Through the process of doing this you will find out you have much more to offer yourself and the world.

5. Take More Action

Inaction does not result in fulfillment. Get out of your head and into your life by taking action.

Instead of waiting for some big push or inspiration to hit, decide to take action right now. If you have a sense your life would benefit from taking a class, or working with a coach sign up.

If you been thinking about writing that book, starting drawing or getting back to an exercise regimen, stop thinking and take action.

Write your outline, enroll in that class, get your art supplies, put your sneakers on and take that walk. Take action.

6. Break Out of Captivity

Say no to old rules that hold you back and create new ones of your own. Let go of outdated self-images and beliefs that no longer support you and where you are going.

Stop worrying about what everyone else will think, turn off your inner critic and follow your heart.

7. Embrace Life’s Lessons

Don’t worry about making mistakes. When you concern yourself with thoughts of failure, you hinder yourself from making any progress. Concerning yourself with how you might not succeed keeps you from taking action to move forward.

The more you worry about making mistakes the more stagnant you become. Begin to trust that every mistake you make is the perfect opportunity to learn and grow.

Embrace the lessons you’ll learn from the blunders and errors you might make rather than allowing these fears to hinder your progress.

Don’t beat yourself up about how you might not be perfect; celebrate the fact that you are taking charge of your life and taking action toward your goals! The best thing about your life is you get to decide, how and when you want to change it.

Putting one or all of these tips into practice will getting you moving and I guarantee you’ll find that you are more self-confident and feel more in control of your life and your destiny.

© Karen Fagan is an international empowerment coach, motivational speaker and writer. Her mission is to empower women, teach them to live on purpose and achieve amazing results in their life. Karen believes when a woman claims her voice not only does she transform her life, she makes better decisions for herself, her family and her business.

Karen is a Master Certified Life Coach. She has studied and trained with the best in the industry such as New York Times bestselling author Dr. Martha Beck, PhD. She believes in contributing to global change and donates a percentage of her program profits to women and girls philanthropy.

Karen Fagan, International, offers dynamic coaching programs and products. She will teach you to claim your personal power to transform your life, motivate and inspire you with her unique mix of wisdom, fun, warm-hearted humor and laser-focus.

Midnight Vanities: How Too Much Partying Can Hurt Your Health

By Lachmi Deb Roy

When we open the events pages of any newspaper or any glossy magazine all we can see is familiar faces partying hard. For journalists, it is a fantastic place to get scoops and scandals, but for these party animals their only mission is to let loose till the wee hours.

Office Party

If done in moderation parties are a great place for networking, but when you start overdoing the partying stuff, you’re surely heading for a disaster.

Of you get sozzled and eat like there is no tomorrow, then soon instead of heading for parties you will make rounds to the doctors. Too much partying can be injurious for health.

Nightlife can be highly enticing and staying away from it requires a lot of discipline. Leading a balanced life is what is important. And keeping track of the amount of alcohol you are dunking in is also important.

The real damage to our system starts when our sleeping pattern gets out of control due to our late night parties. When your sleeping pattern is disturbed, the natural biological rhythm of your body gets disturbed.

The whole day you will feel irritable and lethargic. Late nights hampers the digestive system too.  The best thing is to meditate and do a little bit of pranayam before you go to bed. You can also try reading a book and can switch on some light music. These will sooth your mind and soul.

Alcohol if consumed in excess, can destroy one’s immunity and damage one’s liver for life.  It can also lead to accidents.  Pancreatitis may also occur because of excessive alcohol consumption.

Too much downing of alcohol can lead to diseases like lupus, heart diseases, Crohn’s disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, stroke, diabetes and Alzheimer.

Drink a lot of water to avoid bloating. Do not drink on an empty stomach. If you plan to drink in a party have your meal first. This way you can prevent yourself from overdrinking.

Partying, drinking and having a nice time with friends may appear to be glamorous, but it is better you know where you should draw the line.

Discipline yourself. Great careers have ended because one could not handle the burden of social pressure along with a demanding career.

Set your priorities right in life. If you are looking for a successful balanced life with a good career and family then it is always better to have a good life style.

The glitz and glamour of the party circles can actually lead to the down fall of a promising career. The glamour of social partying can be seductive, but this can lead you to scintillating highs and make you bite the dust too.

If you’re seriously looking for success in life, when it comes to career and a healthy lifestyle, then it is advisable to stay focused in life and look beyond midnight vanities.


Image: Ambro /

Draupadi disrobed in the Mahabharat

Five Great Women In The History Of Ancient India

From time immemorial, women have played an extremely important role in shaping the history of India.

Some of them may be mythological but their influence on society and culture cannot be overlooked. We choose five of them as role models.

  • Ravana captures SitaSita

Sita in Valmiki’s Ramayana does not typically represent Vedic stridaharma. To begin with, she chooses her own husband in a competitive svayamvara – only the strongest and the smartest prince will do.

Again, after Kaikeyi’s intervention, when Rama goes into forest exile, she insists on accompanying him. Sita’s strength and self-possession are apparent. She is dutiful, indeed, but she has to argue her case in order to do what she knows is right.

She is not an obedient servant to a godlike husband; she has a will of her own and her relationship to Rama is governed by love for him, rather than obedience to his orders.

She shows her determination and independence throughout the years in the forest; her insistence that Rama get the gold-spotted deer and her command that Laksmana come to his rescue, eventually leads to her abduction by Ravana.

She doesn’t give in to Ravana’s will. On being freed, she defends herself whole-heartedly against Rama’s accusations. Her ability to stand through all trials and tribulations with fortitude make her an icon of fidelity and chastity.

  • Savitiri saves SatyavanSavitri

Savitri, who is mentioned among godly women, took Satyavan as her husband knowing full well that he would not live long. When he was left with only four days to live, she undertook a vow to defeat death.

On the fourth day Satyavan died with Yamaraja (the God of Death) walking away with his vitality. Savitri walked after Yamaraja. As they were walking, one behind the other, a conversation ensued.

Yamaraja was very much impressed by the gentle behaviour of Savitri, her wisdom, her single-minded devotion to her husband. Pleased, he granted her a boon.

Savitri asked for the well-being of both her father’s and her husband’s families and compelled Yamaraja to return the vitality of Satyavan.

  • Draupadi

Draupadi is a strong personality in Mahabharata. When Arjun won her hand at a Swayamvar, she was never ready to compromise on either her rights as a daughter-in-law or even on the rights of the Pandavas and remained ever ready to fight back or avenge high-handedness and injustice meted out to her and them.

Draupadi disrobed in the MahabharatDraupadi had unconditional faith in Krishna, who came to her rescue while she was being disgraced by the Kauravas.

Following an exile in the jungle, Draupadi, with a view to fulfill her vow (to tie her untied hair only after washing them with the blood of Dussasana) and to punish all those who had perpetrated the offence against her, nurtured the fire of revenge burning in her heart, in the hearts and minds of Pandavas.

The refulgence (glow) of Draupadi’s lustrous prototype of womanhood will always be a source of inspiration for the women of India. She is one of the rare examples of polyandry in Indian mythology.

  • Rani DurgavatiDurgavati

Durgavati was a brave woman of India during the 47th century of Kaliyugas i.e. 16th century A.D. who fought with alien invaders with utmost courage and heroic bravery.

Lest her living body may be vilified with the touch of the aliens she, with her own sword, sacrificed herself and attained Viragati.

After the death of King Dalpatishah of Gadha Mandala, there came a crisis over the state. The Mughal ruler, Akbar, sent a huge army to capture the state of Gadha (fort) Mandala.

Mounting an elephant, Maharani Durgavati fought with utmost bravery and provided constant encouragement and inspiration to her army. Unfortunately, because of internal disunity and her army being too small in comparison with the invaders, she did not succeed in self-defence.

Among the brave women who resisted, retaliated and acted towards the Mughal thirst for empire-building, Maharani Durgavati occupies a prime spot.

  • Ahilya Bai Holkar

After the death of Malhar Rao Holkar (1694-1766), founder of the Holkar dynasty, he was succeeded by his daughter-in-law, Ahilya Bai Holkar.

Ahilyabai HolkarShe ruled from 1767 to 1795 with great skill and understanding. She governed the state from a palace fort at Maheshwar on the northern bank of the Narmada river.

Though Ahilya Bai never stayed in Indore, it is in her reign that Indore grew up into a city. Indore was an island of prosperity in a sea of violence. Her rule came to signify justice and wisdom.

She contributed a lot to the heritage of India by establishing several religious edifices remarkable in architecture – the Kashi Vishweswar temple at Varanasi being notable among them.

Her unique pan-Indian outlook is reflected in the fact that she built Dharmashalas at Badrinath in the north and Rameshwaram in the south, established Anna Chhatras at Dwarka in the west, Jagannathpuri in the east, and at Omkareshwar and Ujjain in central India.

She also established charitable institutions at Gaya, Varanasi, Ayodhya, Prayag (Allahabad), Haridwar and Pandharpur. She was at heart a queen of entire India, rather than that of the Holkar kingdom. She died at Maheshwar where a large mausoleum stands in her memory.


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Image Source Wikipedia , Thinkquest & Ahilyabai Holkar

Naaree Interviews Indian Woman Entrepreneur, Priti Shroff

Mumbai-based entrepreneur, Priti Shroff, overcame the tragedy of her sister’s fight with breast cancer to take the knowledge and practices of alternative therapy to the masses.

Every person has a different way of coping with a personal tragedy. Most people just mourn through a tragic phase in their lives whereas just a handful spiritually enrich themselves from a tragedy and go on to help others from what they’ve learnt from it.

Mumbai-based alternative healer, Priti Shroff, is one of the rare few who decided to spread the unique knowledge she gained while helping her sister, Tanvi Mayani, in her fight with breast cancer.

Priti had worked as a career counsellor, nursery teacher and stock broker -actually enjoying all these professions till she embarked on a new journey by inaugurating Prisim, a healing institute of wellness of mind, body and spirit, in February 2005.

Though Priti always had an innate interest in spirituality, it was while accompanying her terminally ill sister through a course on Raw and Living foods pioneered by Dr. Ann Wigmore in Atlanta, USA that she got deeply involved in matters concerning holistic health.

Tanvi’s chemotherapy and radiation sessions had taken the toll on her by leaving her with a huge stomach and a hunched back.

To help Tanvi heal the ravages of cancer Priti flew her sister to Atlanta to enrol her in Wigmore’s living food lifestyle programme, providing a unique regime of detoxification, nutrition and rejuvenation through the use of fresh raw fruits, vegetables, juices, nuts, sprouted seeds, grains, wheatgrass juice and chlorophyll rich greens and beans.

The programme also embraced emotional healing through yoga, meditation, emotional catharsis and a wide range of complementary therapies.

Within ten days Tanvi was back to her slim figure of a flat tummy and straight back which she could proudly flaunt in a mini skirt. Her fitness level in fact made her well enough to fly a private plane and swim with the dolphins at ease.

Tanvi was in good health for six months without chemotherapy and radiation but unfortunately suffered from a cancer relapse in the spine on the shock of hearing that her brother had met with an accident and was in critical condition.

She passed away in December 2004 but the diet of raw and living food she continued with did help her immensely even in the final stages of cancer.

Tanvi’s demise was of epiphanic awakening to Priti. “I went through this inner search. I just couldn’t come back to stock broking anymore as I knew that God wanted me to do something much bigger.”

Deeply introspecting into her sister’s tryst with cancer, Priti realized that not all cancer patients in India were lucky enough to travel as far as Atlanta to enrol in the extremely expensive Raw & Living Foods course.

With all the knowledge Priti had learnt in true honesty from Wigmore’s course, Priti decided to impart the very same knowledge in India at rates affordable to Indians.

Priti had already started helping cancer patients with Raw and Living Foods prepared by her while her sister had been suffering from cancer, the results of which were very impressive. Patients, who were given just a few weeks to live, pulled through for months on being put on Priti’s prescribed diet.

When Priti told her husband of her wish to start a holistic health centre on the lines of Ann Wigmore’s course, he had his doubts as he felt that Priti was good while working under a boss but entrepreneurship was really not on the cards for her.

But Priti optimistically felt, “God will show me the way.” Call it mere coincidence or divine intervention, Priti’s long lost school and college friends who were into holistic healing contacted her and expressed genuine interest to be a part of Priti’s healing programme.

Priti’s classmate from Jai Hind College, Sherina Tanwani, who had studied up to high levels in System Brahma Satya and adept at conducting healing meditations and training people in the art of energy healing, agreed to be an aura healer and conduct Brahma Satya Energy workshops for Priti.

Priti’s family friend, Vivek Chhabria, who had a diploma in acupuncture from the Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science, joined Prisim too.

Vandana Trivedi, also Priti’s college friend and a certified yoga consultant from the yoga institute of Santa Cruz in Mumbai, joined as the yoga therapist and also started conducting workshops for students on personality development, concentration, memory and mind training, relaxation, and improving study skills.

Retired Brigadier Chainani, of the National School of Blind, whose students had been trained as wheat grass therapists by Priti, offered his students to be trained as holistic masseurs by Priti.

Prasanna Murthy (whom Priti knew through Brigadier Chainani) professionally trained in massage therapy and Ayurveda joined as a practising doctor of naturopathy and a massage therapist.

Jyotika Shroff, Priti’s sister-in-law, who also lost her sister to cancer, is the Raw & Living Foods recipes teacher on being taught the same by Yogini Unmani, an international raw foods and yoga teacher based in Miami.

Prisim came into being on February 6, 2006 with this team of dedicated holistic practitioners. The significance of Prisim’s name lies in the pyramidal structure of a prism which concentrates all energies at a single point.

In Priti’s institute, it is the concentration of alternative systems to culminate in the healing of an individual. The extra ‘i’ in ‘Prisim’ is to indicate the individual to heal for whom the cream of various systems are brought together.

Focusing on alternative therapies, Prisim offers a whole gamut of services including Raw and Living Food lifestyles; massage therapies like Shiastu, Thai, Reflexology; hot and cold stone therapy, acupuncture, yoga, aromatherapy, Brahma Satya Energy workshop, meditation, mudra workshops, homeopathy, manual lymphatic drainage system, aura scanning and analysis, aura cleansing, colon hydrotherapy, foot detox and steam detox.

Prisim’s solar kitchen adopts healthy cooking methods from organically grown raw materials washed in ozone. Once a person enters Prisim’s plush, spic and span premises in Grant Road with soothing holistic music being played, one instantly feels rejuvenated. After a 10-day healing programme, a person reaches a different elevated level of physical and spiritual well-being.

Actor Dimple Kapadia, a client of Prisim says, “I have been closely associated with Prisim Healing Institute using their aromatherapy products, ozonizer, wheatgrass juice etc. Its uniqueness is that all the alternative therapies are being offered under one roof. As a believer of holistic health, I would urge you to take advantage of this opportunity. A total detoxification and rejuvenation course is a lifetime opportunity for every individual who wants to regain and maintain complete health and happiness.”

When asked about the future plans of Prisim, Priti answers, “In near future I want to spread holistic awareness among children. I want to help children de-stress through yoga and express emotions through painting workshops. I want to make them aware of the harmfulness of pastas, pizzas, aerated drinks and junk food which is unfortunately the “in food” of the teen generation and encourage them to include Raw and Living Foods in their diet instead.”

To experience Prisim’s healing programs for yourself visit their center below

Address: Hormuzd Building, Sleater Road, Near Grant Road (West), Mumbai 400007.
Phone: (022)23812370, (022)23802370,


Married And Dating: The New Flavour Of Modern Indian Marriages

Indian society is giving women the liberty to be sexually active. Porn has openly hit the dusty lanes and by-lanes of India. After hearing of multipartners and wife swapping, the new flavor of the season is of Indian wives dating other men.

The syndrome which has become really hip and popular today is ‘my wife’s boyfriend.’ Lachmi Deb Roy probes this new flavour of modern day marriages.

Women today have come out of the four walls of the house and have started experimenting with their sex lives. For many years, the issue of extramarital affairs was thought to be a “woman’s issue” – that is, women dealing with their husbands’ affairs.

Today, while large numbers of husbands are still having affairs, there has been a significant increase in the number of Indian wives having affairs.

A recent survey done on contemporary marriages by the Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), Mumbai, has brought to light the fact that there is a rise in extramarital affairs, and couples know and accept their partner’s paramours.

But the most surprising finding is that more and more married women are looking for love or rather fun outside marriage. With the work place and the Internet, overscheduled lives and inattentive husbands – it’s no wonder more Indian women are looking for comfort in the arms of another man.

Women interact with men more at work. They go for more meetings, take more business trips and presumably participate more in flirtatious water-cooler chatter.

There is a subtle point embedded in here as well: women and men bring their best selves to work, leaving their bad behavior and marital resentment at home along with their sweat pants.

These light or intensive flirtations whatever the women opts for give them a self-esteem boost during work hours and don’t rock the boat at home.

Gone are the days when cuckolding was a social taboo. Today globalization has spawned an almost experimental outlook towards sex.

In an age where porn has hit the streets openly, women today do not hesitate to break the ‘humdrum’ of their lives by experimenting with their sex lives and this experimentation is no longer a man’s prerogative. Today wives are acting on the urge more than ever.

With husbands pursuing demanding careers and having no time for the home, or for that matter sex, it has led to wives looking for adventure outside marriage.

Husbands are also aware of it, because they know that they cannot give them the time. The neglect of their personal life by husbands has led to women becoming desperate for attention and they don’t mind flaunting their boyfriends.

Often we want to hold on to relationships because we do not want to get out of our comfort zone. Even if the marriage is not healthy, we tend to hold on to it for various reasons.

Whether through an open relationship or just a fantasy, looking elsewhere is not the root cause of trouble in relationships. Instead it’s the fact that we crave adventure in our humdrum lives and most marriages fail to provide that.

Many women say that an affair outside marriage has changed their lives for better because they feel desirable in the arms of somebody else.

In addition, when women break out from a truly committed relationship and run free, the question is not what they are running towards, but rather what is it they are running from.

In this situation looking for love elsewhere tends to be a life pattern triggered by fears (of commitment, of being loved, of waking up with the same person every morning).

Over the years, though the institution of marriage is still alive, there is a sea of change in the relationship between husband and wife. People these days look more for financial security than emotional.

“The love and care is definitely there, but passion definitely dies away with years. From having sex once a week, they have sex one a month or may not even for months together. It is high time we accept the fact that everybody needs variety in their sex life,” says Devyani Rao, a stylist with a leading lifestyle magazine.

In Indian society, people generally have marriages of convenience. According to Mumbai based psychologist, Dr. Varkha Chulani, “This condition of wives having affairs generally arises in 80 percent of marriages today because there is very little communication with each other. For most women, an inattentive husband is the biggest problem, and husbands too have accepted this situation because they refuse to go through the tedious process of divorce.”

While the woman is on the lookout for love outside marriage, she is definitely in no mood to leave her husband. She just wants to have her share of fun.

For women who have been married for many years and for whom the whole life is about taking care of their kids and their house life definitely becomes very monotonous for them. It becomes natural for them to look for love outside marriage, just to spice up their life.

There are several reasons that men accept this arrangement. Firstly, they don’t want to go through the legal hassle of divorce.

Second, after spending so many years of togetherness they get used to each other and just knowingly shut their eyes. Third, it gives the man a green signal to have fun with other women.

What do you think about this controversy? Do you agree or disagree with the findings? Let us know your views.