Monthly archives: December, 2011

Inspiring Women Photographers To Role-Model In Your Photography Career

December 29, 2011
Women in India have a variety of options when it comes to a photography career today. Here are some inspiring women photographers to role-model in your photography career.

Quick Beauty And Makeup Tips To Look Fresh After Last Night’s Party

December 24, 2011
Quick tips to help you look and feel good after that exciting girls’ night out with your best friends or the morning after the New Year party.

Social Networking And Cyber Safety Rules For Women

December 23, 2011
Women, in particular, face a lot of issues when it comes to cyber safety. Here are some tips for a safer social networking experience.

7 Ways to Boost Your Bankability with Corporate Clients

December 21, 2011
Here are seven strategies to raise not just your visibility, but also your marketability to get on your ideal client’s radar screen when they are ready to buy.

Women Of Empowerment: 5 Inspiring Women Leaders In India

December 19, 2011
Indian women have produced leaders who exude confidence and dignity. Here are some who have empowered other Indian women to be their best and made us proud.

7 Ways To Better Your Life

December 18, 2011
When it comes to making changes to bettering our life, ask yourself is where to begin. I have 7 brilliant and easy ways to better your life starting today.

Midnight Vanities: How Too Much Partying Can Hurt Your Health

December 16, 2011
If done in moderation parties are a great place for networking. But when you start overdoing the partying stuff, you’re surely heading for a disaster.

Naaree Interviews Indian Woman Entrepreneur, Priti Shroff

December 12, 2011
Mumbai-based entrepreneur, Priti Shroff, overcame the tragedy of losing her sister to breast cancer to take alternative therapy to the masses.

Married And Dating: The New Flavour Of Modern Indian Marriages

December 11, 2011
The new flavor of the season in Indian marriages is of wives dating other men. Lachmi Deb Roy probes into this new flavour of modern day marriages.

Here’s A Hidden Secret To Raising Your Fees With Confidence

December 10, 2011
Have you ever wanted to raise your fees - but felt totally scared to do it? Where are you giving up your power with money in your life or business?