Monthly archives: October, 2012

Diwali Home Décor : Traditional Home Decorations For Diwali

October 30, 2012
Traditional Diwali home décor adds to the joy of the occasion. Here are some home decorating ideas to enhance the festive appeal of your house during Diwali.

How To Start Living Debt-Free

October 29, 2012
Do you dream of living without the burden of excessive debt hanging over your head? Living debt free requires financial discipline, all the time.

Female Facial Hair Removal Tips

October 29, 2012
First and foremost, a female should determine the underlying cause of her facial hair before deciding on a removal method.

Consulting Careers: A Promising Option For Women In India?

October 26, 2012
If you’re considering becoming a consultant, here are a few things to consider. Do you have industry experience in the consulting area you’re considering?

Home-Made Indian Vegetable Samosa Recipe

October 19, 2012
You'll forget about the readymade Samosas available in the market, once you have tried making them at home with your own hands.

The Indian Saree: Six Yards Of Sophistication

October 15, 2012
Do you feel that some sarees make you look thin, and some make you look as if you have put on kilos? Learn how to choose the best saree for your body.

Shruti Bandhari: Ethnic Indian Fashion Entrepreneur

October 3, 2012
Armed with passion for artistic excellence and prompted by flair for eclectic designs, Shruti Bhandari has carved a niche of her own in the world of fashion.

5 Tips For Healthy Eating During The Festive Season In India

October 2, 2012
Healthy eating during the festive season in India will prevent extra weight from piling on. These tips will help you stay healthy while enjoying the festivities.