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The Complete Beginners Guide for Women in International Jobs

Many women are eager to work overseas but sometimes lack the confidence and passion to just make the decision and go. Men seem to have more drive when making bold decisions, but more and more women are starting to sneak up on these men in high careers and are sprinting by quicker to international levels first.

If you are undecided as a woman if you want an international role, what can help in reality is to have a guide so it can help you and push you to making the right decision, as you’ll need more than ambition, curiosity and a pair of sprinting trainers to secure and keep a job abroad.

international job

Working overseas has a lot of benefits, but there are pitfalls as well. Here’s what you need to know before you decide if an international job is for you:

Women, Why Work Overseas?

As a woman why would you want to take your career international? There are plenty of good reasons to consider and here is why:

  • Independence

The saying is “Girl Power” which actually means independence. If you want to be independent, going abroad will mean you will have to leave behind the traditional ties of home.

You will have to say goodbye to your family and your close friends but internationally your network will eventually grow through work. While communications technology makes it easier than ever to keep in touch with home ties, you’ll still be on your own pretty much of the time but you can branch out to new life experiences.

  • Experience

Getting far out of your comfort zones means you’ll have new and unique experiences that more traditional career routes may not offer. Not only will this be an enriching experience personally, it will also help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to resumes and interviews.

Many men dominate those high job titles like ”Global Head” of, but watch out men because once a woman gains international experience she will be known as the next Senior Vice President Shona Brown of Google or Chief Financial Executive Officer that is Safra Catz of Oracle Corp.

  • Education

Often women feel as though they are in a classroom, and they can actually be more intelligent than men as they want to learn more in their job rather than jump the sales ladder in one step.

Women are more likely to take the international experience to a much better level, acquainting themselves with an entirely different set of cultural nuances, languages, traditions, and living habits that will teach things you’ll never get from a course or a book — things you may not be able to leverage into career advantages later in life.

As women take this smarter step, they open up more opportunities and more acceptable to change.

Types of Jobs Overseas

So, what kind of jobs can you people get overseas? The most common by far is teaching English in other countries, either formally or informally.

There is a wide variety of consulting and contracting work available, depending on one’s skills and range of experience. Most young women however are likely to pursue some of the more entry-level jobs to start off with, working in tourism or entertainment.

Hotels, resorts, theme parks, and touring companies frequently employ the young foreign workers as they work well in this environment. The more leadership type woman can look to work in sales and business roles abroad.

A Vital To-Do-List

For anyone considering working abroad, before you decide to pack up your possessions and go international make sure you’re ready:

• Figure out your destination. In which country would you like to work? What city? Do you know the language? Will you run into any other cultural barriers? Do your research first, not only into the broad cultural strokes, but things like transportation, medical facilities, and banking arrangements.

• Sort out your passport, travel visa and citizenship for both your home and your destination. Find out if there are any special requirements you will need to meet to stay in the country, and how your taxes will be handled. If you have any property or a rental at home, make sure it’s looked after while you’re gone.

• Make sure your financial situation is well in hand. Make sure you have enough money not only to meet living expenses, but to meet any emergencies, including your job or living situation falling apart. The last thing you want is to be stranded in a foreign country without the means to get back. And watch that exchange rate!

• Consult a handy checklist like this one and make sure you have everything in order before you depart on your adventure.

Author Bio:

Jenny Ann Beswick and the International Telegraph Jobs team produced this article. They hope this guide helps every woman out there on their international route forward.

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5 Free Mobile Safety Apps For Women: Personal Safety Alarms

It’s no secret that women, especially those who travel a lot or work late, face a great deal of danger from criminal elements. Many cities in India are unsafe for women even during the day.

One way that women can take back control of their personal safety is by installing a personal safety alarm on their smartphone. There are a number of applications in the market that offer various features that provide various degrees of protection to users.

Here are 5 free personal safety alarm mobile applications that women can download and use right now.

1. Guardian Angel One (GA1)

Guardian Angel One is your personal rapid alert button on your mobile that is 900% faster than text or phone calls.

When there are just moments to spare, as in medical emergencies or robberies for example, a push of a button on a mobile sends out SMS’s to 5 pre-designated, trusted friends (or, Guardians) as well as location from GPS.

In the first 3 seconds, Guardian Angel One alerts 5 trusted contacts at the press of a button. A user’s trusted friends are alerted even if the user is unable to make a call or write a message.

Guardian Angel One is a full featured mobile app perfect for Indian conditions and alerts trusted friends when a mobile phone user is in a threatening situation. It works like a companion who can bring in help when users need it.

It comes with an exclusive arming facility that allows you to arm your Guardian Angel by setting the time of arrival at a destination. If you do not disarm your Guardian Angel, it will send out alerts to your list of trusted friends.

There is a disarm button to disconnect an accidental alarm. GA1 is a fantastic application for a woman who is travelling alone.

To download it, go to:

2. Hollaback

Hollaback gives users the power to stop street harassment. Users can take a photo of their perpetrator and upload it to the website. Furthermore, users can record and map their story on

The perpetrator will know that their image will be shared on a street harassment website. With Hollaback the user is part of a worldwide community of individuals who are brave enough to speak out.

To download it, go to:

3. Stay Safe

Stay Safe is free, offers protection whilst people are at late night parties, solo bike rides, taxi journeys, walking home and any place where a person feels unsafe and alone. Stay Safe offers a personal safety tracker that tells emergency contacts if the cellphone user has not checked in after work safely. It provides the exact GPS location so if help is required, it can get there quickly.

When setting up Stay Safe it is important to set up your secure PIN. Choose emergency contacts from the cell phone address book. These emergency contacts will receive a message if you do not check in by email or text message. The appointment must be entered into the app.

When the time is allocated, the user must check in as having left safely by entering the secure PIN. The panic button can be used straight away and discretely triggered as an alert. If the attacker forces the user to cancel the alert, entering the duress PIN makes the app look like it’s been cancelled, but it triggers an emergency message to contacts.

In case, the user didn’t check in, the app is triggered and emergency contacts receive an alert that includes the previous known GPS location. Alerts are sent even if the phone is turned off or damaged.

To download it, go to:

4. Life360 Security Center

The Life360 Security Center is recognized by Google as one of the best Android apps in the world. It allows users to track their family members on a map. Sex offenders can be seen in the neighborhood and details accessed such as; their name, crime, picture and address.

This app allows users to contact their family after a major emergency even if the majority of infrastructure fails. It has an emergency ID for kids, athletes and adults.

To download it, go to:

5. Safety Net

Safety Net makes calling for emergency help easy. All a user needs to do is shake their phone even if the app is not working properly. Everyone who is in the safety network will be alerted. Your current location and request for help can be sent to everyone in the safety zone.

To download it, go to:


Interview With Author, Madhuri Banerjee

By Nandini Muralidharan

Madhuri Banerjee is a comprehensive media professional, having worked in all forms of the visual medium – as a Senior Producer with Zoom TV, advertisements with White Light Motion Pictures, Director in her own production house Gray Matter Solution, documentaries as a freelancer with PSBT and commercial Bollywood films as an Assistant Director.

She has worked with stalwarts like Subhash Ghai, Kaizad Gustad and Rohan Sippy, and music director Anu Malik. Madhuri graduated from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi with a Bachelor’s degree in English Honours.

She continued her education acquiring a Master’s in Mass Communication and Films from Jamia Millia Islamia. Her thesis film, “Between Dualities” won her the National Award for best documentary on women’s issues.

She is an avid reader, world traveler, and film watcher. She gives relationship advice in a column called Love Guru in the Asian Age/Deccan Chronicle every alternate Monday.

She has currently finished working on a commercial film script. Her debut book, Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas, sold over 40,000 copies in the first year of its release and was on the best seller list for over 10 weeks. She also authored a sequel to it called Mistakes Like Love And Sex.

Her website is She is active on Twitter @Madhuribanerjee, has a Facebook page for Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas, writes for the CNN-IBN blog called Chastity Belt, and publishes a blog at

We all love Kaveri, the protagonist of your two novels. Is “Kaveri” inspired by someone real?

Kaveri’s dilemma of being a 30 year old virgin was inspired by a friend of mine. But her experiences and adventures are pure imagination.

The two books take Kaveri through a series of failed relationships – Arjun, Aaron, Ray, and Siddharth, before she finally meets the guy she loves. Do you think today’s 35 year old woman finds it easier to stay single while she waits for that guy, or is it still about settling down when you reach the “right age” regardless of who with?

I would not consider any of the men as “failed relationships.” With every man, Kaveri gave a part of herself and believed it made her happy. That’s what relationships are about. Someone who can make you feel ecstatic. And sometimes it is not about a lifetime. It’s about moments.

Age is just a factor in people’s head. And marriage is just society’s way of declaring a relationship a success. Aditi, in Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas thought that she needed to settle down because she had reached a particular age.

Then in Mistakes Like Love And Sex she realized that was not the reason to get married. Kaveri doesn’t make the same “mistake.” She always believes there is love in every relationship and the one she wants for a lifetime is the one she stays on with at the end of the second book.

The friendship between Kaveri and Aditi is special. It’s that girl bond which stays no matter what else goes wrong in life. Do you hang out with your girlfriends regularly? Did one of them (or maybe all) inspire Aditi?

I love my girl friends. They are my family. That’s why I dedicated my debut novel to them. And even in Mistakes Like Love And Sex I’ve mentioned all my girl friends who have been a part of my life. Two of my friends inspired Aditi. However, the decisions that Aditi makes later, is very unlike them. That’s more like some other friends!

Films are an important part of these books – with Aditi being an assistant director, and later Kaveri getting involved as a translator. Can you tell us a little bit about your involvement in the industry?

I was an Assistant Director, like Aditi, for three years. I too ran around for hats and other things that the Director demanded for the actors. It was fun but harrowing.

Bela Bandhan in Mistakes Like Love And Sex is very true to real life actresses. I have met a few and understood them well enough to know they’re all hard working like her. Therefore, the story, scenes and dialogues are not just an exaggeration. They’re partly real.

Madhuri BanerjeeWhat’s next after “Losing my…” and “Mistakes..”? Can we expect more of Kaveri?

The third part of the trilogy is left. So there will definitely be more of Kaveri. There will be more about her business and life with a family, a husband and maybe even trying for children with old loves re-entering! And her friends Shyamolie and Aditi will also have a series of new love problems that they tackle. So more spice and sizzle to follow!

Today’s Indian woman juggles a career and family; she’s a mother, wife, in your case a successful author, a businesswoman, and so many other people rolled into one. Can you share some of the challenges you’ve faced while writing?

Disciplining yourself to take time out to write is the biggest challenge I’ve faced. After looking after a child, cooking, cleaning and managing the minutiae of daily domesticity all you want to do is sit back and relax. But writing is not only therapeutic for me, it is also a job. I cannot neglect it.

I’ll share a tip: The key to success is time management. And time management is about prioritizing what’s important. And to know what’s important you need to be clear what you want to achieve. All along, I knew I wanted to publish a book and everything then fell into place with time.

Who are your favorite authors? Have you been inspired by any of them in particular?

Elif Shafak, Agatha Christie, Jhumpa Lahiri, Paulo Coelho. Reading inspires in general. I have understood from my favourite authors and others that you definitely need a good plot and strong characters for a good book.

I’ve tried to build that with my writing. I hope that all the characters in my books and especially Kaveri will remain in readers’ minds for a long time.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, what’s the one book that you’d love to curl up with?

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I could read it repeatedly.

How important is social media in a writer’s life?

Quite important. We’re not famous like Bollywood stars. For people to know our work, and us we need a social media platform. In addition, largely the people who will buy our books and read are the ones on social media as well. It’s important that people know your work or you a bit.

There are tons of people out there trying to get published, today. What’s your advice to budding authors? What sets a great pitch apart?

A great story is all you need. Most publishers are looking for powerful characters that remain in a reader’s mind and a great plot that sets you apart. Work on that and it’ll be published!


5 Popular Free iPhone Recipe Apps

You have probably noticed by now that there is an app for just about everything. It’s much easier to find things and they can be very useful when it comes to dinner time. Not to mention when you’re grocery shopping.

Maybe you’re unsure what a recipe calls for. Now you can simply open the app and reference the recipe directly to make sure you get the right ingredients. Here are 5 of the most popular free iPhone recipe apps to consider next time you’re about to cook dinner.

1. BigOven

BigOven is probably one of the most favored iPhone recipe apps because of the incredible features it has to offer. Not only can you find inspiration while in the kitchen you can find inspiration no matter where you are. This app lets you search a database of more than 250,000 recipes by ingredients, course, keyword or you can just browse their collection.

Maybe you have some leftovers that need to get eaten; you can find ideas on BigOven. Only have several items to use for dinner? Enter the ingredients you have and let BigOven give you ideas based on the items you have. You can also share your favorite recipes with your friends.

Download it here.

2. Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook

Betty Crocker already delivers such great tasting foods but they also offer over 9,000 recipes at your fingertips. Tired of searching through endless recipes that require ingredients you don’t have?

Browse by the ingredients you do have with this app. Save your favorite recipes as you go to easily access them at any time in the future. Worried about the nutritional content of a recipe? Betty Crocker provides that along with ratings so you can see what others thought of the recipe.

Download it here.

3. Key Ingredient’s Recipe Grazer

Powered by Key Ingredient this app is slightly different from the other recipe apps available. Every day other people just like you add recipes so there are more than a million recipes at your fingertips at any given time.

Their features include the ability to search through recipes by name, ingredient or keywords. Save your favorite recipes for easy access later and share them with others via email or social networks.

Download it here.

4. Dinner Spinner by Allrecipes

Powered by Allrecipes the dinner spinners is available in a free version as well as a pro version. The free version gives you access to many features and the pro version includes a few more features but it’s very affordable. That said, you might try the free app and if you enjoy it enough consider the pro version for just $2.99.

With this app you can create a shopping list and access it while you’re at the store so you don’t have to worry about forgetting any important items. You can even scan grocery items to see which recipes are related to that specific item. Or, scan them and add them to your shopping list. This app has many beneficial features for the chef in everyone.

Download it here.

5. Epicurious

Epicurious pulls recipes from all over the web and compiles them in one place. Find meals from Bon Appetit, Gourmet and others. Search for a recipe by using categories like main ingredient, kid friendly, dish type and even occasion.

All recipes come with photos, ingredient list and directions. Find one you like and you can add favorite it so you can find it later. You can also view a grocery list for each one and check all the things you need. This will be saved to a master list you can view at the market.

Download it here.

Pauline Greenwood is an avid blogger and contributor to She enjoys sharing about cooking experiences and her favorite meal ideas such as chicken salad recipes.

MBA Courses In A Woman’s World

Have you ever been inspired by a woman to fulfil a career and gain success? I was inspired by a female leader, my mum who helped me to choose the right career path.

For students it’s very difficult to believe that your parents can be pushing you in the right direction. You have big decisions to make regarding your future, your career path is unknown and your higher educational study choice could impact your career options even your salary and your lifestyle.

mba woman

You look to people to guide you in the right direction because you know they have been there done that and often their advice helps. Witnessing how many successful women there are in the world in high end jobs pushed me to want to succeed in my career choice.

It is amazing to see women with MBA’s thriving in their jobs like the cream on top of a cake or the cherry on top. But, not all inspiring women have MBA’s.

For instance Carol Bratz the CEO of Yahoo did not have an MBA, but she had a business mind and became one of the most valued business women out there, even battling breast cancer and fighting her way to the top. This is business ambition and just as good as having an official MBA qualification.

Once you have achieved your grades comes the big decision of deciding what to study at university, seeing inspirational case studies like the Carol Bratz career development makes it a little bit easier to make the choice. Sometimes you just want to follow in their footsteps and so you do what they did.

Many students however, choose a degree because of their parent’s expectation or just because the course is popular. The influence that surrounds career choice is vast, but it is great that there are so many choices these days.

The Female Figure in Careers

Mums are female figures we look up to, the inspirational woman who can put you on the right career path. We’ve all heard the stories where children from lower income groups achieve high aggregates throughout their school life.

This is down to two things – their understanding of how important education is, and the support they receive from their parents and sometimes a firm female leader.

Women who thrive in their careers tend to be motivated, self-driven and confident. Some of the best jobs that suit them are related to the business and finance world, but there are some jobs such as Lawyers which are popular and social media jobs have kicked women up the ladder in more ways than one.

Have you heard of Sheryl Sandberg? This woman made it big for her role as the Facebook COO (chief operating officer), one of the richest women in the US, because she invested well outside of her career, netting around $1.25 billion from Facebook stocks.

Do you really need an MBA now or should you just buy wisely?

How Can an MBA Course Help Your Future?

At the end of the day, it always good to have a degree behind you and an MBA is the most sought after degrees in the world. Anyone with an MBA degree has more career choices, they have better success when applying for various jobs and they can expect a higher salary than those with a school qualification.

There are a variety of options when obtaining an MBA degree; basically they cover all business and management principles from executive and senior management to accounting and business management to finance and marketing.

Anyone who holds one of these degrees can enjoy a choice of career opportunities from a CEO of a company to a financial analyst to a PR specialist to a product manager or human resources manager.

Very often you find that companies will state that applicants must hold an MBA degree as they are in-demand degrees that give you insight into the running of a business, and to employers this is a step in the right direction.

But just remember, if you do not have this it is not the end of the world, there are many similar university degree courses that will help support your application to a future job.

Author bio:

Writer Jenny Beswick always listened to her mum’s advice! With the advice her mum gave her she found a good Telegraph MBA Course online. Since educating herself and working internationally in business she is now a writer. Let us know if a female leader helped you?

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5 Ways to Nourish and Renew Your Spirit

It’s 1976, and my mom and dad are sitting quietly with their eyes closed, hands resting upward — thumb and index finger touching — while my younger siblings crawl on their backs and shoulders. My older two brothers and I sit nearby, holding our own meditation poses, bored, rolling our eyes and counting the minutes until this ritual will end.

At least once a week or whenever things got stressful, my parents would pull all five of their children — ranging in age from ten to one — into our library for a family meditation. As much as I complained, a part of me yearned for this spiritual practice.

Spiritual renewal is essential to our emotional well-being. It helps us nurture our essence, feel centred, build inner strength, live in integrity, and trust life. It allows us to experience a connection to a higher power, feel a sense of purpose, and experience meaning in our lives.

There are many different ways we explore and nurture our spiritual lives. For some, this includes spending time in nature, yoga, prayer and meditation, or musical or artistic expression. Some of the daily practices that provide me with spiritual nourishment include:

1. Creating Ritual

We all crave sacredness and ritual in our everyday lives — not just around birthdays and weddings. Rituals can be both carefully planned events and casual but regular remembrances such as voicing gratitude before a meal or creating dedicated space in your day for contemplation.

When we mark important transitions or milestones in our lives — whether it’s your daughter’s first period or your son starting kindergarten — we connect to the sacredness of everyday life. We remember that life is mysterious and we’re more than our to-do lists!

2. Cultivating Stillness

Stillness, whether experienced through prayer, meditation, or reflection, is our time to be alone and connect to our inner wisdom or our higher power — what I call our internal GPS system. It’s essential for all of us to carve out time for quiet reflection each and every day.

One of the biggest gifts I’ve received from a daily meditation practice is the ability to live more comfortably with what is — whether that’s my husband’s recent layoff or a car accident. Life is like the weather in Texas — constantly changing.

Meditation has helped anchor me so that despite this impermanence and turmoil, I’ve learned how to be still and find my centre in the face of it all.

3. Practising Service to Others

Mother Teresa says, “The fruit of love is service.”

We are all interconnected. The more we reach out and are present to one another’s pain and suffering, the stronger we become and the easier it is to embrace the esoteric idea that we’re all one.

I believe huge shifts in consciousness can occur when we reach out and help one another navigate this sometimes scary, often isolating and perplexing, but beautiful world. Sometime that might look like serving soup at your local homeless shelter and other times, it’s helping out your neighbour who just lost her husband.

4. Living in the Present

Many great spiritual teachers believe the answer to everything is to just “be here now,” and that our suffering and emotional distress would end if we simply stopped resisting the present moment.

One weekend as I sat on the couch with a full-body cold: a splitting headache, body chills and a nonstop runny nose, I thought about this principle. And, as I watched the things I was missing fly out the window — my friend’s birthday party, my son’s piano recital — I connected to my breath and felt myself arrive in the present moment.

I sensed my resistance begin to dissipate and a feeling of peace slowly settled over me. I temporarily suspended my desire for things to be different and I embraced that on the couch, with a cold, was exactly where I was supposed to be.

5. Choosing Happiness

Three of my immediate family members died unexpectedly between my twenty-sixth and thirty-fourth birthdays. For years I let those losses dictate how much and how often, I could experience joy. Anytime I started to feel light, free, or happy, the old feeling of “waiting for the other shoe to drop” would creep in.

Can you only be happy if things are going your way and all the stars are aligned in your favour?

I believe we’re born with the innate capacity to experience emotional well-being and joy; it’s our birthright to feel good. Happiness comes from within; we’re wired for it. We just have to remember to choose this moment to moment.

It’s easy to forget who we really are. To lose sight of what really matters. To fall asleep and not remember how interconnected we all are and that we’re fully human and, at the same time, divine.

A regular spiritual practice — whether that’s daily prayer or meditation, being in a spiritual community, or singing— serves to anchor us. It grounds us and helps us navigate the challenges we face from just being human. It helps us stay awake.

So ultimately, we can begin to let go, trust the rhythm and flow of life and relax into the beauty of our true nature.

Based on the new book Nurturing the Soul of Your Family ©2013 Renée Peterson Trudeau. Published with permission of New World Library

Author Bio:

Life balance coach/speaker, Renée Peterson Trudeau is the author of the new book Nurturing the Soul of Your Family. She is an internationally recognized life balance coach, speaker, and president of award-winning Career Strategists whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Good Housekeeping and numerous media outlets. On the faculty of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Wellness, she leads life balance workshops and retreats for Fortune 500 companies such as 3M and IBM, conferences, and organizations worldwide. Thousands of women in ten countries are participating in Personal Renewal Groups based on her first book, The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal. Renee lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and son.

There are many different ways we explore and nurture our spiritual lives. For some, this includes spending time in nature, #yoga, #prayer and #meditation, or musical or artistic expression. Click to read 5 ways to nourish and renew your spirit. #spirit #selfcare #spiritual

Men in Realtionship

Modern Love: What Men Really Need From a Relationship

Modern relationships seem to be more complicated than in the past but despite the new ways that we use to communicate with prospective partners, the needs and desires of men and women still have the same fundamental foundations.

  • Seeking love

Primarily a man is seeking a love-interest and although men don’t always like to admit it, they do often like to love and be loved in return.

Men are particularly attracted to a loving woman and putting aside any short term sexual attraction, if they make a connection with the person who they think is the right one for them, then that man will fight hard to hold on to what he has got.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Not all men are as shallow as to simply only chase after a woman who looks like they have just stepped off the catwalk and whilst looks are part of the initial attraction process, men are seeking a woman who is attractive to them in lots of different ways.

Take pride in your appearance and do your best to look good and you will almost always be attractive in their eyes.

  • Be a woman

Men like a woman to be feminine, gentle and kind and that is because it satisfies a subliminal message in their brain that you would make a great mother for their children, even though they may not say it!

They are not looking for someone to mother them, as that is an entirely different thing altogether, but if they see a woman who is likely to be a willing sharer in home life, then that is certainly going to make you more attractive to your man if you come across as the perfect woman in his eyes.

  • Supportive

Despite the modern dynamics of a relationship in the new millennium there is still an element of the hunter gatherer mentality built into the DNA of a lot of men and they are looking for a woman who will be supportive of their goals and efforts to provide.

They don’t really want a woman who is quick to criticize their behaviour or interfere with their career path by trying to mould them to their way of thinking.

The best modern relationships are when support works both ways and yes men can still be manipulated, but support them and do it in more subtle ways if you are trying to change them in some way.

  • Sex

Most men talk a good game but they are actually often a lot more reserved about sex than we are, and if they find something that they like then they tend to stick to it.

The adventurous sexual appetite that most men are convinced that they possess is not actually there as much as they think it is. Men are really quite conservative in general about sex so expect to take the lead in this department and he will probably thank you for it.

Woman play an increasingly strong role in modern society and it is the men who perhaps have not changed as much as think they have. Sticking to the basics of what has worked in the past to make a successful relationship will probably still work now and in the future.

Krista Joseph is a sex therapy expert of many years. She loves to share her expertise with couples by blogging on the web. To find out how to spark romance in your relationship, visit Simply Pleasure.

Image courtesy of

Interview With Gagan Singh Of Jones Lang LaSalle India

Gagan Singh is CEO – Business & Chairperson – Sri Lanka Operations, Jones Lang LaSalle India. She has over 30 years of experience in the corporate world and now is a real estate professional with a multinational firm.

Gagan SinghOn the eve of International Women’s Day, Naaree caught up with her to glean some gems of wisdom on careers for women in the real estate industry.

Why did you enter the real estate industry?

The real estate services industry is a great sector for woman to work in. Since I have had the privilege of working in several sectors over the past 30+ years, I can say this with some authority.

There is definitely an upsurge of opportunities for women in real estate, especially in the organized part of the real estate business. International property consultants, architects and designers and leading developers now have ladies as part of their leadership teams.

What difference is there in the shaping of residences with women taking the decisions?

There has never been a time when residences were not envisaged and created from the viewpoint of women. Nor will such a time ever come. Women are the home-makers, and it is they who decide what works and what doesn’t in a home. Both rental and purchase decisions are made accordingly.

What have you experienced, in the way a women is perceived in the male dominant real estate industry?

It is true that real estate, especially in India, has historically been male dominated. However, the country’s rapid globalization has put paid to that trend. Today, more and more top-notch Indian companies active in a wide swath of real estate-related activities are employing women in leadership roles.

What advice would you give to women who are planning to enter the real estate industry?

Indian women need to outgrow the inferiority complex hard-wired into them by generations of social pressure. There are immense opportunities for women in real estate today. Indian society has changed a lot and women who display courage, conviction and confidence can reach the same heights of achievement that men can.

It is time to stop looking ourselves as professionals who are limited by gender. I also advise women seeking to build their careers in real estate to choose companies that appreciate and understand the value that women bring to the table – and at the same time understand the special needs of women at certain phases of their lives.

Firms like Jones Lang LaSalle provide equal opportunity for women who show passion and deliver results. My experience at the top in this firm has been extremely satisfying and enjoyable. I have always perceived my gender as a distinct advantage.

I have never had to hold back or had the slightest hesitation in saying or doing what I need on account of being a woman. I therefore advise women to choose to work for real estate companies that consider them as equal stakeholders and contributors, and make them feel nurtured and valued.


3 Places to Find the Best Online Discount Codes

The cardinal rule to shopping online is to never complete the checkout process without looking for an online discount code first. Sometimes online discounts are obvious because they are located on the website you are shopping.

However, often you have to search to find a store’s coupon code. Thankfully, finding discounts for your favorite stores isn’t hard. In fact, there are promo codes all over the Internet. Here, we discuss the three most popular places to find online discount codes.

online discountsGopromocodes

Gopromocodes is an online database of online discount codes. Navigating the website is easy. Once on the page, you will find a list of the top coupon codes of the day. Accessing the discount codes is easy.

In order to get the code you need, you simply click the link and the code will appear. If the coupon code you are looking for isn’t in the top list, you can search gopromocodes for a particular store.

Some of the most popular categories on this website include cell phone companies, women apparel stores, flower and gift websites and photo and art. During the search process, if you have any questions, you can click the contact button to have your questions answered quickly and easily.

Social Media Channels

Another great source of online discount codes is through social media channels like twitter and Facebook. On social media sites, you can like or follow your favorite brands.

As a token of their appreciation, many brands offer exclusive online discount codes to their most loyal fans. In addition to exclusive coupons, social media fans can also learn about special contests and promotions that can earn them inexpensive, or possibly free products.

Social media channels also offer customers and the general public the opportunity to communicate with their favorite brands and stores. Companies, stores and brands like to interact with customers because it gives them insight into what their customers truly want and expect from them.

Email Lists

When shopping online, you have probably been invited to join a site’s email list. Joining email lists of your favorite brands or products is an easy way to access online discount codes including the coveted free shipping code, especially when you are initially signing up.

Another advantage to being on a store’s email list is that you often get advance notice of upcoming sales, access to special events and the comfort of shopping from your own home.

Being Diligent About Discount Codes Will Save You Money

The next time you are shopping online make sure you don’t hit the checkout button before you search for an online discount code from a website like

Even better, if you haven’t already, make sure to check out the store’s social media page and join their mailing list to see if there are any additional promo codes available. It is also beneficial to remember that sometimes you can use more than one promo code at a time.

Keep money in your pocket by taking the time to search for online discount codes before completing any purchase online. Doing so will allow you to buy your favorite products from the best stores without overpaying.

Shelly Masterson is an internet shopping expert. She has mastered the art of finding a good deal online and loves to share her findings with others by writing for women’s blogs.

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