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Five Basic Items for the Fashion-Savvy Woman’s Closet

If you’re always finding yourself standing in front of your wardrobe and saying you don’t have enough clothes, chances are good your problem lies not with quantity, but with quality.

A good wardrobe doesn’t have hundreds of items – in fact, with just five to ten well-chosen items, you can create numerous outfits. Check your closet today to make sure you have basic items. If not, seek them out and build your outfits around them.

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You’ll immediately find it becomes faster and easier to get dressed in the morning. Here are the five staples you should have in your closet.

1. A great pair of black pants.

The right pair of black pants will look good with anything. They work for days in the office, going out to the grocery store, or going to class.

Any woman looks good in a pair of pants that fits snugly in the right places and loosely in the right places. They work at any time of the year, and at any occasion.

If you’re ever clueless about what to wear on the bottom with a cute top, look for your staple black pants.

2. A tailored blazer.

Don’t just go for a store-rack blazer when it comes to this staple item. You’ll find yourself building many different outfits that can all work with the same blazer, so it’s worth getting it tailored to fit just right.

You can wear it with a fun outfit to a party or club, or to a formal occasion at a church or community gathering. Make sure your waist looks good in the blazer and you’ll be set.

3. Several bright scarves.

Two to five bright scarves should be in every woman’s closet. When you know your outfit is a bit drab and you need something else to add, you can turn to your scarves and add them to your outfit.

Whether you choose patterned scarves or bold, beautiful colors, you can dress up an outfit by tying a scarf in dozens of different ways. If they look a little nerdy in combination with your glasses (which is always a risk with certain patterns), try contact lenses from or your eye doctor.

4. Basic ballet flats.

A few pairs of ballet flats will serve you well in every situation. Whether you’re going through airport security or going for a date at a coffee shop, you can throw on ballet flats in a complementary color to your outfit and be ready to run out the door. They can add a bright touch to an outfit or coordinate with your handbag or scarf.

5. Leggings in basic colors.

When you wear leggings, you can go anywhere! They add a great sense of flair, confidence, and playfulness when paired with a long or short top (depending on the fit and sheerness of the leggings), and you can get them in different colors. Start with basics like black, white, or brown, and add colors as fun accessories.

As long as you have these five staples in your wardrobe, you will find yourself able to create an outfit with any item you might find yourself trying to pair up with other clothes. Owning a few well-chosen basics makes it much easier to get dressed in the morning!

Chelsea Miller is doing her final year in a fashion design course. Her articles mainly appear in fashion design blogs.

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Mom on laptop working at home

How to Be an Entrepreneur and a Mom

They say being a parent is a full-time job. But few full-time workers are required to change diapers, quell temper tantrums, make late night trips to the ER, and quiet your child’s loud crying at 2 am.

So as anyone who has tried it surely knows, starting a business while juggling the obligations of family life can be an overwhelming task. Though it certainly seems to require superhuman abilities, it is by no means impossible. The benefits of taking on the task mean you can plan your business around your parenting needs.

Fortunately, being a mom and an entrepreneur today is easier than ever, meaning you can balance both responsibilities. The web allows parents to work from home, while nonetheless connecting with customers from around the world, with whom they can share their unique talents and expertise.

From handicrafts to corporate consulting services, the business possibilities are nearly endless. So if you’ve made up your mind to set up a business while raising your youngsters, here are some great tips to help you get started.

  • Prioritize

Make lists, divide your projects into manageable tasks, and learn to recognize the exigencies of your work and family life. Starting a successful business within the demanding schedule of parenthood requires efficiency, above all else. So to excel in entrepreneurship, you’ll need to eliminate the clutter and focus on the work that produces results.

  • Monetize Your Passion

The best work doesn’t seem like work at all. If you can find a way to monetize a talent or skill you are passionate about, you will be able to take pleasure in the job you do. Going to work won’t be a nuisance or feel like a painful theft of family time.

It will be a challenge and a joy, and its impact will ultimately be a positive force in your life and that of your little ones. In fact, being a boss means you can make more time for your family and choose your hours.

  • Find Quiet Time

If you are a parent and an entrepreneur, there is no question that you are also a multitasker with rare talents. But, even so, your best work can only get done when you are able to give it your undivided attention.

So make it a priority to find quiet time to work in, whenever it may be. Whether it’s after the kids are asleep, before they wake, or while they are away at school, your quiet time is essential.

  • No Time Like Now

Parents always have a million things to do. Between cooking, cleaning, and all the other obligations of family life, procrastination is painfully easy – and often quite productive. But this is the danger of working from home.

If you hope to get anything substantial done, you’ll have to be disciplined enough to compartmentalize work tasks from household tasks. So fight back the urge for productive procrastination, and use the hours when you are sharpest for work while leaving all the rest for your ‘free time’.

  • Be Realistic

Give yourself realistic goals. Understand that you are human, and can only do so much. Overburdening yourself will only contribute to stress, affect the quality of your work, and damage family relations.

  • Get the Kids Involved

If there are any tasks which you can involve your children, why not turn it into an afternoon activity for them? It means you can balance work tasks and spending time with your children. Of course, it will depend on their age group.

Older children can be enticed to help you if you reward them with pocket money, and younger children will see the appeal if some of your work tasks are creative or fun.

All entrepreneurs face tough odds and countless obstacles. For parents, whose attention must be split between family and work, the situation is even more complex. So it is important to focus on what matters most and develop manageable working habits that will keep you sane and relatively stress-free.

Don’t forget to make time for yourself, especially when it seems almost impossible. Your work will ultimately benefit, your family will benefit, and you’ll be able to realize your goal of being a great parent while nonetheless excelling in your professional passion.

About the author: Kirsten took the plunge to work from home, setting up her own jewellery website, she balances work with family duties. At times it is difficult, but working from home means she is always around to enjoy those special family moments.