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Vandana Luthra: Transforming The Beauty And Weight Loss Industry

A true believer in the concept of three ideologies, transforming the future, transforming oneself and spreading of happiness, Vandana Luthra is the founder and current proprietor of VLCC (Vandana Luthra’s Curls and Curves).

VLCC was first established in the year 1989 and currently holds a position in the list of brand names that are popular all across the world. VLCC is a long chain of gymnasiums and beauty parlors that help and offer toning to the body, different types of fitness solutions for different types of bodies, and beauty tips and products for women, irrespective of the age and figure.

Vandana Luthra VLCCTransforming Her Obsession:

As a child, Vandana Luthra was obsessed with styling everyone’s hair, which include make overs and other haircuts and experimenting on the faces of her family members. Her obsession turned into a beautiful organization, VLCC.

Vandana Luthra’s beauty and fitness related organization aims at providing many means to stay fit, and different types of beauty and body toning treatments such as manicures, bleaching, hair removal, scar elimination and passive weight loss.

The staff of VLCC comprises highly specialized doctors, nutritionists and other technical experts.

This talent for improving beauty and enhancing looks has led to the creation of separate VLCC saloons for men and women, apart from having individual cubicles for therapy.

There is not only the weight-loss treatment for different genders, but also there a line of specialized products that are used to provide an assortment of skin care treatments.

Education and Awards:

While, on one hand Vandana Luthra’s career was planned out by her father, to enable her to go abroad and pursue her MBA, she chose instead to create the world-famous VLCC and till date has been extremely successful in doing so.

With her untiring efforts to make people slim, beautiful and happy, she has been the recipient of several awards and her list of achievements is an ode to her abilities as a woman entrepreneur.

Due to the services that VLCC provides, the organization has gained the trust and faith of millions of happy customers who are now part of this exceptional brand of Beauty and Health.

Apart from the enormous success that the organization has gained, it is one of the first companies of the category to attain ISO 9001:2000 recognition as well as the ISO 4001 certification since the company meets global environmental standards.

VLCC was one of the top brands in a country like India, and possesses the awards for Retailer of the year for 2004, 2005 and 2006 in the category of Beauty and Health. Vandana Luthra was chosen by the Institute of Marketing Management as the Women Entrepreneur for 2004 and also Woman Entrepreneur in the year 2004 by Whirpool/Gr8 Magazine.

FICCI’s (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) Ladies Organization, has honored her contributions to the cause of healthy living and recognized her with an award for Successful Business Woman for the category of Fitness and Health in the year 2005.

She was also given the Amity Woman Achievers Award, in the year 2006, for the promotion of Fitness and Health Solutions, and been a recipient of the Rajeev Gandhi Women Achiever Award, in the year 2008. The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also recognized her with the Outstanding Business Woman Award in the year 2007.

With so many distinguished achievements and awards, we believe that VLCC will be a company that continues to grow, and Vandana Luthra will retain her crown as the queen of health and beauty for a long time to come.



What Not to Wear To An Interview

What do you think was the worst outfit that someone has worn for a job interview ever? An applicant for a career services director at Chicago University wore a Madras tie as a belt and a patterned cotton hat.

According to a survey by, hiring managers have come across candidates with dirty fingernails, T-shirts with offensive prints on them, micro miniskirts and some even arriving for an interview with bare feet.

woman executiveYou don’t need to consult Carson Kressley regarding the shoes you will wear to an interview, but you have to make sure to avoid the following 20 fashion mistakes while attending an interview.

• Do not carry a back pack or fanny pack for an interview. Carry a briefcase instead. Also some image consultants say it is better if women do not carry a purse.

• Don’t leave your sunglasses on top of your head and your headphones around your neck. Keep all the travel gear in your briefcase before you enter the venue.

• Your skirt should not be too short like the girls in “The Apprentice”. Your thighs should be covered when you sit.

• Your tie should be made of silk and at least 3 and a quarter inch wide with decent patterns. Preferred colours are red and burgundy.

• Women should keep their make up to a minimum and men should avoid it altogether.

• Men should avoid wearing any jewellery other than wedding rings. Avoid wearing earrings and too many rings on your fingers.

• Women should not wear more than one set of earrings.

• Avoid tongue piercings and visible tattoos.

• Make sure your clothes fit you well. If not, get them altered before you wear them to the interview.

• Women should avoid long fingernails with bright nail lacquer. Your nails should be clean and trimmed to appropriate length.

• Avoid unnatural hair colours and hair styles. Men should keep their hair short.

• Men should avoid short sleeved shirts with a tie.

• Women should wear neutral coloured hosiery with their suits and not fishnet, patterned hosiery or even bare legs.

• Men should match their socks with their shoes. The socks should be long enough so that skin is not visible when they are seated.

• Your clothes should be clean and neatly ironed.

• Wear clean formal footwear. Avoid sneakers, open toed shoes, sandals and stilettos.

• Avoid strong perfumes, colognes and after shaves. Some people are allergic to certain perfumes. Keep your fragrance subtle.

• Wear a matching belt and shoes made of leather or a leather-like material. Colours such as black or cordovan are the best.

• If you are wearing a new suit, make sure you have removed the price tag, extra buttons, the zigzag threads that keep the pockets and slits closed.

Make sure that there will be no wardrobe malfunction during the interview. Plan what you will wear few days before the interview, so that you can get it cleaned and pressed in time.

Make sure you look professional so that the interviewer pays attention to what you are saying and is not judging you by what you are wearing.

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