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5 Strategies To Become A Successful Female Leader

Since the beginning of mankind, the difference between the two sexes has always been highlighted in different manners. If in the past women were extremely disadvantaged compared men, the present time shows us how the inequality between sexes does no longer exist. At least…not in the way it was before.

International woman’s day (8th March) is a great celebration that aims to deliver one important message: women need to be praised and treated the same as men. Moreover, it signifies the continuous need of rebalancing the conditions and rights that women have over the professional and business environment.

During the last several years, women have started to gain much more respect in the business marketplace. There are plenty of women that have made it big into the entrepreneurial world, many women that lead hundreds of men, and many women that are much better and much more skilled than the majority of men.

Now…when we talk about success and leadership, we can never assess these concepts by appealing to the sexes. These are two complex things that require skills and knowledge more than anything else. Of course, women might encounter different and more delicate challenges on their road towards success.

During today’s post, we’re going to take a look at what exactly makes a successful female leader. If you’re a woman looking for some insights that ought to give you inspiration and motivation, you’ve found the right resource.

Let’s get straight to the point.

1. Figure Out What Success Means to You

Man or woman, the path towards success starts with awareness. You need to become aware of what success means to you. Every person has different standards and expectations. For some, success means fortune, power, and legacy.

For others, success means being able to live a decent professional life that comes with the benefits of having more free time to spend with their loved ones.

What YOU need to figure out is your definition of success. No one will be able to help you except yourself. This is a process of self-awareness and is very much linked to your emotional intelligence aptitudes.

Once you become aware of what makes you itch, you’ll have much more control over your life, you’ll be able to feel inspired and motivated, and you’ll never feel lost. That is of course because you’ve already chosen your path and built your roadmap.

2. Be Extremely Confident in Your Mindset and Skills

We all develop our mindsets throughout our lives. Your mindset is basically the mechanism that makes you see the world the way you do right now. Every person has a different mindset and different values.

Great leaders are always confident that their mindset will lead them on the right path. That confidence makes them great persons to be around and to learn from. Moreover, if you’ve already taken the time and you’ve hustled to build your skills, you need to be very proud of yourself – but not in an exaggerated way.

A woman that shows this type of confidence will always make more impact in the workplace. Be aware of the fact that being in a leadership position also makes you a model for the people that are under you.

3. Pay Attention to Your Performance

A good leader is always paying attention to what’s working and what’s not. This doesn’t refer only to the professional environment, but also to the personal performance metrics.

Rachel Sklar is the founder of The and Change the Ratio, two successful businesses that many men would dream to have. When asked about what makes a great leader, she gave a very good insight:

“I would say that leadership is something that is learned. It can be learned and should be learned. Leadership is something you’re always honing and learning and reflecting to see ways you could have been better at it. Anyone who thinks they’re a natural leader is probably horrible to work with.”

If leadership is learning, then it automatically means that it’ll lead to a lot of failures. Many things will go wrong, and many decisions might not be the most appropriate. If you learn how to assess your performance, you’ll be able to slowly create a better overall performance for yourself and your team.

4. Cultivate Relationships, Always

Get out there and start building connections! One of the biggest traits that most successful people have is that they’re very resourceful. That resourcefulness comes from the relationship that they have built throughout time. Every person has a hidden talent that maybe one day will be very useful to your condition and needs.

Don’t think just about you though, as you need to deliver value to the other peer too. A constructive relationship is based on trust and help. You get the chance to help others become the best version of themselves by giving powerful advice and maybe even some of your resources.

If you don’t really enjoy doing this, then maybe leadership isn’t for you. The simple fact that you’re willing to sacrifice more and give more to others shows a strong indicator that you might just have what it takes. The only thing that’s left until you become a successful leader and not just a leader: lots of work, many fails, patience, and persistence.

5. Listen, Listen, Listen

Emily Shane, founder of SuperiorPapers has a very strong advice for all the women that are struggling to be successful at work:

“Being a woman and a leader of a group of men all in the same time is always difficult. In order to make it easier, I always sit back and listen. I carefully listen what everyone has to say. I listen to their problems, I listen to their joys, and I listen to everything they want me to listen. In the end, I come up with calculated responses based on what I’ve actually listened.”

As a matter of fact, she is extremely right about everything she said! You’d be surprised how hard listening actually is when you do it right. Most people aren’t really listening. They either judge internally, either develop self-talks, or they simply ignore the speaker because they’re too focused on their own issues.

Leadership never works this way. If you’re not able to listen to your colleagues and subalterns, your efficiency will never shine. A great communication between the employee and the higher rank is always necessary in order to ensure a productive environment and effective results for your company.


Success is not about results. It’s all about the journey. Becoming the best version of yourself will allow you to overstep your most daunting limitations and create a better future for yourself. You’ll be able to seize great opportunities, and eventually, enjoy a lifestyle that’s full of fulfillment.

Once you are able to show lots of aptitudes and skills, the fact that you’re a woman will only make you shine more. Yes, women that are great leaders are always better viewed than men that do the same thing. So never discourage yourself, and always do your best to do more and better!

Author Bio:

Joan Selby is a former ESL teacher and a content marketer at BestEssays. She also runs her own blog about social media and writing tips. Joan is a Creative Writing graduate and fancy shoe lover. A writer by day and reader by night, giving creative touch to everything. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook

Take a look at what exactly makes a successful female leader. If you’re a woman looking for some insights that ought to give you inspiration and motivation, you’ve found the right resource. Once you're able to show lots of aptitude and skill, the fact that you’re a woman will only make you shine more. #femaleleader #womanleader #leadership #skills

Wedding Planning Tips To Make Your Special Day Go Smoothly

A wedding is the most significant day in the life of many people. There is nothing to compare and replace it with. This special day leaves pleasant memories and serves as an important step in the history of a young family.

Of course, for invited guests, the wedding is also a fun event, but for a couple, this is the most exciting day in their life. In order to make everything in this day go off without a hitch, as you dreamed and planned, you need to start preparing for the wedding in advance.

The ideal option is to start your preparation about six months before the expected celebration date.

Think about a Wedding Location

Selecting a place for a wedding celebration is an important and responsible step because of the comfort of your guests as well as the cost of decorating directly depend on the place you choose.

When it comes to the wedding, in most cases, the imagination draws the restaurant hall because it is considered the most common venue for a wedding. But do not be trapped in stereotypes since there are much more great places for your celebration.

Alternatively, on that special day of your life, you can travel to any country and have a celebration there. For example, you can order a service of a wedding planner in Chennai and organize a traditional Indian wedding.

In fact, every wedding is a great event, and the place where it is held has a lot to with it. In order to get a fancy place for your wedding party, you need to keep in mind two things beforehand: the approximate number of guests and the budget for the whole celebration.

Make sure to rent something beforehand. Start thinking about it six or even nine months before the wedding. Otherwise, you may be unpleasantly surprised with no vacancy on that day.

You should visit the place to see if it fits you in terms of space, interior, and location. Do not trust only recommendations and overviews; it is better to see everything with your eyes and feel the atmosphere of the space.

As an alternative option, you can hire a wedding planner that will take responsibility of choosing the right wedding location, decorating the space, and planning the menu strictly according to your gastronomic preferences.

With the right wedding agency, there will be no need for you to think about the entertaining program for your guests and small stylistic details of the wedding ceremony – everything will be thought out to the last detail by real wedding pros.

Making up Your Outfit

The choice of a wedding dress is a responsible mission. Even if there is an image of an ideal wedding dress in your head, try to choose several variants of different silhouettes and select the one you feel comfortable in.

Many people think that with the current assortment and a large number of wedding salons, there will be no difficulties with a wedding gown. Indeed, the choice of dresses is huge, but due to such an endless assortment, it is even more difficult to take up the option.

Therefore, a help of experienced wedding stylists can be a heaven-sent opportunity, which you should consider. It is also necessary to think about proper jewelry and makeup and choose a makeup artist beforehand to fully think through your wedding image and look like a real princess on that special day in your life.

Serving Refreshments

Food plays an important role in every wedding, so your menu and serving time are worth considering. The festive table depends on your own tastes, trends of culinary fashion, the number of guests, and your budget. So before you go to a restaurant or cafe, take a pen and notebook, and note down your “business plan.”

When deciding on a wedding menu, you should think about your guests, apart from taking into account your gastronomic preferences only. Make everything according to their tastes as well. If there are children among the guests, it is worthwhile to discuss a separate menu for them.

However, do not try to please the tastes of each guest, instead, choose classic dishes – this is the most optimal option.

It is also necessary to consider that a traditional feast starts with snacks and ends with a wedding cake; all the dishes are to be served in three or four stages, without allowing the food to become worn or cool.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend you to look at the season of your wedding and try to follow it. In case you face difficulties with deciding on the wedding menu, there is a banquet manager in many restaurants; he knows the menu well and will be able to advise you and explain different nuances.

However, it is best to try all the dishes before signing the contract with the restaurant. It is worth doing so that you and your guests on the wedding day are satisfied with the menu and thereby secure yourself from unpleasant surprises.

Choosing Professionals for Your Wedding Day

After having made a list of guests, figuring out the budget, choosing the restaurant, you can think about other things.

At this point, the most important thing is to find good wedding professionals: a photographer and a ceremony master. Remember that good professionals are booked in advance; therefore, it is highly recommended to choose your wedding “experts” beforehand.

It is extremely important to have real professionals in your team since with these people you will spend most of the wedding day; they will have a direct impact on your mood and emotions of your guests. Therefore, you should be comfortable and nice with everyone in you “wedding team.”

The memory after the wedding is emotions, which are set primarily by people and not by the color of the wedding dress. Atmosphere and joy are created by people!

A beautiful finale of the wedding evening will be a transition for the newlyweds to a new stage of their life. Be creative, and this bright, beautiful moment will be remembered to you as an amazing start to a happy family life.

Many-Many Things

A wedding is a Meccano consisting of a large number of details, and each must take its place and be considered, whether it is guest list preparing, the invitation-sending plan, wedding hall decorating, deciding on a banquet menu, training for a wedding dance, hiring a team of wedding helpers, and many more.

The first thing that we highly recommend to start your wedding preparation with is to make your personal wedding plan, which will include all the elements and steps with the appropriate notes on the status and your comments.

With such a detailed agenda, you will not have a chance to miss any detail of your wedding ceremony. Of course, hiring a wedding planner will be a good option, but you can always make your special event memorable and bright without any help. Good luck!

Recipe Time: Gluten-Free Nutella Cookies

Making Nutella Cookies is super simple and this recipe is open to all types of additions and modifications. These are very basic Nutella Cookies with only 4 basic ingredients and took only 20 minutes to make and finish!

I thought of this recipe while I was on my way to the office and saw Nutella while buying my groceries on BigBasket.

I immediately ordered Nutella and other ingredients (because my kitchen is always empty – reason being I am always hungry and eat everything available when hunger strikes). The next day I was in my kitchen, early in the morning making these cookies.

All you need is a new jar of Nutella that you can buy or order online or borrow or steal!

Prep: 5 min

Cook: 10 min

Total: 15 min


  • Half cup almond flour
  • 1 egg
  • 200 grams Nutella
  • Chocolate chips (Optional)
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Powder


1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C.

2. Combine flour, egg, baking powder and Nutella in a bowl. Add Chocolate chips in the mixture.

3. Stir with a spatula making sure mixture is properly combined together.

4. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and start making small balls of the mixture.

5. Keep the cookie balls 3 inches apart.

6. Keep the baking tray in a pre-heated oven and bake it for 10-12 minutes.

7. Let the cookies cool completely (or you keep it warm), and serve!


1. While forming round balls of the mixture, make sure the mixture is soft, you can add or reduce the amount of Nutella.

2. Since this is a gluten free recipe I am using Almond flour, but you can replace it by all-purpose flour or wheat flour as well. I haven’t tried it with wheat flour though but don’t find any reason why it shouldn’t work.

3. You can also try and mix different types of flour if you are not willing to make it gluten free.

I made these cookies using almond flour but you can try all-purpose flour (maida) also. For making eggless cookies you can use Greek yogurt instead of eggs, rest remains same.

This recipe is very simple and basic hence open for all types of alterations. I ordered all the ingredients using Bigbasket coupons from Couponwaale to save my time and money.

Ingredients like almond flour and Greek yogurt are easily available online. To make it healthier, you can try adding multigrain atta or oats, but remember the proportion of other ingredients will change based on the alterations.

Note: Store these cookies in an airtight container (I did not do that because I finished both the batches I made. Yes, I ate them all).

I used these cookies to make Ice cream sandwiches as well by placing ice-cream in between two cookies, which was a big hit at my birthday party.

I hope you all will like it and find it easy. Share your experiments with me!

Making these gluten-free Nutella Cookies is super simple and this recipe is open to all types of additions and modifications. These are very basic Nutella Cookies with only 4 basic ingredients and took only 20 minutes to make and finish! Save this pin and click to get the recipe now. #cookies #Notella #recipe #glutenfree