5 Free Mobile Safety Apps For Women: Personal Safety Alarms

5 Free Mobile Safety Apps For Women: Personal Safety Alarms

It’s no secret that women, especially those who travel a lot or work late, face a great deal of danger from criminal elements. Many cities in India are unsafe for women even during the day.

One way that women can take back control of their personal safety is by installing a personal safety alarm on their smartphone. There are a number of applications in the market that offer various features that provide various degrees of protection to users.

Here are 5 free personal safety alarm mobile applications that women can download and use right now.

1. Guardian Angel One (GA1)

Guardian Angel One is your personal rapid alert button on your mobile that is 900% faster than text or phone calls.

When there are just moments to spare, as in medical emergencies or robberies for example, a push of a button on a mobile sends out SMS’s to 5 pre-designated, trusted friends (or, Guardians) as well as location from GPS.

In the first 3 seconds, Guardian Angel One alerts 5 trusted contacts at the press of a button. A user’s trusted friends are alerted even if the user is unable to make a call or write a message.

Guardian Angel One is a full featured mobile app perfect for Indian conditions and alerts trusted friends when a mobile phone user is in a threatening situation. It works like a companion who can bring in help when users need it.

It comes with an exclusive arming facility that allows you to arm your Guardian Angel by setting the time of arrival at a destination. If you do not disarm your Guardian Angel, it will send out alerts to your list of trusted friends.

There is a disarm button to disconnect an accidental alarm. GA1 is a fantastic application for a woman who is travelling alone.

To download it, go to: http://guardianangelone.com

2. Hollaback

Hollaback gives users the power to stop street harassment. Users can take a photo of their perpetrator and upload it to the website. Furthermore, users can record and map their story on ihollaback.org.

The perpetrator will know that their image will be shared on a street harassment website. With Hollaback the user is part of a worldwide community of individuals who are brave enough to speak out.

To download it, go to: http://www.ihollaback.org

3. Stay Safe

Stay Safe is free, offers protection whilst people are at late night parties, solo bike rides, taxi journeys, walking home and any place where a person feels unsafe and alone. Stay Safe offers a personal safety tracker that tells emergency contacts if the cellphone user has not checked in after work safely. It provides the exact GPS location so if help is required, it can get there quickly.

When setting up Stay Safe it is important to set up your secure PIN. Choose emergency contacts from the cell phone address book. These emergency contacts will receive a message if you do not check in by email or text message. The appointment must be entered into the app.

When the time is allocated, the user must check in as having left safely by entering the secure PIN. The panic button can be used straight away and discretely triggered as an alert. If the attacker forces the user to cancel the alert, entering the duress PIN makes the app look like it’s been cancelled, but it triggers an emergency message to contacts.

In case, the user didn’t check in, the app is triggered and emergency contacts receive an alert that includes the previous known GPS location. Alerts are sent even if the phone is turned off or damaged.

To download it, go to: http://www.staysafeapp.com

4. Life360 Security Center

The Life360 Security Center is recognized by Google as one of the best Android apps in the world. It allows users to track their family members on a map. Sex offenders can be seen in the neighborhood and details accessed such as; their name, crime, picture and address.

This app allows users to contact their family after a major emergency even if the majority of infrastructure fails. It has an emergency ID for kids, athletes and adults.

To download it, go to: https://www.life360.com/free/

5. Safety Net

Safety Net makes calling for emergency help easy. All a user needs to do is shake their phone even if the app is not working properly. Everyone who is in the safety network will be alerted. Your current location and request for help can be sent to everyone in the safety zone.

To download it, go to: http://protelecsafetynet.com/features

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