3 Actions To Avoid When You Have Acne

3 Actions To Avoid When You Have Acne

You must have read a lot about a host of things that you need to do when you find out that you have acne, but what about the things that you must avoid strictly in order to ensure that your acne treatment has the maximum effect?

Remember that a good treatment regime for any type of skin problem includes a number of things that you must do along with an equal number of things that you mustn’t do.


Here are the 3 top actions to avoid when you have acne:

1. Avoid Blaming Yourself

One of the first things that most sufferers of acne tend to do is that they think that the occurrence of acne has happened due to something that they must have done wrong or due to something that they must not have done which they were supposed to.

This is the first myth that you need to remove from your mind so you can stop stop blaming yourself when you have acne. Negative thoughts and self-blaming will do nothing but cause more stress and skin problems for you, which is something you surely want to avoid.

Remember that most people who suffer from acne have been doing so due to aspects of the skin and their body that is out of their own control. Acne usually occurs as a side effect to hormonal changes and also, to a large extent, due to your genes.

2. Avoid Picking At Your Skin

One of the basic instincts in most women who are suffering from acne is to pop the formation the moment you notice it emerging on your skin. Yes, agreed, that this is an extremely enticing thought, but you need to remember that when you pop and pick acne formations you run the risk of deepening the scars that they leave behind.

Another problem that you might face is the fact that you might end up infecting the region resulting in more problems. You need to master your willpower to ensure that you are not picking at the zits that have erupted on the skin.

3. Avoid Overworking Your Skin

One of the most common mistakes that many people tend to make when they see emerging acnes on their skin is that they think scrubbing and cleansing it rigorously will ensure proper skincare and thus the acne will subside.

This is completely baseless and will, in fact, do more damage to the acne infected skin than doing any good to it. Yes, mild exfoliation and cleansing is a healthy habit to follow in order to minimize the problems of acne but overdoing the same must be avoided at all costs.

Ensuring that these 3 practices are avoided at all costs will minimize your suffering from problems of acne. You can check out the Proactive reviews to see if it’s a suitable product for your skin type.

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  • Awesome post. Along with these i want to some tips like usage of natural healthy skincare products and skin lightening creams, chaining the pillow cases for 3 days, and try to see that the hair won't fall on your face. These will also helps to reduce the acne and acne scars.

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