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Beauty Courses In India

Top Beauty Courses In India: Start Your Career As A Beauty Professional

Do you want to become a beauty professional? It’s definitely a glamorous career and there’s a massive market for beauty services. As a beauty professional, you can work at a beauty parlour, take on a beauty franchise with a bigger brand or start your own beauty salon if you want to work from home.

There are many opportunities in beauty services and beauty therapist courses in India are in high demand. People who have been in the industry for longer gradually pick up skills in different beauty services.

It is not feasible to study all these courses at once, but here are the top beauty course categories in India in which you can complete a specialization that can promptly open up opportunities for you.

  • Skincare courses – Skincare and aesthetics professionals are in high demand for people who have problem skin, acne or other skin issues.
  • Makeup artist courses – Everyone wants to make a positive first appearance which is why makeup artists are in high demand.
  • Hairstylist courses – Women in India are proud of their hair and like it to look good, making this an evergreen course.
  • Cosmetology courses – This sets the foundation for becoming a professional makeup artist
  • Nail beauty and nail art courses – In high demand during holidays and weddings when people have to look glam with henna and nail polish art.
  • Spa courses – Teaches massage and other physiotherapy techniques which are in high demand. Very good job prospects.

Because of high demand, competition is stiff as more people get into the beauty industry to get a piece of the pie. This means you have to get top-notch training to make a name for yourself in the market.

Here are the best institutes for beauty courses in India where you can join world-class beauty training courses that will give you a better chance of success in the massive beauty industry.

Top 5 Beauty Schools In India

  1. VLCC Institute

This is one of the best beauty schools in India for hair stylists and make-up artists. The courses offered here include:

  • Aesthetics
  • Hair Dressing and Hair Styling Techniques
  • Makeup
  • Nails
  • Nutrition
  • Spa Therapies
  1. Pearl Academy

Experts in the industry have compared the beauty training offered here as matching that in Europe and the US. The courses are in depth and take longer than in other schools, lasting 3 terms of 13 weeks each.

Some of the courses offered include:

  • Drama makeup
  • Hair styling
  • Beauty makeup
  • Mani-Pedi
  • Massage
  1. Shahnaz Husain Beauty Academy

According to the website, Shahnaz Husain is the pioneer of professional beauty training in India. She started her beauty training school nearly four decades ago, at a time when only apprenticeship training was available.

The Shahnaz Husain beauty training academy offers courses that equip the student with expertise in all aspects of beauty care. Their professional Diploma Courses, which comprises both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, keeps abreast with the international standards.

The Diploma Course also covers clinic and business management, as well as client handling. Students are given knowledge of sound salon management and the investments required to open one’s own salon, along with techniques of making the venture a profitable one. A minimum school leaving certificate is enough to start training in beauty.

  1. Lakmé Academy

Lakmé Lever operates India’s leading chain of beauty treatment & fashion – Lakmé Salon – that offers expert services in hairstyling, skin & beauty care, with a presence of over 260 salons across 60 plus cities.

Lakmé Academy powered by Aptech Limited – a global retail and corporate training solutions provider – is a partnership between two industry stalwarts with decades of experience in their respective fields.

Lakmé Academy offers courses in:

  • Cosmetology (Advanced)
  • Skin Care (Basic & Advanced)
  • Hair Care (Basic, Advanced & Short-Term courses)
  • Make-Up (Basic, Advanced & Short-Term courses)
  • Personal Grooming
  1. Fat Mu Pro Make-Up School

This beauty institute has been associated with Bollywood celebs like Danny Boyle and Zoya Akhtar. It offers both short and long beauty courses including;

  • 8 Week Pro Makeup Course
  • 3 Week Fashion & Beauty Course
  • 2 Hours Non-Pro Makeup Course
  • 1 Week Intro Makeup Course

Online Beauty Courses In India

Live Your Beauty Academy

If you’re interested in doing an online beauty course in India, LYB Academy is a good choice. You can join a community of successful beauty artists and get unlimited access to world-class video-based online tutorials.

Dedicated community members get the chance to the work with hot models, be exposed to the international press, meet top designers and other successful beauty artists. Learn how to get influential people to recommend you and more.

Click to browse the course here.

How To Promote Your Beauty Business Online

Once you start a beauty business, you need to learn how to promote it or you won’t attract the right customers. The course below will help.

Online Marketing for Beauty Artists Course

Beauty Business Expert, Cengiz, will show you step-by-step how to create a website that your clients and Google will love. You’ll learn:

  • To identify your target client and take a laser-sharp focus on her in everything you post on your website and social media
  • Understand how to brand your beauty business for success
  • Create an irresistible sales offer that will make your client want to hand you her money
  • Avoid the most common website mistakes
  • Which pages your website absolutely needs … and importantly, what you need to put on each page
  • Detailed website review of real beauty artists so you can see what works and does not work for your peers
  • How to easily test your website for speed, mobile responsiveness, and overall effectiveness.
  • Secret productivity tools that can save you thousands of dollars and give you an unfair advantage over your peers … and much more

Click to browse the course here.

There are plenty of opportunities in the Indian beauty industry for any professionally trained person. Pick a good course at a good school and you will open many doors.

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Top Beauty Courses In India: Start Your Career As A Beauty Professional

Career in Nursing

10 Tips To Start A Career In Nursing And Become Successful At It

If you dream of having a fulfilling career in the field of nursing, then you need to consider the valuable insights in this post.

Ask any nursing student about how to start a career in nursing, and the most common reply you’ll receive is how demanding it can get. Considering you’ll be responsible for looking after sick people, you have to be well-versed in the process of treating a patient.

Some of your responsibilities may include offering medications, answering questions, and sometimes helping patients with daily tasks like bathing, and eating. You will also have to oversee the recovery process.

If you’re interested in starting a career in nursing or want to make a career change to nursing but are sceptical, follow these tips to have a flourishing career as a nurse.

  1. Before making any decision conduct your research

This is vital even when you decide to choose any other career path instead of nursing. Doing your own research is necessary. Now it’s common to have confusion when there are too many choices available, that’s exactly why research is important. However, with the advent of the internet, taking a decision has become a lot simpler.

If you wish to opt for a nursing course, you need to understand the requirements to get into nursing schools, such as course fees, eligibility criteria and course duration.

You also must understand that different countries might have different rules and requirements so conducting thorough research into what education is needed to become a registered nurse would be wise before applying for a course.

Make sure you read testimonials from other nurses and experts and join online forums to ask questions about the nursing school requirements.

  1. Set clear objectives for your career

It’s vital that you focus and work on achievable objectives when you want to have a career in nursing. It will take years to have a fulfilling nursing career, so it’s significant that you focus on smaller and achievable goals so you can choose an option that you are confident about.

For instance, you can join a non-profit organization or also consider volunteering for a hospital committee. This will act as a good start when you want to pursue nursing seriously.

  1. Have someone to guide you as a mentor

An aspiring nurse can take some measures to look for career advice from a mentor, by choosing someone they share some amount of comfort level and whom they respect as a role model. Incidentally, there are websites where you can seek guidance for your nursing career.

If you want to flourish in this field, you shouldn’t feel apprehensive to ask for advice, wisdom, and valuable insights from a successful professional. There are plenty of options if you are looking for a mentor to guide you.

You can ask an acquaintance for assistance on any assignment or to gain perspective on a topic. You can also be part of several research groups, or journal clubs to meet people who can impart valuable information to you.

  1. Have an organized approach

In order to sail through the nursing school, it’s vital that you maintain an organized approach. Nursing has many small but significant concepts that you need to be acquainted with.

In this case, see what works well for you, it could be an electronic calendar, or you can keep a journal, or may use an app on your mobile phone to stay organized as you move ahead in your nursing career.

It’s best that you start planning to get through the course the moment you’re handed over with the nursing school syllabus. It could get stressful and demanding, but you can avoid all the hassle by planning properly.

  1. Focus on personal development

Providing adequate attention your personal development will ultimately be beneficial for your career in nursing. Start by enhancing your communication skills and learn about aspects like conflict management, active listening, and clear and coherent writing, and also strengthen your skills in problem-solving.

Many experts in this field believe that aspiring nurses should see themselves as leaders and nurture or promote their leadership skills. So start honing your leadership skills while you pursue the courses to become a nurse.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask questions

Don’t shy away from asking questions because this helps you to carry out your duty as a nurse thoroughly. It’s always wise to ask questions when you’re unsure and get it right than messing it up later, which can be dangerous considering it involves a patient’s life.

If you have queries regarding nursing course material, your professors are there to answer them. You’re investing your time and money into the course, so you must ask if a concept isn’t quite clear to you. Otherwise, it could trigger a domino effect and have an adverse impact on your career.

  1. Decipher your purpose for choosing this field

One of the most efficient ways to remain focused committed by determining the reason you have chosen nursing as a career. It could be because you want to help, or because of an incident that particularly inspired you to take up this career.

As you must already know, nursing can be an extremely demanding profession, and you’ll often feel like quitting, and that’s when you need to think about the reason you got into the first place.

  1. Always maintain professionalism

Being honest, maintaining confidentiality about patients, paying proper respect to every individual, and having a positive outlook are cornerstones for maintaining professionalism in the sphere of nursing.

Ethics also play a key role in building professionalism, and nurses at every level and position need to uphold the role of ethics in their career. As nurses, you are responsible for influencing the decisions and health of your patients.

While taking crucial decisions, the elements of ethics should never be compromised. It is significant that nurses present themselves as professionals both on the job and off it.

  1. Build a solid network

As with any other profession, having a good networking skill can help you get ahead in nursing as well.

Stay in touch with people who have been in the industry longer than you have so that you can gain valuable insights. Since these people have been in your position at a certain point in their life, they know how to get past any untoward situation.

Also, maintain communication with your peers because you will be spending a substantial amount of time with these people, and they are the only people who would understand what you go through since they too are going through the same.

  1. Learn to prioritize from the very beginning

Don’t waste your energy on studying what’s not important while working on multiple projects. Focus on the tasks that are more complex while you still have energy.

Studying for nursing school can be intimidating with some areas being too complex to decipher. It’s best to get done with these areas first while you still have the inclination.

You may be inclined to complete simple tasks first, but considering the complexity of nursing courses, you may not have the energy later. The least important material normally doesn’t take much time and can be completed with little effort.

What Education Is Needed To Become A Registered Nurse In India?

To become a Registered Nurse (RN) in India, you need to successfully complete a nursing course. The Indian Nursing Council (INC) is in charge of maintaining the quality of nursing education in India and it recognizes several undergraduate level nursing courses such as:

  • Sc. Nursing
  • Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing
  • GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery)
  • ANM (Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery)

What School Subjects Are Needed For Nursing?

The requirements to get into nursing school are a minimum aggregate of 50% in the 12th standard (10+2) in the Science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology from a recognized board. You can do a number of courses to become a nurse after high school.

When you’re thinking about starting a career in nursing or making a career change to nursing, you can choose to pursue it from premier institutions such as:

These four institutions have been a pioneering quality education in the sphere of nursing. Skilled nurses in India can also get a job in other countries for better prospects and salary.

With these valuable tips, making a career in nursing will not seem all that difficult anymore.

Author Bio:

Nathan William is an academic expert on My Assignment Help, and also offers essay help to nursing aspirants. He is a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) by profession and has been in the field for close two decades. He has also acted as an instructor in many reputed nursing institutes. He has pursued his degree from the University of Adelaide.

10 Tips To Start A Career In Nursing And Become Successful At It - follow these tips to have a flourishing career as a nurse

Virtual assistant

6 Steps To Start A Virtual Assistant Business From Home

There are more online businesses than ever and the number keeps growing. The beauty of ecommerce is that you do not have to maintain a physical office.

But online business owners still have to take care of administrative tasks like picking calls, scheduling appointments, filing the inventory and so on. This is where a virtual assistant comes in.

A virtual assistant (or VA) handles routine stuff for small business owners who may not have the time or skills to handle these tasks.

If you’re not sure how viable a VA career is or whether it’s right for you, read these Virtual Assistant success stories to inspire you. Here’s a checklist to becoming a virtual assistant to get you started.

  1. Get your equipment ready

You will need a computer with a high-speed internet connection. You need good quality headphones with an attached mike for video conferencing. You’ll most likely have to get on calls with clients to discuss their business, so you need to have all this equipment in place and working.

Many laptops come embedded with a webcam, but you can buy a separate webcam for higher quality images. It’s a good idea to invest in quality equipment so you can ensure it doesn’t fail when you need it most.

  1. Setup a working space

You can allocate space in the living room, but if the distractions are too much, you can clear one bedroom or extra room to use as your office.

Get a good computer desk and an ergonomic chair with back support. You will need it as you will be sitting for a good amount of time at your desk.

Remember to get up and walk around every 20 minutes or so to prevent health issues that result from too much sitting.

  1. Register on freelance sites

Freelance sites are the best places to start your search for clients who want to outsource virtual assistant jobs. Some of the older and trusted freelance sites include Fiverr, Guru and Upwork.

The most important thing you need to do is create an attractive profile. List your skills carefully.  Include referral links and contacts, so your profile appears more professional.

You might want to list niche skills which do not have high competition, for example, Oracle database maintenance, or Pinterest marketing. Browse the most-requested skills and see if you fit the profile.

This Virtual Assistant Guide will walk you step-by-step through the entire process. As a result, you’ll set a strong business foundation, select your niche(s) and even find and pitch prospective clients.

If you’re unsure what services you can offer that people actually need and will pay for, download this list of 150+ VA Services. It will bring some new ideas to mind and provide you with the inspiration you need to level-up your VA services.

  1. Determine your pricing

When you’re starting out, competition will be stiff and you may have to quote a lower amount to attract customers. But setting your price too low comes across as suspect.

Take a look at what the others are charging and instead of offering a lower price, offer additional services or perks so that your bid comes across as more competitive without seeming less competent.

If you want to eliminate the guesswork involved in launching (and growing) your successful virtual assistant business, check out this Virtual Assistant Guide.

  1. Create a professional website

A website allows you to showcase and market your skills better. With the latest web development technology, it’s easy to make a website even you have don’t have any technical knowledge.

You can also start a blog to boost the search rankings of your website and capture reader emails so you can follow up with potential clients looking for VA services.

Make a video of yourself at work and post it. You can also upload it to YouTube for a wider audience. Enable a live chat option on your website,  so as to communicate directly to interested clients.

Have a ‘Hire me’ page where you can make a pitch to potential clients. Provide testimonials from former clients to boost your credibility. Watch this Breaking Into VA Work Webinar to understand more about what it takes to break into this field.

  1. Promote your virtual assistant business

The next step is to market and grow your virtual assistant business. Advertising can get clients faster. Start with Facebook advertising. It is easy to set up Facebook ads and they don’t cost the Earth.

The good thing about Facebook is that you can do very precise targeting by interests, careers, geographic location, and so on. Set up a campaign on Google as well to capture people doing a search for services such as yours.

Also update your LinkedIn profile, headline and summary to state clearly what you have to offer your clients and the field you specialize in.

This Virtual Assistant Guide helps new and aspiring virtual assistants start and grow a VA business from scratch. It will help you become a virtual assistant (VA) in 30 days or less, using skills you already have (or by learning a few new ones).

A virtual assistant business offers freedom and flexibility and is relatively easy and affordable to set up. Start a virtual assistant business in India from your home today and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to work from home.

Start A Virtual Assistant Business From Home - Here’s a checklist to becoming a virtual assistant to get you started

Want to use the knowledge you gained during motherhood to start a business? Here are 6 ideas for stay-at-home moms with entrepreneurial aspirations.

6 Business Ideas For Moms Based On Your Motherhood Experience

The influence of motherhood on a woman’s identity and psyche has been studied for years, as proves the analysis posted in Identity. One thing that researchers can agree on is that this experience definitely has a profound effect on the mother, though the results of such influence differ greatly.

For a modern woman, motherhood is often associated with career delays or even a complete withdrawal from work. Psychology Today explores this issue and the discussion of how to help women fulfil their professional ambitions while thoroughly enjoying motherhood is still ongoing.

One path you can choose is to use the knowledge you gained during your motherhood experience to establish a business. You can even establish several and run all of them online.

This will be a great option for stay-at-home moms and every woman who wants to get some additional income while also dedicating time to her children and career.

Want to use the knowledge you gained during your motherhood experience to start a business? Here are 6 ideas for stay-at-home moms with entrepreneurial aspirations.

6 ideas for starting a business based on your experience of motherhood

1. Start a blog

The best way to share your motherhood experience and help other women who are yet to go through it is to start a blog. In fact, you might even create several if there are many things you want to share.

This will be a better option if your main focus is business. In this case, instead of a personal blog, you can make one dedicated to baby food recipes and nutrition, another one focused on the health of both the mother and the baby, and another one with tips for baby development and play.

The ideas are endless, but choose topics that you have more interest in as this will make the ‘job’ more enjoyable. You can fill the blogs with content by inviting guest posts.

But remember that if you choose this route, you’ll need to find a hosting service suited for running multiple blogs. You’ll also need to use website management software that can support several websites. This will maximize your efficiency.

2. Teach motherhood classes

If you learned a lot both during preparation and while going through your motherhood experience, your advice can help many women.

Use this valuable knowledge for business by becoming an online educator. You can ruin classes through live video streaming or create online courses and upload them on specialized platforms, like Coursera.

You can also run webinars or even offer ‘consultations’. Don’t forget about mixing all these methods for achieving the maximum result. And be sure to add a blog as well. This will help with your online marketing.

3. Start a babysitting service

Becoming a babysitter will not only provide you with a good income but also provide your own children with playmates. Parents will definitely be more confident in trusting you with their kids when you already have a child of your own.

Be sure to start slow to see how your child integrates with newcomers to your house. Eventually, you’ll be able to increase the babysitting hours. You might even progress to opening a daycare of your own. However, you’ll need many permits for doing this, so research the matter first.

4. Open a store online

You can either launch an eCommerce website to open an independent online shop or create an account on platforms like Craigslist, eBay, or Etsy. You can also do both, so consider the pros and cons of every option.

The choice will mostly depend on what you choose to sell. If you want to put used baby things for sale, Craigslist and eBay are best. If you picked up a hobby and spend the hours while the baby is sleeping by crafting various items, you can sell them through Etsy, social media, and your own shop.

You can also start with direct sales of clothing, toys, baby products, etc. This business requires an eCommerce website and a good social media marketing campaign.

5. Write a book (or several)

What better way to share your experience than writing a book about it?

People seem to do more of it these days as you can find books written from personal experiences of about anything, from adopting a stray cat (by James Bowen) to escaping from a merciless totalitarian government (by Blaine Harden).

As a mother, you can write books about your health changes during and after pregnancy. Note that both the physical and psychological journey to motherhood will find its reader. You can also write a book of tips for future mothers that covers any important discoveries you can share.

This might include time management guide for mothers of newborns, baby diet guide with recipes, etc. Note that you don’t have to make the books baby-centred. You can also write a guide on how to care for yourself, restore your health, lose weight, and many other topics.

You can also go a completely different creative route and instead of books on parenting or self-help guides for mothers, focus on creating children’s stories and educations books for kids.

Let your imagination loose and if you have a desire to write, completing a quick online course and starting will be easy. You can combine this business with blogging and give your future chapters a ‘test run’ by posting them on your website.

6. Start a home tutoring service

It’s not only educating parents that can factor into your business ideas based on motherhood experiences. Working with your own child has no doubt taught you a lot about how to teach children.

You can use this by becoming a tutor for toddlers or younger kids. Depending on your own skills, you might be teaching foreign languages, grammar, math, or subjects like coding or biology.

You also shouldn’t discount tutoring in manners, dancing, or teaching kids how to play musical instruments. Even things like recognizing local plants and basic hiking skills need to be taught.

This kind of teaching will go well with a daycare/babysitting business, but be aware of the legal requirements for tutors in your state. You can find prospective students through parenting forums and social media.

However, it’s the word of mouth that will become your main source of business, so be sure to push your networking skills to the max when spreading the word about your tutoring service.

We hope you found this list of business ideas useful and that they will get you started on your goal of starting a business of your own and working from home.

Want to use the knowledge you gained during motherhood to start a business? Here are 6 ideas for stay-at-home moms with entrepreneurial aspirations

Life Lessons To Live By From 100-Year Olds

Top 9 Life Lessons To Live By From 100-Year Olds (That Everyone Should Know)

By Greg Thurston, Creator of 7 Minute Mindfulness

Watching videos of centurions, you start to see a theme: they seem content. That might be shocking to younger people, especially anyone who fears old age. Maybe we fear missing out on opportunities in life and worry that we’ll find ourselves too old to do things.

But we have many interviews of people 100 and older, and they love to share about their lives and offer advice to the rest of us.  Dr Mercola (of the Mercola Video Library) interviewed three centurions for this very information, and many other people have as well.

Quite a few of us (more now than ever) have relatives or know someone who is 100 or over.  One lady I know who is 104 is full of sassy attitude and enjoys talking to people.

From this wealth of information, we can form the following nine lessons.

1. Happiness comes from what we do

At 100 years old, or older, people don’t seem to sit around and smile about the things they accumulated in life.  Rather, it’s more about their life experiences. Happy memories can go a long ways toward happiness later on!

One man over 100 years old said he did all he wanted to do. Now he wants to be helpful and keep going. “I have so many beautiful memories,” said a woman over 100. “I got to do all the things I wanted to.”

That tells us to jump in and live life – remember that it’s about really living and making memories with people we love.

Science backs this up as well. We know people derive more happiness that is long-term from experiences such as vacations rather than from possessions.

2. Happiness comes from a positive attitude and optimism

People over 100 seem to remember life through rose-tinted glasses, making it sound like an adventure even through hard times, like war.

“I’ve always been lucky,” says one centurion despite living through 2 great wars! She also talked about how “everything makes me happy. I love talking to people… going shopping.”

Common advice from people who are doing well at 100 is to “Decide to be content.” Others say, “Don’t chase happiness. Just be satisfied.”

Deciding life is good changes our perception and makes life better, and apparently, it helps you live much longer!

3. Happiness comes from living in the NOW

Age is only a number. You live for the day and keep going. This is wisdom from someone with a very long past-but they enjoy the present.

The past is the past; we can’t change it. But we can rob ourselves of our present happiness and good emotional health by hanging onto old regrets, grudges, and pain.

To experience the ultimate feelings of inner calm and living in the now, I highly recommend that you follow this link…

Click Here To Discover 7 Minute MindfulnessYou’ll gain inner peace, happiness and feel ‘uncluttered’ in your life.

4. Love and Partnership is critical for long life

Centurions often talk about their “good” marriage, all their happy memories, and all their good times together. It’s another area where they might be applying rose-tinted glasses, but it’s apparent that they got emotional support and felt like they have a life partner.

They also say that people today give up too easily these days-so there was hard work involved, but at the end of their life that part isn’t really important anymore.

“Being happily married and happy in general is the remedy for all illness.”

We don’t have studies on how marriage or long-term relationships affect lifespan, but you don’t have to be a scientist to take note: centurions all speak about their decades-long marriage with a smile on their face.

Even people who have been widowed for a few decades say they have many, many warm memories about their married life, and that still makes them happy.

5. Eat natural, real food to feel good and live long

Many people who are 100 say they feel strong and like they’re 69 or 79. These are the people who stay active physically and mentally and have a lot to share with other people.

Many people over 100 talk about eating fresh food that they grew themselves. And older people will tell you over and over: eat in moderation!

6. Learn to adapt for a better and longer life

“Life goes on regardless” is a common theme. People who live well into old age understand that there is hardship in life but they know life goes on and they must too.

If you live 7, 8, 9, 10 or more decades, you’re going to see a lot of change. People who adapt and change with the times do better. It’s part of having a positive attitude-they’re excited for new opportunities instead of fearing change.

7. Help others

Helping others is one way to build relationships and connections, and it makes you feel great. It’s another common theme among people who live to be over 100.

Being kind and helping others gives you a sense of purpose too, and it fights depression and anxiety. Not only that, it’s a way of staying active and productive after you retire.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and being older and retired can mean having more time for volunteering.

8. Keep learning

Older people will advise getting a good education to help you go far in life, and science has shown that people with a Bachelor’s degree actually do live about a decade longer than people who don’t have one. (From the U.S. Centers for Disease and Control Prevention)

Older people will tell you to keep learning all through life, both in and out of school.

Be curious – it makes life more interesting and fun. And it helps you stay engaged with life and the changing technology and times. That helps you adapt too.

9. Practice Mindfulness

People over 100 tend to live in the moment as it comes, rather than worrying about plans, regrets, and getting caught up in pressure and worry.

They cherish special time with family and friends, the colours and smell of a new flower in spring, or the feel of the grass on their feet.

When life is enjoyed in the moment, it’s just better…

…And people who live in the moment more tend to live longer, happier lives!

For the ultimate experience of mindfulness, I highly recommend that you check out 7 Minute MindfulnessThis method will make your mind as calm as water…

I’m talking about a method that will allow you to sink into relaxation, and feel abundantly positive and happy within minutes… It will fill your life with joy and satisfaction… And teach you how to easily defeat any life problems that you may be facing. And it only takes 7 minutes!

Follow this link: 7 Minute MindfulnessActively practicing mindfulness is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

When we disconnect from the mental chatter (the past, future, worry, expectations and judgements), we are able to approach life with greater perspective – we tend to see the opportunities, instead of carrying around the weight of worry and mental baggage.

There’s a wealth of research on the long term and short term health benefits of mindfulness, including boosting your immune system, preventing cellular ageing, and reducing the likelihood of age-related diseases. (Source: UCLA)

If you’d like to disconnect from the mental chatter but don’t have time for long drawn out meditation, then try 7 Minute Mindfulness. In just 7 minutes you can release the stress that builds up, wipe away the mental chatter, and relax your mind and body… so you can enjoy a long and prosperous life!

Life Lessons To Live By From 100-Year Olds

Small Business Loans For Woman Owned Business In India

5 Small Business Loans For Woman Owned Business In India

Have you dreamed of starting your own business? Is there an idea in your mind that can make you the next Ambani or Tata? If the answer is yes, then you know that the most important thing needed to start a business, apart from the idea, is capital.

Any business requires some initial investment. It might be used to set up an office or to buy the raw materials or some machines or even to pay the employees. And even if your idea is really good and your business takes off, there is still some time at the beginning where you need to spend money from your own pocket.

What do you do if you do not have the capital? The answer is business loans. Business loans can be a lifesaver for those who want to start a business and even for those who need a little help running the business.

Business loans are offered by banks with little or no collateral and with competitive rates. These loans can really help tide you over when you are having a financially difficult time.

Why Are There Business Loans for Women?

Traditionally, business has always been considered a man’s domain. But with changing times, this notion is also changing. Successful women entrepreneurs have shown everyone that they can run a business just as well, or perhaps even better than men.

But quite a lot of times, women find it difficult to get the capital needed to start a business. There is a popular misconception that women cannot handle money well and so, any business run by a woman is bound to fail.

Indra Nooyi of Pepsico, Vandana Luthra of VLCC, Shahnaz Husain of Shahnaz Herbals are all proof that this notion is as far from the truth as possible.

As per the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs 2018, India was ranked 52nd out of the 57 countries in terms of women’s ability to find capital to start a business.

It was ranked only higher than Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Algeria. This is a sorry state of affairs. This low rank is due to lack of a supportive environment, lack of financial assets and knowledge, and also due to the level of bias against women in the workforce.

But the good news is that the government and banks are aware of this situation and they are trying to rectify it by offering business loans for women. These loans have lower interest rates, lower collateral requirements.

Business Loan Schemes Available for Indian Women

Here are 5 business loan schemes for Indian women entrepreneurs being offered by different banks and the Indian government.

1. Stree Shakti Scheme

This loan is offered by the State Bank of India. It is available only to those women who own at least 51% of the capital.


– You can avail loans up to INR 25 lakhs.

– If the loan amount is less than INR 10 lakhs, then no collateral is needed. Eligible units may be covered under CGTMSE, or others, collaterals should be provided. Apart from business women, women who are working as chartered accountants, beauticians, doctors, and architects are also eligible for this loan.

– You should have taken part in the Entrepreneurship Development Programmes or EDPs organised by state-level agencies.

2. Dena Shakti Scheme

This loan offered by Dena Bank targets those women who want to start a business in the manufacturing or agricultural sector. They offer loans for retail trading, education and housing, and also micro-credits.


– You can avail loans up to INR 20 lakhs for retail. Under the micro-credits program, you can avail up to INR 50,000.

– Women get a concession of 0.25% on the interest rate.

3. Cent Kalyani Scheme

This scheme was launched by the Central Bank of India to help women start new businesses and also expand or upgrade their already existing businesses.

This is offered for Micro and Small enterprises that are engaged in manufacturing and service activity for e.g. Handloom weaving Handicraft, Food-Processing, Garment making, Professionals & Self-employed women, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, and Engineers or trained in Art or Craft etc. Beauty clinics, Fashion Designing, Beauty Parlours, Canteens, etc.


– The maximum loan amount that can be obtained from this scheme is INR 1 crore.

– There are no processing fees

– Margin required is 20%.

– There is no need for collateral and guarantor as the loans are covered by Guarantee cover of CGTMSE.

4. Mudra Yojana Scheme

This scheme was launched by the Government of India with the aim of encouraging more women to start their own businesses.

This loan can be availed by a business owned by a single woman or a by a group of women. The loan is available under three schemes, each targeting businesses at different stages of development.

Shishu scheme is for businesses that are just starting and the maximum amount available is INR 50,000.

Kishor scheme is for businesses that are well-established and the loan amount ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 5 lakhs.

Tarun scheme is for well-established businesses who want to expand their operations. The maximum loan amount available under this scheme is INR 10 lakhs.


– The scheme is launched by the government in collaboration with different banks.

– The loans are tailored to meet the requirements of the business depending on how established it is.

– Once the loan is granted, you will be given a Mudra card. This card functions like a credit card, with the limit being 10% of the loan amount.

– The loans do not require any collateral.


– The interest varies depending on the banks from where you avail the loan.

5. Udyogini Scheme

This scheme is offered by Punjab and Sind Bank. The aim was to provide loans on liberal terms to women entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture activities, tiny sector, retail trade, professionals and self-employed.

The enterprises eligible for a loan under this scheme should have at least 51% shareholding by women shareholders.


– For loans up to Rs. 25,000, margin money is not required

– For loans up to Rs. 25,000 collateral is not required

– There will be no processing fee

Need Assistance?

Now that you know of all these business loans for women, you do not have an excuse to not chase your dreams.

If you want to avail any of these schemes or want to know more details about it, visit They can also help you in starting your business, marketing it, and improving the overall performance.

Author Bio:

Ekta Shah is a part of the content & marketing team at deAsra Foundation a not for profit organization that aims to enable entrepreneurs to start, manage and grow their businesses. Entrepreneurs often face challenges getting enough support, training and guidance on a continuous basis. deAsra supports aspiring or existing entrepreneurs on their journey with a broad array of support services.

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Business Loan For Ladies In India

Heart Healthy Foods

10 Heart Healthy Foods You Need To Add To Your Diet

If you have a history of cardiac conditions or high cholesterol, it is time you follow a diet that is healthy for your heart. We will discuss the various food groups that aid in the recovery of your cardiovascular health concerns.

It is important to bring a considerable change in your diet to reduce the risk of cardiac health diseases and risk factors they accompany. Including heart-healthy foods in our diets is something every person should do to improve their longevity and the quality of life.

A variety of food types can help your heart perform better, but that is not enough if you don’t limit junk foods and processed foods that contain a high amount of preservatives.

It’s been proven through multiple studies that junk and processed foods happen to be one of the primary causes of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and increased blood sugar levels.

However, when we speak of a heart-healthy diet, avoiding junk food is just half the battle. You need to increase your intake of healthy foods that benefit your heart.

You need food that can fuel your complex cardiovascular system with precisely what it needs for smooth operation.

Let’s now move on to the dietary choices you can make. Each food group we have chosen is backed by scientific evidence to convince you to make the best choice for your health today.

Here are 10 heart-healthy foods you need to add to your diet.

1. Barley and Oats

Barley and oats contain a type of soluble fibre called beta-glucan that has a variety of health benefits. Studies revealed that the insulin response of your body is blunted by beta-glucan while boosting the immunity. It also plays a role in cholesterol reduction and that is what matters for the health of your heart.


Beta-glucan binds to cholesterol and bile acid in your intestines. This prevents the absorption of the cholesterol into your body. So if you’re suffering from high cholesterol, it would serve you really well to include barley and oats in your breakfast regularly.

As research reveals that only about 3 grams of beta-glucan a day can reduce your cholesterol levels by at least 10%. Have an oat bran cookie as a snack or add just 2 spoons full of oatmeal to your lunch entrée or smoothie. That’s all you need.

2. Salmon and other fatty fish

When it comes to a healthy heart, fish oils, specifically Omega-3 fatty acids play a critical role. Fatty fishes like mackerel, salmon, albacore tuna, sardines and lake trout are staples of protein that a heart needs. Even crustaceans like squids, lobsters, and oysters are healthy for your heart.


They all entail healthy omega-3, especially the long chained variety that is referred to as LC omega-3. Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids have been tested in human trials. They help the heart maintain rhythm and prevent a heart attack.

Studies have also shown omega-3 leads to lower blood pressure, prevents blood clotting, all the while keeping blood vessels healthy. They also lower the inflammation and bring down triglycerides level.

3. Dark leafy greens

Salad greens, kale, spinach, collard, mustard greens and Swiss chard, are rich in vitamins C, A, K and E. They are known to contain an assortment of antioxidants that help your body get rid of various harmful toxins.

Green vegetables

Besides that, they have an abundance of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. This makes them some of the best foods for the health of your heart.

Potassium, calcium, and magnesium all help in regulating blood pressure. While being green vegetables, they are packed with fibre which helps reduce cholesterol levels. Fibre interestingly also helps you feel full, prevents constipation and assists weight loss.

4. Nuts and seeds

As long as the nuts and seeds are unsalted, including them with your diet can bring down your blood pressure. Nuts and seeds contain magnesium and potassium and other minerals that help regulate your blood pressure.


Studies conducted on pistachios reveal that this nut can reduce the tightening of blood vessels (AKA peripheral vascular resistance). It can also reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart rate.

Almonds, pecans, flaxseed, macadamia nuts, walnuts, and hazelnuts can also positively impact the health of your heart. Include a handful of these in your diet to see positive changes in your heart health.

5. Beets

You might think beets are a surprising choice, but studies reveal that they are full to the brim with nitric oxide that loosens up blood vessels that are tightened.


Actually, a small Australian study found that drinking about 2½ cups (500 grams) of beet juice can significantly reduce systolic blood pressure in under 6 hours.

Beet juice is one of the few sources of betalain, which is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this further research is being conducted into beets and how it can be used in the treatment of arthritis and heart failure.

6. Avocados

If you are planning to follow a healthy diet, make sure you add avocados to your dietary plans as well. A study issued in the American Heart Association’s journal revealed that interchanging foods with saturated fat with a single avocado per day can reduce blood pressure by up to 13.5 milligrams-per-deciliter.


The researchers believe avocados could be more than enough to keep people mildly suffering from blood pressure off meds. Avocados are a great source of monounsaturated fatty acids. It can significantly reduce your “bad” cholesterol (LDL), and total cholesterol, all the while keeping the “good” cholesterol (HDL) levels maintained.

7. Olive oil

Why olive oil you must wonder? Well, olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids that improve longevity, brain health, and heart health.


Olive oil can either be used for dressing vegetables, salads and for cooking rather things with high levels of saturated fats, like butter. The fatty acids in olive oil are known to significantly reduce blood pressure, triglycerides, and bad cholesterol.

Regardless of how Olive oil functions, it is high in caloric content. As long as it is used in moderation it can provide all the benefits and maintain a healthier heart.

8. Legumes

When it comes to foods that are good for the heart, this list wouldn’t be complete Legume. Legumes include lentils, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, and beans. They’re good for the heart because legumes have a high content of soluble fibre which brings down the levels of triglyceride and cholesterol in the bloodstream.


Soluble fibre plays an important role in the body. It binds to the extra LDL cholesterol and flushes it out in the waste. Studies have revealed that eating about half a cup of legumes a day significantly reduces blood pressure. Legumes also have healthy proteins that work best for your digestive system.

Simply remember to rinse the salt before consuming any type of legume. Since salt is a contributory element in increasing blood pressure, ensure it is removed.

9. Low-fat dairy

It might seem odd to you that we have included dairy in this list heart-healthy foods, but studies reveal that yoghurt, milk, and cheese can help lower blood pressure.


Dairy products have the necessary minerals that help control blood pressure, i.e. potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Dairy items still contain high levels of fat and saturated fats, so it might be a good idea that you select low-fat products.

Consuming low-fat dairy in small proportions can help your heart condition. While higher amounts can increase your cholesterol. Keep this piece of information in mind when consuming dairy products.

10. Pomegranate

It goes without saying, fruits are indeed healthy. They provide the nutrients your body requires, reduce inflammation, and help boost your immune system.


But here we will discuss a fruit that will help improve your cardiovascular health. Pomegranate contains phytochemicals that act as an antioxidant and protect the lining of your arteries.

A study issued in 2005 of the “National Academy of Sciences” discovered that pomegranate rich in antioxidants stimulated the production of nitric oxide in the body. This considerably helps regulate the blood flow and loosen up the tightened arteries.

All in all, a healthy diet is essential for a good heart. Your overall healthy heart plan should also include cardiovascular exercises, possibly attempts at weight loss, and stress reduction.

Quit smoking, alcohol, and any form of recreational drugs. High blood pressure can be your body’s response to sleep deprivation. So make sure you sleep well.

Also, schedule regular health check appointments with your GP. One of the most promising telehealth platforms benefits is that you can consult your GP without having to visit the healthcare facility. A healthy heart isn’t an achievement, it’s a lifestyle.

Author Bio:

James Crook is a passionate blogger who loves to write on health and fitness related topics. Currently, he is a working as a blogger for a Physical Fitness Dr Wilson shoulder Surgeon. Follow @jamescrook911 for more updates.

 A List Of Heart Healthy Foods

3 Life-Changing Lessons From Sheryl Sandberg To Overcome Any Setback

It’s always hard to face your own faults and to accept them as a fact. You may feel blocked, dispirited, or even completely helpless, especially if the stakes were high and you’ve been anticipating a great outcome.

These emotions may remain with you for a long time, slowly draining your energy and making you feel unconfident every time you recall your fail. Obviously, such a mindset can cause many problems and move you further from reaching your goals.

Overcoming Setbacks

The destructive effect of failures is determined by their demoralizing nature. Failures temporarily change our perception of ourselves, literally distorting the way we see ourselves.

In psychology, it is called a distortion of perception, which makes us anticipate new failures, losing self-confidence and not believing in success. Such distortions are not only bad for our career growth but also dangerous for our health.

According to a recent study, which was focused on the self-care of patients with heart diseases, those who believe that they have control over the problem, quickly develop effective self-care strategies.

On the other hand, patients who don’t believe in success miss out on many opportunities and are generally worse at self-care.

To avoid distortion of perception, you need to take control of the situation and start doing what is necessary. First of all, if you did something wrong, you still can do better.

Even if you don’t fix the already existing problem, you can always minimize the consequences of your failure or make a contribution to other spheres that will balance the negative impact.

Any failure is also a source of important knowledge — you can understand what your weak sides are and plan your further strategy taking it into account.

You can learn to manage your common points of failure and develop a completely new approach that will allow you not to face the same situation in the future.

Why Do You Need to Listen to Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg is a great example of a wise and strong woman. She’s a former US Department of the Treasury chief of staff and a current Facebook COO.

Just like many leaders, she had never been too concerned about her mistakes, but the loss of her husband pushed her to reconsider her whole life and to share her priceless experience with others.

The author of Lean In and Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy admitted her mistakes publicly by sharing her thoughts with Facebook users.

After her husband passed away, Sandberg realized that she needs to keep living for her children and began her struggle against grief and hopelessness.

She shared her feelings and emotions with the wide public, and her post on Facebook got more than 74,000 comments from people from all over the world who shared their own stories.

Sheryl didn’t feel alone anymore. She realized that if sharing your thoughts with others can make the difference, there must be ways to overcome losses and failures that may help everyone.

Working with psychologists, she decided to help others build resilience and make a step towards a more meaningful life.

What Can We Learn from Sheryl Sandberg?

First of all, we need to own our mistakes. When you take accountability for your faults, you admit the simple fact that you’re just a human being. Making mistakes is a part of our nature, and we cannot be always perfect at everything.

This understanding is especially important for leaders, as they need to overcome their faults and also build a healthy work environment where everybody understands that a mistake is not the end of the career.

The second important thing is not to make your faults personal. When Sheryl’s husband died, they were on vacation. Her husband suffered from arrhythmia, but Sheryl didn’t notice his symptoms.

She was on the beach with her friends for a few hours until they’ve noticed that her husband had been absent for too long. She found him dead of a heart attack, and since then, she couldn’t stop blaming herself for not seeing his symptoms and not doing anything to help him.

The truth is, your mistakes don’t determine your personality. According to many studies, people who don’t blame themselves for mistakes and believe that they can do better, indeed show better results in the future.

When you don’t take failures personally, you can recover faster and even get stronger.

It’s also important to understand that your frustration and other negative emotions won’t last forever. Sheryl underlines that our current feelings are not permanent. Sometimes, we can make them last longer, though.

For example, when we feel depressed and focus on it, we see how our mood negatively affects various areas of our lives, and then we start feeling depressed of the very fact that we are depressed.

Sheryl says that we should accept our feelings, at the same time taking into account that these feelings will not stay with us forever. It’s better to focus on the future and plan our next actions.

3 Life-Changing Lessons from Sheryl Sandberg

  1. Build resilience

There are so many things that we can’t control even if we try. Such things as death or sickness, as well as financial problems, are inevitable setbacks.

Any business and any one of us goes through numerous setbacks, which shouldn’t stop us from going further and doing what we want to do. There is one thing that applies to both business and private life: We must build resilience to be able to recover.

“We all face challenges,” Sheryl says. Although some challenges are traumatic and painful, we need to get used to them and realize that we are unable to control everything.

On the other hand, we have complete control over our reactions. Resilient business organizations highly value personal responsibility and encourage their employees to open discussions.

Even though some conversations may be tough, we shouldn’t avoid talking about uncomfortable things. Even if some goals are hard to reach, it’s important to believe in success and do everything possible to keep moving further.

  1. Failures are valuable

Any learning process is impossible without failures. Successful companies realize it and always take failures into account, creating effective strategies for managing them and making them a part of the working process.

Sheryl Sandberg notes that Facebook encourages its employees to take risks so that they can learn from failures as well as from success. She also underlines the key role of learning on mistakes in the military, where setbacks are traditionally considered an opportunity to become stronger.

Similarly, healthcare organizations address issues of mortality and morbidity on special conferences, being able to improve their services.

In the business world, successful organizations also encourage employees to admit their failures and to talk about them. When your staff understands that it’s safe to talk about mistakes, they are less likely to repeat them in the future, being able to address all the problems in an open manner and to quickly find the necessary solutions.

In Option B, Sheryl writes about her co-worker at Google who brought a funny toy to all of their weekly meetings. It was a stuffed monkey called Woops. The team voted for the biggest failure of the week, and the winner kept Woops on his or her desk during the next week.

After the next meeting, it went to somebody else’s desk. This simple trick helped everybody keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes, and mistakes are not permanent.

  1. Lean In And Lean On

Sandberg always promotes her “lean in” conception. She reminds women around the world that they shouldn’t be afraid of difficulties.

Leaning in means leading people rather than following. It means being strong and taking risks, understanding their consequences and being ready for them.

On the other hand, Sheryl’s sad experience also taught her another lesson: There’s nothing wrong with leaning on. You must accept support and help from other people when you need it.

She knew that she couldn’t do it all alone, that’s why her husband was so important to her. When she lost her partner, she realized that the support of the family and colleagues is crucial if you want to get back on track.

Sandberg stands for family-friendly methods of management and thinks that we need better social insurance. These steps will help any company to build a trustful environment for loyal employees.

Final Words

Even though every one of us makes mistakes, it is not a reason to stop doing what you want. Even the most successful companies and leaders face setbacks and need to deal with the consequences of unwanted and unexpected difficulties.

It’s important to understand that our mistakes do not determine us. All the difficulties are temporary, and it’s up to us to decide whether to keep blaming ourselves or to get back on our feet and use this experience to become stronger.

About the author
Berta Melder is an experienced brand manager and co-founder of the
Masterra, creative writer and enthusiastic blogger. Being passionate about her job, she cooperates with different education courses covering a broad range of digital topics as a guest lecturer. Follow Berta on Twitter.

Image source: World Economic Forum from Cologny, Switzerland – Sheryl Sandberg – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011, CC BY-SA 2.0

Sheryl Sandberg Advice and Quotes

Packing Guide For Women

Essential Packing Guide For Women Travelling To India

India is an incredibly diverse country, in terms of both culture and geography, making it a traveller’s paradise.

Right from some of the highest peaks of the world, glistening seas, expansive beaches, and arid deserts, India has a lot to offer for anyone bitten with the travel bug.

However, there is no denying the fact that India, by and large, is also a conservative country. Thus, for a woman travelling to India, packing right is really a big deal.

Add to the high temperature and the diversity of seasons which make packing for India a lot different than packing for any other country.

Fret not, as we are here with the ultimate packing guide to make sure your trip to Incredible India is a thoroughly enjoyable and delightful one.

Things to consider before you start packing

Before you start writing down your packing list, remember there is more than one factor to consider when the country is as diverse as India. The following are the top two things that you need to consider before packing.

The area of travelling:

India is endowed with all of nature’s beauty when it comes to the variety in landscape. The temperature hits zero degrees in one region, and above 40°C is another region at the same time.

So, before you start packing know the region well. Decide on whether you will be trekking in the mountains, walking through the cities, or lounging on a beach.

The season of travel:

The season of travel is also an important factor for India, though a lot of it depends on the area that you are visiting.

The temperature generally soars like anything between the months of March to May while from December to February it remains pleasant with a nip in the air.

But this depends on the regions because in the summers the mountain will still be cool while in the winters, the south will still be hot.

The things that you must pack for India

There are several things that you must take regardless of the place that you are visiting. The following are the items that you must keep on your travel list.

  1. Sunscreen and sunglasses

India is predominantly a warm country, and thus, you need to have a good sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the Sun. Even in the mountains, the sun rays can be harsh in the mornings.

Make sure to carry sunscreen with a high SPF factor of over forty or fifty. It is best to go for sunscreens for the whole body to prevent tanning. Protect your precious peeps from the Sun with cool shades.

  1. Yoga pants or leggings

India is known as the land of the Yoga, and you deserve to treat yourself to a rejuvenating yoga therapy before bidding goodbye to the country. Pack a pair of yoga pants for situations like that.

Leggings are also great to wear under kurtas just like the way India women wear it. You can wear leggings as layering under long skirts as well to keep yourself warm in chilly weather.

  1. Comfy tops and tees

A number of lightweight, loose vests and tee shirts are the best bets to take in the sultry weather of the country.

The vests are good to wear if you are visiting places like Goa and South India but in other places, you will need to have a bit of layering on your clothes. Loose tee shirts are good to go to those places.

You can carry loose kaftans, a jumpsuit, and cotton tunics too.

  1. Kurtis or saris

Ethnic clothes are must-haves in your suitcase if you are planning a trip to India. Take some colourful Kurtis and pair them up with dark-coloured leggings or even yoga pants.

Saris are something that you must try if you are visiting the land that is known for the variety and variability of saris. Bring some lightweight saris with you that you can manage.

  1. Sarong or scarf

Sarongs have more use than one when you are in a country like India. You can cover your head when you are entering temples or just to shield yourself from the Sun.

Use it as layering in the evenings when you feel the chill during the winters. If you have chosen a beach destination for the vacation, lay it out to sit on it or wipe yourself with it like a towel.

  1. Lip Balm

Make sure to bring a lip balm that has high SPF in it. Right from the beaches to the mountains, the weather can lead to dry, chapped lips and such a lip balm will be of great help in such situations. Apart from applying lip balm below lipsticks, do not also forget to apply some of it when you go to sleep at night.

  1. Flip flops

You will have to remove your shoes pretty often when it comes to entering temples, houses, and even some shops. So, wearing a shoe in such a situation can be quite a hassle as you just have to keep on tying and untying the laces time and again.

Take out your comfy flip flops or sandals from your suitcase once you reach the hotel. However, take trainers too if you plan on going hiking, trekking, or on a walking trail through the mountainous roads.

  1. Tampons and menstrual cups

You get sanitary napkins all over India but finding tampons and menstrual cups can be difficult. Only the major cities and the places like Goa have the good brand of tampons and moon cups.

So, if you are not used to sanitary pads, and you are visiting at that time of the month, you better carry a pack of tampons or cups with you.

  1. Power banks

Power banks can come in really handy when you are traversing the lengths and breadths of this country.

If you’re taking long journeys in buses and cars in India, a power bank will be of great help to you. Just charge it up and take it with you so that you never have to stay detached from the world due to a switched-off cellphone.

  1. Travel adaptor

You will mostly find three pin plugs in India, as opposed to the two pin systems found in Europe and America. Travel adaptors are available widely in the electronic shops of the country.

But, landing in the country and immediately looking for an adaptor when your phone’s batteries are about to die, can be quite a hassle. Thus, it is best for you to carry a travel adaptor with you when you visit India.

  1. Prescription Meds

In India, you will find all the medicines needed for common ailments like a cough, cold, or fever. However, there might be any medication that you regularly take which is not available in India.

So, check up on the availability of those medicines in the country and it is best for you to carry such medicines with you. The same thing goes for any prescription medication that you take.

Now that you’re armed with all the packing advice you need, go on and explore this magnificent ancient land.

Women's Travel Clothes For India

5 Work-From-Home Resources To Get You Back To Work At Any Age

I’ve been working from home since 2001. It was not a choice for me. It was something I just had to do because as a new mom, I just wasn’t willing to leave my child at home with a maid I didn’t trust and go out to earn a living.

The internet had just come to India and I was learning to build and publish websites. As a writer and journalist, I knew that I had to find a way to make a living online. It took many months of hard work, working long hours, often with my baby asleep in my lap, but I made it work.

Today I’m an online publisher and have a social media agency that helps clients create more visibility and branding online. And 18 years later, I still work from home.

At, one of my most common queries is – how do I start working from home. Now from experience, I know that is not a question that can be answered in a single blog post, even a very long one.

Instead, I went looking for some of the best, most highly rated sources of information online.  These are books that you can buy or download on and that you can get access to almost immediately and get started on your journey to becoming a WAHM (work-at-home-mom).

You’ll find a resource below that will work for you no matter what your age or whether you want a job or a home business idea. So, I give to you these 5 work-from-home resources to get you back to work at any age.

  1. Work at Home Now: The No-Nonsense Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home-Based Job, Avoiding Scams, and Making a Great Living

Work at Home Now: The No-Nonsense Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home-Based Job, Avoiding Scams, and Making a Great LivingMany legitimate home-based jobs and projects can be found online, but trustworthy guidance is scarce. Worse, with a 56-to-1 scam ratio in work-at-home ads, the terrain is a minefield of fraud.

Nevertheless, customer service agents, researchers, test scorers, tutors, writers, and concierges are just a few of the many people regularly hired to work from home. In Work at Home Now, you’ll learn:

* The top insider tips on good and bad Google search terms.

* How to find the needles in the haystack on Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and other big sites.

* Where the real jobs for mystery shoppers, transcriptionists, and similar part-time specialities can be found and more.

Click here to buy your copy

  1. Will Work from Home: Earn the Cash–Without the CommuteWill Work from Home: Earn the Cash--Without the Commute

Many people already spend 12 hours a day getting to work, working, getting home from work. Here’s some good news: thanks to advances in technology, acceptance of outsourcing, the trend towards corporate flextime, and other factors, working from home is easier than ever.

With real-life stories, a step-by-step plan, resource guides, and lists of scams to avoid, this is the book that will help readers finally “make the leap” and show them that they don’t have to give up their family, creativity, or peace of mind to earn a decent salary.

Click here to buy your copy

  1. 300 + Companies That Pay You to Work from Home: Legit Work at Home Jobs and Answers to Questions About Your Favorite Work at Home Companies

300 + Companies That Pay You to Work from Home: Legit Work at Home Jobs and Answers to Questions About Your Favorite Work at Home CompaniesA compiled list of the latest companies hiring home people to work at home right from their home office. These jobs are intended for anyone who has the desire to stay at home and earn money without having to commute to work.

The companies are legitimate and include but not limited to customer service, data entry, virtual assistants, chat agents, moderators, content writers, and so many other areas.

There is even a section on how you can make money on social media, some payment proofs, examples of work at home scams and how to avoid them and companies that pay at least $10 an hour to work from home.

Whether you are a stay at home mom or dad, student, teenager, retired, disabled or just prefer to use your computer to earn extra money, there is something in this book for you.

Click here to buy your copy

  1. Best Home Businesses for People 50+: 70+ Businesses You Can Start From Home in Middle-Age or RetirementBest Home Businesses for People 50+: 70+ Businesses You Can Start From Home in Middle-Age or Retirement

Here is a comprehensive guide to starting and running a home-based business in midlife and retirement.

The Best Home Businesses for People 50+ features seventy comprehensive profiles that show how to select, start, run, and build a home-based business suited to the needs, talents, and ideals of the over-fifty generation.

Profiles of successful business owners and a treasury of online and easy-to-access resources round out The Best Home Businesses for People 50+ to create an indispensable resource for this new generation of career-oriented seniors.

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  1. How to Work at Home with Small ChildrenHow to Work at Home with Small Children

Amy Shankland’s book, How to Work at Home with Small Children, is an easy-to-read guide that helps new parents answer this question. It gives parents tips on how to prepare for a work at home career; ideas on what type of job to either create or look for that is suitable for working at home with little ones; how to plan a work day; and how to overcome problems.

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Remember that building a new career or business takes hard work and sacrifice. Working at home is amazing, but it comes with its own set of challenges. My hope is that these books will help you face and overcome those challenges.

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