Become A Host On Airbnb And Start Earning Money From Home

Become A Host On Airbnb And Start Earning Money From Home
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People start hosting on Airbnb for many reasons, such as to earn money, put empty rooms to use and meet people from around the world.

“There was a time when I was not sure how I would manage all the expenses after leaving my teaching job. Starting my journey as a Host on Airbnb helped my family and me significantly in running our household expenses. It gave me the confidence to deal with difficult situations and thrive as an entrepreneur,” says Host Ranjana Patil. “I have had the opportunity to meet the most interesting people around the globe, who I have hosted and made friends with along the way. I would strongly encourage all women to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship and live life on their own terms.”

Become a host on airbnb

Whatever your goals, hosting on Airbnb can help you reach them. Learn how to get started, from creating your listing to getting paid.

What it takes to host

You can host any available space, whether an entire home, a spare room or a comfortable sofa bed. The key is to create a listing that honestly and accurately lets guests know what to expect.

You also need to be able to provide your guests with warm hospitality. In general, that means:

  • Communicating promptly and clearly
  • Providing a safe and clean space
  • Offering the basic amenities needed for a comfortable stay
  • Adding extra touches to make your place special

You can list your space on Airbnb at no cost. There are no sign-up charges or membership fees, and most Hosts pay a flat service fee of three percent of their booking totals.

How to set your price

Your nightly price is entirely your choice. You can set custom prices for weekends, longer stays, seasonality and other booking variables that make sense for you.

When deciding how much to charge, we encourage you to consider what similar spaces in your area currently charge and maintain transparency. You can also try our Smart Pricing tool, which automatically updates your nightly price based on local demand. 

Airbnb charges each guest before check-in, so you never have to handle money directly or worry about not getting paid.

How and when do you get paid

We send the money you earn from hosting to you about 24 hours after each guest’s scheduled check-in time. Exactly when the funds arrive in your account depends on your chosen payout method.

Payout methods – Fast Pay, bank transfers, PayPal and Western Union, to name a few – vary depending on where you’re based. You can set up your payout method and change it at any time.

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Become a host on airbnb

Airbnb and SHEROES are partnering to help women in India to become Hosts on Airbnb, and to broaden their lives through travel.

The SHEROES platform provides a safe online space for women to discuss the opportunities that hosting and travelling on Airbnb can bring, and to build a thriving community of #TakeCharge entrepreneurs.

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