The Complete Beginners Guide To Foreign Jobs For Women

The Complete Beginners Guide To Foreign Jobs For Women
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As a woman, would you want to take up foreign jobs and take your career international? Here are some excellent reasons to consider overseas jobs.

Many women are eager to work overseas but sometimes lack the confidence and passion to just make the decision and take up foreign jobs.

Men seem to have more drive when making bold decisions, but more and more women are starting to sneak up on these men in high careers and are sprinting by quicker to international levels first.

If you’re undecided as a woman if you want an international role, such as a job in Singapore for Indian women, what can help in reality is to have a guide to overseas jobs.

This can help spur you to make the right decision, as you’ll need more than ambition, curiosity and a pair of sprinting trainers to secure and keep a job abroad.

Working overseas has a lot of benefits, but there are pitfalls as well. Here’s what you need to know before you decide if an international job is for you.

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Why Women Should Consider Foreign Jobs

As a woman why would you want to take your career international? There are plenty of good reasons to consider international jobs and here is why:

1. Independence

The saying is “Girl Power” which actually means independence. If you want to be a strong independent woman, going abroad will mean you will have to leave behind the traditional ties of home.

You will have to say goodbye to your family and your close friends but internationally your network will eventually grow through jobs in foreign countries.

While communications technology makes it easier than ever to keep in touch with home ties, you’ll still be on your own pretty much of the time but you can branch out to new life experiences.

2. Experience

Getting far out of your comfort zones and choosing international careers means you’ll have new and unique experiences that more traditional career routes may not offer.

Not only will this be an enriching experience personally, but it will also help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to resumes and interviews. Men tend to dominate those high job titles like ”Global Head.” But, watch out men!

Because once a woman gains international experience, she will be known as the next Senior Vice-President, like Shona Brown of Google or Chief Financial Executive Officer, like Safra Catz of Oracle Corp.

3. Education

Often women feel as though they are in a classroom, and they can actually be more intelligent than men as they want to learn more in their job rather than jump the sales ladder in one step.

Women are more likely to take the international experience to a much better level, acquainting themselves with an entirely different set of cultural nuances, languages, traditions, and living habit.

This will teach you things you’ll never get from a course or a book — things you may be able to leverage into career advantages later in life. As women take this smarter step, they open up more opportunities and more acceptable to change.

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Types of foreign jobs for women

So, what kind of jobs can you people get overseas? The most common foreign jobs for Indians is teaching English in other countries, either formally or informally.

There is a wide variety of consulting and contracting work available for Indians, and well-paying jobs for women in Dubai and the Middle East, depending on one’s skills and range of experience.

A woman with leadership skills can look to work in sales and business roles abroad. Most young women, however, are likely to pursue entry-level jobs to start off with, working in tourism or entertainment.

You can look for a job vacancy for women in hotels, resorts, theme parks, and touring companies that frequently employ young foreign workers as they work well in this environment.

4 steps to go international

For anyone considering working abroad, before you decide to pack up your possessions and go international here are 4 steps to make sure you’re ready to travel abroad:

1. Figure out your destination

In which country would you like to work? What city? Do you know the language? Will you run into any other cultural barriers?

Do your research first, not only into the broad cultural strokes, but things like transportation, medical facilities, and banking arrangements.

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2. Sort out your travel documentation

Sort out your passport, travel visa and citizenship for both your home and your destination. Today you can process visas from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Find out if there are any special requirements you will need to meet to stay in the country, and how your taxes will be handled. If you have any property or a rental at home, make sure it’s looked after while you’re gone.

3. Manage your finances wisely

Make sure you have enough money not only to meet living expenses but to meet any emergencies, including your job or living situation falling apart.

Invest your savings and the money you earn in a safe financial instrument that will give you a good rate of return. The last thing you want is to be stranded in a foreign country without the means to get back. And watch that exchange rate!

4. Consult a handy checklist like this one

That will help you ensure that you have everything in order, such as good travel insurance before you depart on your adventure.

Author Bio:

Jenny Ann Beswick and the International Telegraph Jobs team produced this article. They hope this guide helps every woman out there on their international route forward.

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The Complete Beginners Guide To Foreign Jobs For Women

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