7 Best Hobbies And Interests To Rediscover Your Creativity And Passion

7 Best Hobbies And Interests To Rediscover Your Creativity And Passion
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Taking the time to enjoy your favourite hobbies and interests is one of the activities that can improve your life and make you a happier person.

Having new, fun, and creative hobbies can give you a creative outlet, help you relax outside of work and explore different aspects of your personality.

Today we all lead busy lives whether we are full-time moms, work-from-home moms and dads, or owners of big companies.  We barely have enough free time to spend only on ourselves.

Your hobbies and interests can tell people a lot about the kind of person you are. That’s why we hear about hobbies mostly when we’re listing our hobbies for resumes or are asked, “What are your hobbies?” in a job interview.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I need a hobby,” you probably need to make some changes to your daily routine so you can fill your life with more fun and creativity.

7 Best Hobbies And Interests To Rediscover Your Creativity And Passion

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of hobbies and interests that you can add to your daily routine and make a positive effect on your future self.

Here are the 7 best hobby ideas for women. Choose one or more of them to help you find a new creative outlet and follow your passion.

1. Hone Your Green Thumb

Gardening is one of the more interesting hobbies for which you need more elbow grease than investment. If you have a bungalow or villa, this is one of the most enjoyable outdoor hobbies because it will make your home more beautiful and welcoming.


Nurturing a colourful little flower, vegetable or herb garden in your backyard, or on the balcony of your apartment, will help you occupy your mind with more pleasant and peaceful tasks.

Spending some free time growing your favourite flowers or plants will bring you joy and give you fulfilment when you see your garden bloom after a hard day.

Gardening is not a science, it’s just an activity that requires your attention and in return will give you satisfaction and pride. Before you start growing plants as a hobby do some research on the type of plants that thrive best in your climate and conditions.

Every plant or herb requires a different type of attention and a different technique for growing. For a start, you could pick a plant that doesn’t require full-time care and see if gardening is the hobby that is right for you.

2. Travel The World

Travelling the world and exploring different countries and cultures can be considered as a hobby if you have the time and the resources and have a job that allows you to work from anywhere.

If you’re one of the people who can’t spend much time in one place, one of the most fun and popular outdoor hobbies, is travel. Although it will bring you a lot of excitement and joy, travel can get expensive.

Solo Woman Traveler

However, there are many ways to travel on a budget, and travel is becoming one of the most popular hobbies for women over 40, who are settled and financially stable.

Adventure travel can also improve your physical and mental health. Hiking or mountain climbing are activities that require basic knowledge, preparations, and quality gear.

As a solo woman traveller, you should take good care of your body and mind when you travel. While hiking mountains, one vital piece of travel gear you must carry in cold weather are durable and resistant heated gloves for protection from frostbite.

3. Foster Rescued Pets

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll know just how much joy and happiness you get from adopting an animal as a new family member. Having a dog, cat, or a fish will bring joy and companionship into your daily life.

It’s healthy for your mind and soul to take care of animals. When you have a dog as a best friend, you just can’t resist responding to them with the same unconditional love they give you.

Foster Rescued Pets

Fostering rescued pets for a short time will not only help save their life but help you feel good about yourself and forget about your own troubles.

Pets can also help you stay active. Light walks through the park or playing a game of fetch with a ball or stick will make you feel like a kid again.

Having an animal as a family member, even for a short while, and sharing their daily activities can be a compassionate and joyful hobby.

4. Discover Your Inner MasterChef

If cooking is your creative outlet and spice is your paint palette, you can choose creative cookery, which is one of the most fun hobbies for women. Among the best hobbies for women that love to cook is starting a YouTube recipe channel to share cooking tips and recipes.

Creative Cookery

Spending some time in the kitchen can be very relaxing for many women. Trying out new recipes and exploring new tastes can encourage and motivate you to become creative like never before.

For example, if you love cupcakes, you could expand your imagination and make a couple of them with different tastes and textures. Watch cooking shows and try out new and exciting recipes. Who knows, you may just become the next MasterChef!

5. Learn A Musical Instrument

If you’re looking for indoor hobbies and love music, you could try your hand at learning a musical instrument like the piano or guitar.

You could even go back to practising a musical instrument that you played as a child. Back then, you didn’t realize that you could be good at it, so now is the perfect time to clean the dust off that guitar and let your fingers dance.

Woman Playing Guitar

After a couple of times, you’ll remember the songs that you played before and get the desire to improve your skills to sound better. Expressing your feelings through music is one of the healthiest ways to release tension from your mind and create good vibes.

Music is also one of the cool hobbies because musicians are always in demand and jamming with other musicians can help you make good friends. Be persistent and determined, and with practice, creating music will become a hobby that will make you proud and happy.

6. Play Games and Solve Puzzles

One of the most fun indoor hobbies, and one that you can do as a family is to play board games and solve puzzles. Board games are an excellent way to overcome stress, cure anxiety, and erase tension from your mind.

Games like Sudoku can improve your memory, stimulate your mind and improve your focus and concentration. For older people, it can reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Playing Sudoku

Playing chess promotes brain growth, raises your IQ, prevents Alzheimer’s and boosts your creativity. It also builds your focus, encourages you to improve your problem-solving skills, and it can teach you to become more organized, and helps you to develop better self-control.

You could play any puzzle game alone, or you can play board games with your friends and family to improve your bonding and social life. If you’re looking for hobbies for couples, playing chess, carom or other board games together can help you bond as a couple and rediscover the joy in your relationship.

7. Painting And Crafting Hobbies

If you’re a creative person who loves to paint or create beautiful art and crafts, crafting hobbies could be the perfect choice for you. Some popular hobbies include knitting, crochet, embroidery, painting, sculpture, pottery, or the latest trend – upcycling waste into useful products.

Crafting Hobbies

Creating beautiful things helps us improve mindfulness, focus, and could even become a business if you find that other people want to buy the things you create. Crafting hobbies are good hobbies for women who want to find something they can do from the comfort of home.


A hobby shouldn’t be an obligation or must-do task on your daily regime. It represents an activity that can help you tap into a different dimension of yourself. It exists to encourage you to learn new skills or improve existing ones.

Having interesting hobbies to take up can give your life a new sense of purpose. You can take some time out of your day – time that you spend only for yourself to do whatever you want and love, with the goal of making you happy, calm, and relaxed.

It doesn’t have to be a thing that can provide you with extra financial security. Finding a hobby can involve anything that will help you rediscover your passions and express your creativity.

Think about what you loved doing most as a child, do some research and pick some good hobbies ideas that can provide you with all or some of the benefits of having a hobby.

I hope you enjoyed this list of hobbies with different types of hobbies for women that you can do relatively easily. Do you have any different, unique, new or exciting hobbies that you love to do? Do share them in the comments below.

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Priya Florence Shah is the author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women. In the book and online course, you’ll learn how to throw off the shackles of your own limiting beliefs, come into your power and design your destiny. 

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