5 Of The Best iPhone Health Apps For Health-Conscious Women

5 Of The Best iPhone Health Apps For Health-Conscious Women

If you are a busy woman on the go, you may not have enough time to even worry about your health, never mind form an exercise regime. However, if you have an iPhone, there are some apps that can help you monitor your health without taking a lot of time from your busy schedule.

There are apps for everything and these health related apps are great for any woman who has to juggle a career, along with home life and can also help maintain the health of your family as well.

iPhone medical apps

1. WebMD Mobile

This is a free iPhone app that gives you all the benefits of the WebMD website in a mobile app. You can look up health information and get advice on any health issues you may be wondering about. The WebMD Mobile app also has local listings for health care providers as well as local hospitals. This can be really helpful, either if you are new to an area or if you are looking for a new health care provider.

2. Vision

This free iPhone app gives you information about eye health as well as allowing the user to take a simple eye test. This app is a great for anyone who feels they are developing vision issues, which may be affecting their day-to-day work and lifestyle.

3. Weight Watchers Mobile

If you are looking to help your health by eating better, this is a great app for your iPhone that is free to download. This app uses the Weight Watchers point system to track your food intake. If you are already using Weight Watchers, this iPhone app is a great addition to the other Weight Watchers services that help keep you healthy.

4. iPharmacy

This iPhone app gives access to information about thousands of different drugs. The app costs 99 cents and can be helpful to look up information about the medicines you are taking. This app can be very helpful for anyone who is starting a new medication or is taking several at once.

5. Dental Expert

A great free iPhone app that gives you a lot of information about keeping your teeth healthy. The information comes from top dental experts so it can be trusted to help you and your family. Some of the information includes treatments and causes of gum disease, what to do when dental emergencies occur, as well as a database that has any information you could need regarding dental health. This makes it a great app for any iPhone user.

These are just a few of the great apps that you can download for your iPhone that can help you manage your health. Most women usually have trouble juggling their busy lives, but these apps help make that juggling act much easier.

These iPhone apps are either free or inexpensive, which gives any woman every reason to add them to her iPhone. They can help with dental health, vision health and overall health for any woman.

Becky Mackay is an online writer, with a keen interest in health and lifestyle. For other top tips visit her Twitter profile @FreshHealth11

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