How To Break Free Of Self Imposed Limits For True Growth

How To Break Free Of Self Imposed Limits For True Growth

By Karen Fagan

Self-imposed limits are a result of our own thinking based on past conditioning. They are boundaries we have set in our minds about what we cannot be, do, have or achieve. These limits are not real; they only exist in our minds.

If you’re frustrated with self-imposed boundaries and feel fully ready to expand your life, I encourage you to identify your self-imposed limits. Once you know what they are, you can free yourself from restrictions. You will also experience something profound – your hidden potential from within.

Break Free of Limitations

Self-imposed limits feel constricting and depressing. They often sound like the following

• It easier for others than it is for me because ______ (fill in the blank).
• I shouldn’t state my truth because I will hurt peoples feeling or people won’t like me.
• I am too old to even try now.
• I shouldn’t risk it; it could take too long and be too much work.
• I’ll never earn much money. No one in my family has ever made over $75,000 per year.
• I don’t have the time to “just do it.” I am too busy.
• I can’t publish a book; I am not a professional writer.
• I don’t have enough time or money.
• I am so overwhelmed.
• It’s better to play it safe.

Self-imposed limits are false restrictions we place upon ourselves that stop us from taking further action and turning our dreams into reality. Imagine fully believing in your true potential rather than holding back because of self-imposed limitations.

This week, prepare yourself to jump out of the self-imposed box and start creating your life from a much bigger space. What I know for sure is that staying in your comfort zone is only going to bring the same results. Stepping out of your comfort zone will transform your life! Here are some steps to take to get started.

1. Make a List of the Limits You Place on Yourself

Once you bring your awareness to the boundaries you’ve built, you can decide to make different decisions that align with what you really want. You no longer need to tell yourself “I can’t.” Saying “I can’t” and believing it – is simply a choice. How would your life be different if you believed you could?

Become inspired and open to all possibilities for recreating your life.

2. Change Your Beliefs

Ask yourself whether you are truly limited in the way you previously thought. Why would you believe you are limited? What could you do without these limits?

Replace your negative, false beliefs with true and empowering ones.

3. Improve Your Self-Image

Start seeing yourself as the highest and best version of you. Ask your highest self for daily guidance and listen to your intuition. By listening to your highest self, you start to develop a higher level of confidence.

What would your best and most confident self say to those limitations?

4. Have a Positive Expectation

Expect the best with complete certainty. When you free yourself of limitations, you create space to fully see and believe in all that you’re capable of doing and being. Positively expect amazing outcomes. When you let go of self-imposed limits, you naturally release worry and need for perfection. You become present in the moment.

You were born to succeed and that is the beautiful truth. Now, fully expect it with certainty!

© Karen Fagan is an international empowerment coach, motivational speaker and writer. Her mission is to empower women, teach them to live on purpose and achieve amazing results in their life. Karen believes when a woman claims her voice not only does she transform her life, she makes better decisions for herself, her family and her business.

Karen is a Master Certified Life Coach. She has studied and trained with the best in the industry such as New York Times bestselling author Dr. Martha Beck, PhD. She believes in contributing to global change and donates a percentage of her program profits to women and girls philanthropy.

Karen Fagan, International, offers dynamic coaching programs and products. She will teach you to claim your personal power to transform your life, motivate and inspire you with her unique mix of wisdom, fun, warm-hearted humor and laser-focus.

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