5 Business Blocks To Overcome When Building A Brilliant Business

5 Business Blocks To Overcome When Building A Brilliant Business
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There are 5 main challenges to building a brilliant business. The entrepreneur who plans ahead for potential challenges ends up miles ahead of the game.

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore

“Be prepared,” said the boy scouts. It’s a great motto, isn’t it? But are you prepared to take your business to its next level of success and impact?

Growing a business is like planning a great trip. There’s your starting point and decide to go to a certain destination. There’s a gap to be traversed from where you are to where you want to be.

Savvy travellers plan ahead so they are prepared. They choose their route. They know the climate so they can bring the right kind of clothing. They get immunized to ward off disease. They learn some of the local languages and make sure they have the proper currency on hand.

Being prepared goes a long way towards overcoming the challenges that can crop up during any journey from point A to point B. The brilliant entrepreneur who plans ahead for potential challenges is going to end up miles ahead of the game, and the competition.

I believe there are 5 main challenges that come up when building a brilliant business. The good news is that if you learn about them now, you’ll be able to navigate around them instead of letting them take you off course altogether.

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Block #1 – Having a Challenging Relationship With Money

Our relationship with money is critical to our path to brilliance and it affects so many areas of our business and life. But this relationship is often not fully examined, as many feel disempowered with limiting beliefs, lack of knowledge, and self-sabotaging behaviour.

This spills over into our prices, our service structures and how we have the money conversation with our clients. As one of my mentors says, “How you do money is how you do everything.”

Navigate this block by committing to transforming your relationship with money as a cornerstone of your game plan to build a brilliant business.

Block #2 – Not Having Clarity

Without being clear about our vision and purpose, we end up prey to chasing down bright shiny objects or struggling to make clear decisions. It’s a set-up for getting stuck in Spiritual Overload Syndrome.

Commit to saying “Yes!” only to those opportunities and choices that allow your Highest Self to come forth.

Block #3 – Not Having an Authentic Road Map

Are feeling frustrated and inauthentic trying to shoe-horn your branding, marketing, programs and business into someone else’s system or blueprint?

While it’s great to learn from the wisdom and the mistakes others in your field have made, don’t let your desire to “model” others turn you into a cookie-cutter.

My spiritual teacher says, “Don’t imitate, radiate.” Your individual brilliance and authentic essence need to be honoured.

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Block #4 – Having a Crack in Your Emotional Foundation

I always remind my clients and students that your business will only ever grow as big as you are willing to grow yourself. So this is why I believe it is so important for brilliant entrepreneurs to be engaged in an ongoing program of personal transformation that Is geared to raising their level of consciousness.

Building a business will bring up every deep, hidden personal issue you ever had. Make the choice to commit to doing the work needed to ensure your emotional and spiritual foundations are strong and deep enough to hold the highest potential of your business dreams.

Block #5 – Not Having a Supportive Community

Stepping onto the entrepreneurial path can be very lonely. When compounded with any old habits of not being willing to ask for help and taking issues personally, we can feel isolated and dispirited quickly.

Plus, our typical support system of family and friends may not be able to help unless they have that entrepreneurial mindset and vocabulary as well.

Take advantage of the power of a group. Finding a supportive community where you can tap into the collective wisdom, energy and inspiration with fellow brilliant entrepreneurs eases the load and accelerates your success.

How To Step Into Your Brilliance

Take a look at where you want to go with your brilliant business. From where you are now, look ahead to that destination and then review the 5 blocks. Write down at least 10 specific ways you see some of these blocks showing up for you.

For example, in the area of money, you might have specific examples of “I don’t charge what I’m worth” or “I don’t have a plan to tackle my debt.”  Then circle two of the actions that feel most pressing to you and see what action you can take this week to create a breakthrough for yourself.

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About the author:

Carolyn Ellis is the founder of Brilliance Mastery ™, a program that helps women entrepreneurs own their brilliance so the mission of their business can be communicated clearly, powerfully and profitably. Carolyn is a certified Money, Marketing & Soul Coach, the creator of the THRIVE Principles ™, founder of Thrive After Divorce, and the award-winning author of The 7 Pitfalls of Single Parenting: What to Avoid to Help Your Children Thrive After Divorce. She publishes “Bits of Brilliance”, a weekly e-newsletter that offers inspiration, wisdom and support for the woman entrepreneur or business owner who is committed to living her brilliance. 

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