Business Etiquette Tips To Help You Succeed In The Workplace

Business Etiquette Tips To Help You Succeed In The Workplace
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Especially if you’re still new to the job, you have to learn how to mingle with your co-workers appropriately to project a feeling of comfort and camaraderie.

The way you handle yourself at work will greatly affect your performance, as well as how others will respond to you. You can make lasting relationships in the office if you practice good manners and etiquette.

Business meeting

Greet people you meet first when you enter the workplace or if someone comes in. You have to be always pleasant and polite. You will find that it sets a good mood in the office. Your voice has to be pleasant.

This also applies when answering the phone or paging someone via the intercom. Set the tone for productivity by being helpful and friendly at the same time. You can also greet janitors and other blue-collar workers.

Make it a habit to answer the telephone promptly. If a co-worker is still attending a meeting or is away from his desk, you can answer the phone after 3 to 4 rings.

This will help provide the idea that the business attends to all clients and concerns at all times. Simply take down important information that you’ll later on relay to your co-worker.

  • Meeting Practices

When there is a scheduled meeting, make sure you arrive on time. Dress properly for the occasion, even if it is casual Friday. Prepare yourself for the upcoming topics and shut your phone off before entering the room.

Do not chew gum while inside the conference room. Allow other people to speak before you come up with your own opinions and suggestions. Continue being polite when responding.

Avoid arguments and other negativity inside the conference room. If some people are being rude to you, maintain your tact and respond in a calm and composed manner.

Always use positive body language. Listen to the other person’s concerns. If you need to sneeze, cough or yawn, be very discrete. You should go to the bathroom before you come inside for the meeting. Aim to last the meeting without having to go to the comfort room.

  • Facing Clients

When a client is waiting, attend to him first and avoid any unnecessary actions. Try to avoid personal conversations or put the phone down if you are speaking to someone to attend to the one who is physically present. Do not eat at your desk or drink while talking to the customer.

If you setup an appointment with a client, dress well and always be there a few minutes before. Avoid any annoying habits you have and do not use strong perfume or any other odorous material.

Assist the client at all times and present the details clearly. Remember that you are there to provide information and do business. It is good to make small talk to make the customer comfortable, but avoid lengthy conversations that deviate from the main topic.

If you’re supposed to meet a client, but cannot be there on time, make sure you call or text ahead and ask the customer to wait a few more minutes. Always give them the idea that you prioritize the meeting.

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