Business Fashion: Stylish Career Suits For Women At Work

Business Fashion: Stylish Career Suits For Women At Work

Being professional at the workplace doesn’t mean wearing drab and unattractive clothes. You can be a serious worker and a fashionista at the same time. Business suits for women combine a blend of fashion and professionalism. You can still manage to look chic and attractive without flouting your office dress code.

Many women want to dress up fashionably while going to office but are not able to do so because of professional requirements. Others do not know what work wear to select that looks serious, yet feminine.

Business suits for womenBusiness suits for women help you express your femininity in a professional and stylish manner. There is a variety of business attire on the market that is rich in texture and style. Their cut, color and drape sets business suits for women apart from men’s clothing.

While available in rich colours, the type of fabric and the designs created for women’s business suits are usually understated. You might find a deep red or vibrant maroon-coloured suit, but usually not a floral pattern. Though a little conservative they serve as excellent work wear.

These suits come in great stylish cuts and flattering shapes, which make it perfect for women at work. The fabrics used may be cotton, jute, or even wool. Textured fabrics or self-detailing are popular too, and they lend a distinct character and definition to business attire.

You need to consider different things while buying career suits for women. The first thing to consider is the shape of the business attire. Women are not square-shaped like men. Their bodies have curves and that should reflect in their formal workplace attire too.

It is not necessary to hide your curves to be considered professional. Do not buy boxy suits – instead, opt for ones that are finely shaped to give you a good fit. To accentuate your figure, go for well-tailored business suits, rather than ready-to-wear ones.

Simple, yet elegant designs for business attire can make it look pleasant, yet professional, while accentuating your looks and figure. You can find several suits in the market that have detailing such as darts (tapered tuck made in dressmaking) in blazers. You can also find attractive buttons on the sleeves and a cinch on the waist that will give the dress a feminine look.

If you have decided to get your suit tailored, then do some research on the latest fashions. You can browse fashion magazines or websites that feature the latest trends of formal clothing for women. You can print out patterns, show them to your tailor and ask if he can create something similar.

Business suits for women can be made to look more feminine by some clever accessorizing and incorporating feminine add-ons. You can accentuate the look of a formal plain black business suit and a nice shirt with long collars or a lively blouse.

It’s a great idea to add a scarf of a similar or contrasting colour. You can also occasionally wear feminine tops inside your business suit to create an overall fashionably professional look.

What sort of business attire do you prefer? Do comment below and let us know.

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