10 Passion To Profit Business Ideas To Turn Your Passion Into A Business

10 Passion To Profit Business Ideas To Turn Your Passion Into A Business
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Go from homemaker to businesswoman with these passion to profit business ideas for women entrepreneurs to turn their passion into a business.

Being a woman entrepreneur or businesswoman is not a cakewalk. You have to deal with lethargic employees, incompetent vendors, bothersome customers and more. Women are blessed with multi-tasking skills and are capable of doing many things at a time.

One may ask, how can they do so many things at one go? Does the constant urge to prove themselves and be highly driven by ambition makes them great entrepreneurs?

The emergence of mompreneurs is the aptest example of women who are ambitious and armed with a go-getter attitude, despite facing a lot of challenges.

Women follow their hearts, so their passion keeps them ticking and helps them to come up with out-of-the-box ideas to start and promote a business. Today, we can see a lot of aspiring women entrepreneurs who have successfully converted their passion into profit.

It’s not a new trend to see women pursuing their entrepreneurial dream around their passion. We have seen many a home business for ladies such as tailoring, mehendi classes or home tutoring service in our communities during our childhood.

Today, the tailoring job is replaced with a home boutique, a mehendi class with an Art Academy, and a home tuition class with a Coaching Institute. We have seen these superwomen evolving from business ideas for housewives into full-fledged entrepreneurs.

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10 Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs

Here are a few top business ideas for women entrepreneurs that any woman can explore by turning her passion into a business with minimal resources.

1. For the woman who loves to ‘dress-up’

Starting a fashion or beauty business for women is a great option for ladies who love to dress up and follow the latest fashion trends in women’s clothing. Once you know that people admire your styling and your personality, you can cash on those factors.

You can get certified as an image consultant, fashion designer, or beauty and make-up professional. You can launch with a small workshop or get your friends to join up as clients to get your business rolling.

This will ensure a great beginning for your start-up as you know word of mouth spreads faster amongst women than any PR tool.

2. For the woman who loves creativity

Women who love creativity, and can express themselves in the form of creating artwork or crafts, can gradually turn their passion into an online business for women. Pursuing their creativity and exploring options to showcase and sell their work can create a pretty decent income.

You can also consider taking up business opportunities in interior designing, holding art workshops online or even launching an online art course. With the boom in online shopping, you can also open an online shop without investment.

To support every woman in her entrepreneurial journey, every micro-entrepreneur on the SHEROES app for women can now start a SHOPonSHEROES to sell her own products in a social setting, with content tools, dashboards and her own community.

SHOPonSHEROES is an easy way to build an online store for free and showcase your products and services. Customers can check what products you sell or services that you offer. There are absolutely no charges for setting up your shop. It is completely free.

Check out the Indian women artists selling beautiful Mandala art drawings and Madhubani paintings and the talented artists and crafters selling beautiful handcrafted gifts in their SHOPonSHEROES arts and crafts stores.


3. For a woman who loves to travel

Women who love adventure, exploring new places and learning more about different cultures and people can hit a jackpot in the travel industry.

You can become a ‘for women only’ travel guide, a travel blogger, travel photographer or videographer, or start your own travel agency online.

Even though travel may not be one of the best business ideas for ladies in view of the pandemic and lockdowns, there’s a lot that someone who loves travel can offer, including virtual tours of places you have visited.

4. For the women who love to ‘frame life’

Women entrepreneurs who love to explore life through frames and lenses can start a photography business. There is a huge demand for professional photographers, especially for weddings and birthday parties.

Working with themes and props you can start your own studio and start making money. Working closely with wedding events, and party and renowned hotel chains in the city can give you a good clientele.

You can also find places, such as stock photo sites, to showcase your photos and sell them online, or you can start an online store and sell art prints of your best photographs.

Bollywood Dance

5. For the woman who loves to sing or dance

For a woman entrepreneur who loves to sing or dance, becoming a music tutor or starting a teaching academy for singing or dancing is the perfect option.

You can run summer camps and winter funks in schools, your colony and kids play areas. This will help you enjoy your work and bring joy to lots of people desirous of learning singing and dancing.

You can get a certification in singing or dancing by doing a crash course with a famous singer or dancer. Who knows, you could even go on to start an acting career in Mumbai and become a famous Bollywood star.

6. For the woman with a flair for writing

The aspiring female entrepreneur who loves to express herself in writing, and who can also put her thoughts into words beautifully, can start a lucrative business in the field of freelance writing. You could explore freelance content writing options, become a blogger or can even write a book.

The options for becoming an author in India have grown and you can consider Amazon KDP self-publishing or publishing through one of the many publication houses.

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7. For the woman who loves to network

Are you the kind of woman who loves to build relationships over a small conversation in a lift? Or a woman who is a practical yellow page guide for everything on earth, whether it is a wedding planner or florist or a small home-baker?

If you’re the one, then you can make the best of your contacts and networking skills. You can start your own PR and Marketing agency, social media marketing agency, or event marketing agency and create a great business from your contacts.

If you have a large social network, you can also become an online influencer or an online reseller and start an online reselling business.

8. For the woman who loves hosting parties

Women entrepreneurs who love hosting house parties or get-to-together can try exploring business ideas for women, such as a ‘Party Planner’ or a Wedding Planner or even an Event or Wedding Emcee.

Your eye for detail and creative ideas are sure to make you a hit, whether it’s for a kids’ birthday party, organizing wedding anniversaries, or even planning a big Indian wedding.

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9. For the woman who loves to bake

There is a huge demand in metro cities and small towns for home bakers. Women entrepreneurs who love baking can always explore business opportunities in the pastry industry. You can either sell items like cookies, muffins, vegan cakes and so on or start a baking class in your city.

You can start with small orders and small batches of students and grow as a baking academy. You can even start a baking blog or a YouTube recipe channel showcasing your baking recipes and techniques.

10. For the woman who loves to cook

If you are an aspiring woman entrepreneur who thinks cooking is the most healing therapy for you, then the best business for ladies sitting at home could be to start your own home tiffin service.

Starting a tiffin or dabba service is a very lucrative side business for women who love to cook as home-cooked meals are in high demand in metro cities, especially with people employed in the corporate sector.

Learn how to start a Ghar ka khana tiffin service with Shipra Baranwal, founder of a six-figure home-kitchen business in India.  If your food is well-received, you can even go on to start your own restaurant or catering service.

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If you love to cook and teach others how to cook too, read our article on how to create a YouTube recipe channel step-by-step and earn money with it.

Once you learn how to create a YouTube channel, you can learn how to make money from YouTube with these lessons from the top women YouTubers in India.

With the success of MasterChef, we also see a lot of teenagers, kids and even young professionals who want to try their hand at cooking different cuisines. If cooking is your passion and the kitchen your dream destination, you can also start cooking classes from your home.

I hope these tips on business for women and suggestions on how to start your own business helps the women who aspire to have it all. I would love to know your opinion on these side business ideas for ladies.

Check out the SHECO Partner Program if you want a zero-investment business for ladies from your mobile phone and learn how to start an online shop without investment and sell products online from your own SHOPonSHEROES online store.

About the Author:

Nidhi Pathak is a working Indian mother who loves to write about women, motherhood and parenting. She writes about fashion and beauty at Fasheo. She loves exploring colours, creating her own style statement, scrapbooking with her daughter and reading about young women entrepreneurs.

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