Business Travel Tips: How To Deal With Travel Stress

Business Travel Tips: How To Deal With Travel Stress
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Business travel can be stressful and can have a negative impact on one’s efficiency and work performance. Stress affects your overall health as hormones released during stress bring about physical changes in your body like migraine, skin infections, irritable bowel, post menstrual syndrome and lower body immunity.

Business Travel StressFrequent travel can disturb your digestive system as well as the sleeping pattern. You generally have a tight schedule while travelling as it involves meeting many people in a limited amount of time.

You may have travelled a long distance, experienced a change in time zones and are caught up in meetings and late night dinners. All this can leave a person exhausted.

Delayed flights add to the stress and you may miss the meeting you were going to attend. Odd flight hours, long travel time and crowded planes add to the anxiety. The result – a stressed traveller who is irritated and loses temper on flight attendants.

You’re deprived of sleep as you prepare for meetings or conferences while travelling and not getting enough sleep can again be stressful. At the end of a busy work day, you go to a hotel room and hotel beds may not be as comfortable and cosy as your bed back home and thus the sleep may not be as relaxing.

How to combat travel stress?

• Avoid last minute packing to avoid panic and do not stuff too many clothes and accessories. It is always preferable to keep a travel case that is always ready

• Make sure that you arrive at the airport before time. Delays due to traffic jams can add to the stress. Avoid them by leaving early

• Sleep well the night before departure. Lack of sleep can lead to poor performance at work

• Avoid busy airports and travelling at peak times. Nonstop flights will be a better option to avoid delays

• Schedule your travel such that you give yourself plenty of time to make it to your meeting

• Enjoy reading a book or listening to music while waiting at the airport

• While travelling your sitting posture should be such that body is relaxed. Slightly arch your neck and relax your shoulders and abdomen. Do not sit with your legs crossed and distribute your weight evenly over your pelvic bones

• Meditate and practice deep breathing. It will help you to relax and deal with stressful situations

• Discipline yourself and try to keep a regular sleep schedule

• Stay in touch with your family and children

• Eat right – take a balanced diet and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Make sure that you do not over eat and avoid junk food. Too much alcohol should also be avoided

• Exercise and stay fit – take a brisk walk. Exercise uses up the stress hormones and helps you to relax and gives you a sense of wellbeing. Hit at the hotel’s gym to exercise before you get started for a busy day ahead

• Take some time out for yourself and build personal time into your schedule. Do not be overloaded with work all the time. Spend some time going around the place and just being with yourself. Plan to meet a friend for lunch or dinner. Listen to music or simply read a book

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