Buying A House: How Women Influence The Home Buying Process

Buying A House: How Women Influence The Home Buying Process


“As a rule, I don’t consider a purchase inquiry as legitimate unless the lady of the house in attendance.” This is an actual quote made by one of the leading real estate firms. Such a statement speaks volumes, and deserves in-depth analysis. It reflects the sentiments of almost all experienced property consultants.

Woman at Home

The plain fact is – when it comes to choosing and buying a home, a man’s ‘natural’ authority and predominance takes the back seat. Let’s review a few more statements made by real estate agents from across the city:

• “The man of the house may wield the money… but when it comes to buying a residence, it is his wife who decides when and where to spend it.”
• “Homes are made by women, not men. Every male knows this, and defers to the judgment of the woman in his life in such matters.”
• “I don’t see a sale happening unless the client’s wife has approved and endorsed it.”
• Take it any way you want, but the fact remains that most property dealers – be it builders, agents or marketing executives – do not take inquiries made solely by men seriously.

Yes, it is a male-oriented society. Yes, the male is the stronger of the species. Yes, he has the final say in most matters – but not in issues of buying a home.

Sound Reasons And Psychology

“Actually, it is nothing but simple, basic psychology” says one of the above-quoted sources. “One of a man’s most fundamental drives is to please the woman in his life. If it isn’t his wife, it will be his mother – but he seeks her approval.

In fact, most male-dominated activities are centered on this truth. Also, women have a genetically encoded gift for homemaking, and much better perspective about what should be included or excluded. A man depends on the woman to make his home comfortable and suitable for family life.”

There is, of course, more than just psychology attached to this. There are very practical considerations to it, too. A property dealer will only see a final deal coming up when a woman is present because:

• It is the woman who spends the most time in a residence.
• It is the woman who has a deep, practical knowledge of what is and isn’t required in a home.
• It is the woman who can instinctively judge whether or not a residence’s price fits into the family budget.

Home Buying Factors Often Overlooked By Men

• Future maintenance costs.
• Safety factors concerning present or future children and elderly family members.
• The suitability of the neighbourhood.
• The availability of vegetables, groceries and other necessities of life.
• Required room space for children.
• Availability of storage space in the form of lofts, closets etc. in kitchens and bedrooms.
• Health factors (hygiene of immediate surroundings, proper drainage, means of garbage disposal, noise levels, etc.)

“When a man walks into my office unattended by a by his wife, mother or sister, I know that this is probably not a serious prospect,” says an independent real estate broker. “It is man’s nature to make pointless, non-serious inquiries, but a woman usually means business when it comes to investigation of residential options.”

What does this add up to, practically speaking? It is possible that a man not accompanied by his spouse will not receive the kind of attention from a builder or estate consultant that he would if she were with him. Nor is he likely to be told the more intricate details of the property he is inquiring about.

Whether this seems fair or not, it is best to accept the things one cannot change. In other words, ensure that the woman of the house comes along when you set out for serious home prospecting. After all, it’s the woman’s touch that makes a house a home.

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