5 Tips For Buying A Vanity Set (Or Dressing Table)

5 Tips For Buying A Vanity Set (Or Dressing Table)
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Vanity sets – also called dressing tables – are a great addition to the home, especially if you want to accentuate the overall look of your home by giving it a modern and sophisticated look.

Vanity sets come in various designs, materials, styles, cost, and colours depending on the pieces that you want.

Before considering the purchase of any vanity set, it is, however, important to check several factors to determine whether the set is ideal for your own home.

It doesn’t matter whether you are renovating or remodelling, choosing the right vanity set is essential to avoid unwanted installation-day surprises.

Here are five tips you can use when buying a dressing table/vanity set.

1. Location

Find out where you intend to place your vanity set. Do you need it for the bedroom, living room or bathroom? This will help you narrow down on the ideal set taking into consideration factors like storage availability.

If you are buying a vanity set for the bedroom, you need one with ample storage spaces. Storage spaces such as drawers and countertop require some space to open.

5 Tips For Buying A Vanity Set (Or Dressing Table) 15 Tips For Buying A Vanity Set (Or Dressing Table) 2

2. Size of the vanity set

Vanity sizes are available in different sizes, some bigger in size compared to others. Whether you are buying a dressing table or any other piece of furniture, get exact measurements of the vanity set.

If you are tall you will need a vanity set with a higher countertop and shorter ones for smaller kids. Find out if you will be able to open the doors.

If you are choosing a dressing table, the right size should leave enough space for cleaning.

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3. Consider your room measurements or space

If you are choosing a vanity set such as a piece of furniture, you will have to leave some space in the room for movement. It is therefore important to measure your space first.

You will also need to leave enough space for door openings. Some vanity set designs also don’t fit in limited spaces.

If you are going to include a filler strip (a piece of wood that’s normally used next to a vanity to close any gap that’s between the vanity and the wall) consider it’s measurements.

4. Features

Different vanity sets have different features. You may find a vanity set such as a bedside table, a dressing table with a mirror and a bench to accompany it. Others do not come with the bench so check what the set consists of before buying.

It will not only save you on the overall cost, but it will also help you decide on the size and overall décor of your interior to ensure that it blends with other furniture in your home.

5 Tips For Buying A Vanity Set (Or Dressing Table) 35 Tips For Buying A Vanity Set (Or Dressing Table) 2

5. Material

Although most vanity sets are either made of wood, painted or stained, to create a certain finish or look, there are others with extra materials like metal, glass and/or mirror finishes.

All these should be considered when choosing a vanity set. Some countertops might even be made of stone or ceramic instead of the common solid surface.

There are many other factors to consider such as style and colour. Check out various designs of cheap vanity sets and select whether a modern, contemporary style among other factors such as colours, finishes and other exterior details to ensure that it’s your preferred choice.

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Buying A Vanity Set Or Dressing Table

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