Call Center Careers: How To Be A Successful Call Center Agent

Call Center Careers: How To Be A Successful Call Center Agent
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Call centers in India have become one of the largest sources for customer and marketing services. Virtually all of the biggest companies and corporations have some sort of call center in place.

There are call centers hired by companies who want to outsource specific campaigns, while other companies have their own captive call centers or BPO (business process outsourcing) units.

The hours of operation vary depending on customer demand and the organization’s availability to meet it. Those offering customer service may offer a 24-hour service, either by telephone, email, or chat, while some have set hours of operation.
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Most telemarketing call centers work afternoons with goals to target the busiest “at home” time for potential sales. Call centers have become an international medium for customer service inquiries or sales. Some even do both.

For individual who consider working in a call center, it is good to know just how variable call center services can be. Some offer a minimal wage with bonuses and incentives, while others have a higher base pay with promotional incentives. Some even offer only commissions based on sales.

In any case, you have to decide which model is right for you. The right individual can make excellent money working in a call center.  Some of the difficulties of call center jobs are the endless hours of talking and long hours spent sitting at a desk, listening to scores of complaints from people, some who may be downright rude.

There are advantages however, one of which is that you get to speak to people from all over the world. You can also make good money and there’s often room for growth and change. In fact, change is one of the benefits call centers are well known for.


Here is an overview of the kinds of tasks that call centers may require of their employees.

* Direct distributors, contact potential customers by phone or through personal contacts, demonstrate and sell products directly to individual customers or at sales parties and deliver purchased goods to customers.

* Door-to-door salespersons solicit sales and sell merchandise to residents of private homes.

* Street vendors set up and display merchandise on sidewalks or at public events to sell to the public.

* Telephone solicitors and telemarketers contact businesses or private individuals, by telephone, to solicit sales for goods or services or conduct market surveys

* Demonstrators arrange sales demonstration appointments, and show, describe and sell goods or services at wholesale, retail and industrial establishments, and at exhibitions, trade shows and private homes.


* Some secondary school education is usually required. High school graduation may be required by some employers.

* Self-employed street vendors and door-to-door salespersons may require a municipal merchant’s permit.

Progression to related supervisory positions is possible with additional training or experience. Where applicable, call centers will set up training and resources to keep the skills of their workers up-to-date and competitive.


Becoming a call center agent is not as easy as it looks. It involves talking on the phone to someone you do not know and trying to convince them to buy a product, use a service, or sign up for a special offer.

Here are some skills and attributes you will require in becoming a successful call center agent.

  • Self-motivated

The overall motivation will determine how they speak to people. So, successful call center agents are very motivated to do the job.

  • Good product knowledge

In order to successfully speak about a product or a service, the call center agent must know about the product or the service. Call centers that train their employees effectively will have greater sales volumes.

  • Positive Attitude

Your attitude comes through clearly on the phone. People can tell how you feel by the way you speak. When someone is happy and excited, those emotions will be evident, even on the phone. Angry, upset, or frustrated call center agents are usually not successful.

  • Excellent rapport

A good call center agents will know the customer or at least build a good rapport. Know when it is a good time to call. Calling during dinner, early in the morning, or late at night will not be successful.

  • Listening skills

Listening to what the customer has to say creates a mutual respect between you and the customer. Their comments and input can help you guide the direction of your call.

  • Ability to set goals

If you are able to visualize your success you will want to work as hard and professionally as possible to ensure your sales are the best. Many call center agents receive bonuses or rewards for a job well done.

  • Desire to succeed

Be happy with your success. Make note of what’s worked for you, and what has not. Seeing your growth and potential for further growth will continue to empower you and your call center skills.

Remember, being a call center agent is not an easy job, but it can be a very successful and rewarding job. Whether in sales or offering customer service, for the right person, working in a call center can be a fun and well paying career opportunity.

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