How Career Assessment Tests Can Help You Choose The Right Career

How Career Assessment Tests Can Help You Choose The Right Career
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“Personality is the supreme realization of the innate idiosyncrasy of a living being. It is an act of high courage flung in the face of life, the absolute affirmation of all that constitutes the individual, the most successful adaptation to the universal condition of existence, coupled with the greatest possible freedom for self-determination.” ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Why is career assessment important? If you’re feeling burned out or unsatisfied in your current job, you need to do a career assessment test and get an overall idea of where your true career motivations lie.

If you hate your job or dread going to work when you know that you’re not really suited for the career you’re in, whether in terms of personality or temperament, you can do tests for career assessment online.

In this competitive world, we all need to carve our individuality in our own unique way, i.e., by choosing a career that matches our personality. No woman can find happiness in something she’s forced to do.

Are you’re a job seeker asking yourself, “What should I do with my life,” or constantly find yourself doing a “What’s my career” quiz or “Choosing a career” quiz online?

Nowadays, recruiting companies often use personality assessment tests to evaluate the performance of an individual and it is extremely important that your career matches your personality to ensure job satisfaction.

How Personality & Career Assessment Tests Work

Personality tests match people to career interests and often measure their efficiency, job preferences and innate talents. How do they start with this? With a personality and career assessment, of course!

Most of these tests are based on Carl Jung’s Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

Career assessment for adults will reveal the real you – your natural motivations, interests and talents for work. They will help you understand what truly motivates you and what career is best for you based on your personality.

If you’re like most people, these tests for career assessment help to identify your ideal careers and discover your strengths, your styles for communications, learning and leadership.

Want to get some new career ideas for women or perhaps even find out about second career options for women over 40 or careers for women over 50?

A career assessment test will tell you which career you’re likely to find the most success and fulfilment in.

What Are Career Assessment Tests?

Personality and career assessment tests analyze what kind of a person you are – an introvert or a person who loves being with kids or an out-and-out social animal?

Once, you have analyzed what category you fall in, they help you choose the best careers that match your personality.


Best Careers For Introverts

Introverts are often labelled as ‘loners’, but in reality, they are idealistic dreamers. Here are some professions that suit the introverted personality type.

  • Writer:

The best way to convey the words that you cannot speak out loud is to pen them down. The one advantage that a writer has, is the power to reach out to so many, without imposing someone to read your thoughts

  • Singers & Dancers:

It would surprise you to know that many singers and dancers are introverts; it is their idealistic ‘big picture’ dreams that make them throw themselves out of their cocoons and onto the stage.

  • Veterinarian/Zoologist:

Many of us prefer the company of animals instead of people. For animal lovers, this seems like a good career option.

  • Painter/Sculptor/Exhibitionist:

Introverts tend to speak less; hence, they look for other mediums such as painting and sculpting to express themselves. If you don’t have artistic talents, you can still become an exhibitionist.

Some other career options that suit the introverted personality are:
• Computer Systems Analyst
• Accountant or Auditor
• Database Administrator
• Technical Writer
• Editor


Best Careers For Extroverts

They are far more complicated than what the rest of the world realizes. They have the great skill of being manipulative and ‘people persons’, which can work wonders in their lives. Here are some professions that suit the extroverted personality type.

  • Personal Chefs & Trainers:

In this fast-paced life, professionals of all types are turning to Personal Chefs & Trainers for personalized meals and routines that fit their lifestyle. Celebrities and sports bigwigs usually lookout for the best.

  • Fashion Stylist:

Every professional likes to look good both at work and leisure. If you have a great sense of fashion then this is supposedly the right career option.

  • Interior Designer:

If you’re the kind of person who can look transform a blank space into a work of art, then a career as an interior designer could be your destiny. It is perfect for someone who can work with a client and help turn a vision into reality.

  • Public Relations (PR):

The nature of this job demands you to maintain a good rapport of the company you are working in along with the clientele, media, community or society.

  • Sales Managers:

Representing the company, advise customers, advice dealers and distributors, ensure functional effectiveness of business.

Film Director

Best Careers For a Creative Person

You can definitely carve out a niche for yourself through your innate talents and creativity and make a profession, whether it is in the field of art, music, computers.

  • Computer Specialist, Information Technology (IT):

Today, the world of computers is more and more performance-oriented; specialists are needed to come up with these solutions.

They express new program ideas, fix older problems, and communicate these solutions to people who maybe a little less experienced in these areas. Creative solutions that are cost-effective and possible are IT’s speciality.

  • Film Director:

If you have a taste for film making and an eye for detail and creative drama, then this creative career is what you should choose. The creative approach of taking the written word and making it presentable on stage/screen is the challenge of this profound career.

  • Photographer:

A photograph is more than just a picture. It is a form of art that captures the ‘past’ or an intense form of beauty. It says something without words. A photographer uses her creativity to enhance the beauty of nature.

  • Graphic Designer:

Graphic designing, whether it is for a website or a company, is a growing field.

  • Curator:

If you have an ‘eye for art’, this indeed is a very good career option, which requires you to take care of the artefact.

Social Worker

Best Careers For Those Who Love To Serve

If you are a person who has a strong altruistic (selfless) inclination and loves to work for social causes, there are many options ahead in the form of careers.

As a Social worker, you could help clients function the best way they can in their environments.

  • Child, Family and School Social Workers:

They specialize in providing social services and assistance to improve the social and psychological functioning of children and their families. Support for senior citizens also falls under this category.

  • Medical and Public Health Social Workers:

They provide psychosocial support to those affected by chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses. They work with patients, families, and caregivers.

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers:

They work with people who have mental illness or substance abuse problem. Services they provide include individual and group therapy, outreach, crisis intervention, social rehabilitation, and training in skills of everyday living.

  • Social Work Planners and Policymakers:

They develop programs to address such issues as child abuse, homelessness, substance abuse, poverty and violence.

These are only a few of the options that you can choose, depending on your personality type, but indeed you are the best judge for yourself.

What Are The Best Career Assessment Tests?

The CareerFitter free career assessment test is a comprehensive career test online for students, graduates and working adults. Take 10 minutes to answer this 60-question online career test and get your free career report which includes:

  • How much money you can earn in your perfect career
  • Scientific insight into your work personality
  • Total career fields you should consider
  • Number of specific careers that fit you
  • Your quest – “what drives your actions”
  • Your leadership and management style
  • Your work personality energy
  • Your core strengths applied in a work environment
  • Your group performance style
  • Potential weaknesses in your work personality

If you’re looking for a career assessment quiz or career assessment test in India, this free online career assessment test is the best one for you.

Work is something you do all day, and for most of your life. It is essential that you be completely contented with your work and needs to, not only find a career doing what you enjoy but also need to find a career that suits your personality.

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