Career Coaching: Mentorship – Get A Mentor, Be A Mentor

Career Coaching: Mentorship – Get A Mentor, Be A Mentor
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Mentoring is a means of inspiring others by sharing your success, knowledge and wisdom.It is vital for a businesswoman to mentor others and build connections within her organisation.

This is an important element in retaining women executives as it provides a safe, confidential environment to explore work, career and sometimes personal issues.

Finding the right mentor is an important thing and before you start looking for one, here is what you have to think about:

• Names of people whom you know might have had the experience and expertise you are looking for.
• What you are expecting at the end of a mentoring relationship.

A number of mentorship communities and networks, exclusive for women, offer them a unique approach to success in their career or social positions. Anyone you can learn from is a good mentor.

You could choose your own mentor. The smartest person in your business area might be a great mentor who could help you see way ahead in your business. A person who could offer you advice that is factual and actionable would also be a great choice.

Cynthia is a career focused businesswoman who believes in learning and dedication rather than power or chemistry. She clearly knows what she wants and at the age of 33, she is the marketing manager of a leading Bio-medical company in India.

At one point when Cynthia had to decide between an MBA degree and a promotion, she sought the help of a co-worker, who referred her to a mentorship community run by women.

The community assigned her a mentor, but what surprised Cynthia the most was that, the program paired her with 10 other peers who would also be her mentors. She learned more from them, than she would have from an MBA degree or her former mentor.

Today, Cynthia and a lot other women say that the people who are at the same level as they are, are the ones who have offered the best solutions to their problems, because they face the same ones too.

You could request people who have achieved what you have wanted to be, to be your mentor and they can share their growth ideas with you.

  • How To Be A Mentor

Mentoring relationships provide an unparalleled guiding perspective on various fields.

If you are proud of what you have accomplished and if you know what it took to get you where you are today, you can be a mentor. Commitment, interest and confidence in one’s own self are all that is required to mentor a protégée.

Traditional mentor-protégé rules were standard practices which many a time, could not be applied to mentor women. For example, as opposed to women, men generally did not incorporate family aspirations into their career plans.

However, women mentors nowadays have changed the old rules of mentorship and have invented new ways of women mentoring women.

A woman mentor for a protégée works the best because they share a common goal – personal growth and development rather than positions or plums compared to men.

Several women mentors have expressed that, mentoring other women and helping them achieve their professional and personal goals gives them a lot of satisfaction.

A mentoring relationship benefits both sides as the mentors also learn and grow with the protégée.

There have also been instances of mentors finding protégées. If you see a piece of yourself in another woman, or if you come across someone in a situation that you have already been under, you could volunteer to be a mentor.

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  • I think taking on both roles of seeking a mentor and being one is VERY important. Being one will help you duplicate yourself in a company or industry. Finding a mentor will better yourself and both is needed. I wrote an article on a blog about finding a mentor and it got lots of play. A very underrated topic…

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