Free Career Counselling Online: Get Career Guidance For Women On SHEROES

Free Career Counselling Online: Get Career Guidance For Women On SHEROES

Free Career Counselling Online

Get Career Guidance For Women on SHEROES

Need a career app for free career counselling online? Download the SHEROES app for women and get free career advice and career guidance in India from career professionals.

When you need a career counselling app for online counselling for students or for moms looking for second careers, SHEROES is one of the best career counselling websites because it offers multiple ways to get online counselling for career guidance to map a clear career vision for yourself.

Before you make your next career move, connect with a career specialist on the SHEROES app so you can get on the right career track. Here are some ways to get free career advice, career resources, career guidance and career counselling on SHEROES..

Get Career Counselling on the SHEROES Helpline

Connect on the free SHEROES helpline for women for career counselling and careers advice. Helpline counsellors can provide you with free advice online on career changes, career transitions and any other workplace issues you’re facing, as well as relationship advice, legal advice and business advice.

Ask SHEROES Helpline For Women


Do Free Career Tests & Career Courses in the GAL Career Community

Find and prepare for your perfect career with free career tests, free psychometric tests, and free online courses on everything from Better English to Personal Grooming to Data Science in the GAL Career Community on SHEROES.

Free Online Tests Courses


Ask Career Guidance Questions Every Monday & Friday in Career Hour

Join the Career Hour every Monday & Friday from 2 pm to 5 pm with our career counsellor, Monica Majithia. This is a 3-hour live chat session where you can directly interact with our career counsellor and ask your career guidance questions without any hesitation.

Work From Home Career Advice

Our career coaches discuss topics such as:

Become a MARS Certified Remote Professional (MCRP)

The Managed Remote Solutions (MARS) program by SHEROES is the Gold standard in remote work. It helps women get certified as remote professionals so they can apply for legitimate remote jobs in various roles – including customer service, sales/lead generation, content creation, travel, remote sales jobs in the insurance industry.

To be a part of MARS by SHEROES, you need to be a MARS Certified Remote Professional (MCRP) – a certification designed to help female career professionals stand out and be prioritised by over 20 thousand companies when hiring work from home or remote professionals.

An MCRP Certification is not a guarantee of employment, however, it helps employers find you easily and increases your chance of finding a work from home job with respectable companies.

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Check the Latest Remote Jobs Vacancies

Get genuine online work from home jobs for women in India on the SHEROES app for women. These online jobs for women are only open to SHEROES app users. For Indian women who need jobs from home, we regularly update this list of new job vacancies from time to time.

SHEROES work from home jobs


Become a Financial Consultant From Home

Financial consultants advise people to secure their future financially. It’s so much more than just selling insurance. Learn how to become a financial consultant or insurance agent and find work-from-home insurance jobs in India.

You don’t a degree – you only need a 10th pass certificate (and your KYC and bank documents). So fill in the form and complete a free training by the insurance company and pass a test, after which you’ll be certified as a financial consultant and can earn money from home by selling life insurance.

Read the inspiring story of Surabhi Bhatnagar, a 12th pass woman who earned the highest first premium income of Rs 2.48 crore as an insurance agent with Shriram Life Insurance Company.

Jobs For Women With No Experience


Get Free Career Guidance from Career Professionals

An experienced career consultant, career mentor or career advisor online can help you create a new career vision, provide career motivation, career placement, career assistance, and career management services.

On the SHEROES app for women, you can attend regular AMA and live chat events and interact with well-known career professionals, career strategists, and career specialists for free career advice online.

Dr Ramona Amelia Miranda

Dr Ramona Amelia Miranda, Director – Ignus Consulting Pte Ltd, APAC, took questions on “How to accelerate career options for growth.”

Dr Ramona Amelia Miranda

Dr Ramona Amelia Miranda is a global executive presence coach and executive career advisor with 2 decades of being an Organization Development strategist; Talent, Leadership, diversity advisor & change catalyst across GE, Microsoft, Honeywell & The Aditya Birla Group.

She pioneered Ignus Consulting, Singapore that has engaged 38 clients through their path-breaking consulting, coaching, facilitating solutions, across 15 countries. She is passionate about coaching women leaders and has carved out a strategic model to scale their development in high growth markets.

Connect with her on the SHEROES app for women.

Sonal Bahl

Sonal Bahl, Founder of SuperCharge, took questions on “How to Advance in your Career?” and other topics.

Career Strategist Sonal Bahl

Sonal Bahl is an MBA and HR Director, a mom of two and now a Career Strategist, living in Belgium. She helps people by offering authentic advice on how they can have a career they actually love. After nearly 2 decades in HR and screening hundreds of thousands of resumes, she has helped recruit, build and evolve highly talented teams.

She has experience working with large companies like GE & PWC, midsize family-owned firms & startups. She will give you that extra edge you need to land that job, get promoted & improve your happiness at work.

Connect with her on the SHEROES app for women.

Padmini Janaki

Padmini Janaki took questions on “How to get a JOB after a career break?

Padmini Janaki

Padmini Janaki is the CEO of a startup that is currently in stealth mode. She is a product and growth enthusiast who has 10 years of experience in leading companies like PayPal, Cognizant and other startups based in the US.

She runs her YouTube channel called Loudtechie focusing on Product and Tech. She is an experienced product manager and has rich experience in UI/UX designing, risk management, market places, and sales and loves to write/talk about design, building products and life on TheProdcast.

Connect with her on the SHEROES app for women.

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Download the SHEROES only-women app and learn how SHEROES helps women achieve career growth and navigate career transition to achieve financial independence from home with WFH jobs or work-from-home business ideas without investment.

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