Career Development For Women: Skills You Need To Succeed

Career Development For Women: Skills You Need To Succeed

It has been established long ago that men and women are psychologically very different. They want different things, they have different needs and they tend to perceive the same things differently.

These psychological differences play key roles in determining one’s career path. Even on the professional front, women need a set of skills, somewhat different from their male counterparts, in order to succeed in their career.

  • Leadership Skills

For career development of women, this is the most important trait to guarantee success and growth in a career. From time immemorial, women have been dominated by men in every aspect of their lives.

Even if we shout ourselves hoarse about women’s equality and liberalization, in reality, these concepts are applied only in few parts of the world, and that too, among few people.

As a working woman you need to start cultivating your own leadership qualities and demonstrating them, even if it’s in a small way, to make your colleagues take you seriously. Then, your opinions would start to matter more at crucial juncture’s of your career.

Developing leadership skills would also ensure and better opportunities at the workplace, but it means you must also be prepared to take on bigger responsibilities.

  • A Positive Attitude

This is a quality that acts as a woman’s guide through every challenge that she would have to face during the span of her career. Having a positive frame of mind boosts one’s self confidence and instills the strength to face unfavorable situations, biases and discrimination.

A woman with a positive outlook is more likely to take things in her stride and sail through the situation with poise and grace instead of letting her self-esteem take a blow.

While some people are optimistic by nature, a positive attitude is a trait can be cultivated with time and practice. It is also one of the most important skills taught in any program that focuses on career development for women.

  • Be a Learner

No matter how many degrees we earn, as far as life’s experiences are concerned, we forever remain students. There are certain things that any woman in a professional field would have to face, and most of these are not taught in business schools.

There might be some setbacks in a woman’s career path, some phases when things just refuse to look up. Instead of crying over it, quickly analyze what went wrong and why. Then learn not to repeat them in similar situations in future. Be open to new ideas and changing trends as adaptability can take you a long way in your professional success.

  • Promote Yourself

Marketing yourself well acts as a catalyst in career development for women. Men usually do not have hang ups in taking credit for their positive contribution to the company. Women, however, are brought up to be modest and often feel hesitant to take credit for their contributions to the organization.

Whatever the reason for this may be, you need to overcome your fears and limitations and start promoting yourself strategically, especially with the use of facts and figures that support your achievements. Honesty and hard work need to be adequately supplemented with business acumen in order to climb the ladder to success.

  • Good Business Etiquette

Punctuality, the right body language, keen observation and listening abilities are some of the ground rules of thriving in the corporate world. They come in handy during business trips or boardroom meetings, as well as for socializing and networking. Seemingly minor things like a firm handshake can make or break a woman’s impression in front of other people.

Make it a point to learn good business etiquette, especially when socializing with people from other cultures and nations. Those women who invest in their own personal development and learn to present themselves well in front of others, are the ones who are given preference at promotion time.

The bottom line is that career development goes hand in hand with personal and self-development. As you grow in experience and wisdom, so will your career.

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  • Women use your intuitive skills to boost and supplement your leadership qualities.

    Look at the positive side of any situation. Project a positive attitude, regardless. Ask inwardly what can you learn or use to better the situation. Ask yourself or employees: What is not working? What is working?

    Talk about and point out your positive contributions. This is necessary to make your employers aware.

    Project a positive confident self image – direct eye contact – a firm handshake.

    Go beyond the minimum requirements of a project.

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