Career Tarot Reading: Mapping Your Career Path With Tarot

Career Tarot Reading: Mapping Your Career Path With Tarot
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Whether you’re trying to decide on a career after SSC or navigate a career shift, a career tarot reading can help you choose the right career direction.

“My son wants to do architecture. My husband wants him to do Commerce. Please help me understand what is best for my child,” she said. The cards were clear. It was Architecture all the way.

Since seats are hard to secure in the top institutes in Mumbai, mother and son had struggled and got a seat in a far-flung college in the suburbs, before finally getting a seat in a prestigious institute in Bandra.

This was more than ten years ago. Her son went on to become an architect, topping in every year of college and getting a placement in a prestigious firm. His father, who was initially adamant about Commerce, is now supremely proud of his son.

This is just one of many instances when people have benefitted from career tarot consulting to see the best career path for them. As people get more in touch with their intuition, interest in career horoscope, career astrology, and career tarot is increasing.

A lot of parents actually start asking career-related questions when their children are just a few years old. Personally, I have never answered such questions, telling them to at least wait until their children are in high school and have developed their own inclinations.

My experience over 25 years is that people are more likely to succeed when they follow their own career interests and career aptitude, rather than have a career chosen for them by parents or other well-meaning adults.

Of course, the world is filled with people who are at the top of their profession and for many of them, it was about just following the career path laid down by their parents.

But a lot has changed now in terms of exposure and education, as well as specialisation in different fields. While a free career quiz or psychometric test can help you learn about the many career options open to you, choosing the right career can be tricky.

Certainly, no one wants to waste years in a job that does not fulfil them, either financially or emotionally. This is where a Career Tarot reading can help.

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Whether it is choosing a career after B Tech, getting extra qualifications, or choosing between different organisations, getting a tarot card career reading can bring clarity and offers a profound opportunity to make choices that serve you in every way.

But the reality is that career tarot reading goes far beyond merely choosing the right stream. An experienced tarot reader can help you understand more than the career tarot meaning.

For instance, Tarot readings can help you navigate the complex world of office politics and workplace relationships, showing you who has your back and who is waiting to put a dagger in your back.

Career tarot readings can help you decode why your boss is so critical and what is the management’s real expectation from you. It can show you what battles to fight and what battles you need to walk away from.

One of my oldest clients was a founder member of a famous portal that was way ahead of its time. The company was going through a restructuring and he was wondering whether it was worth investing the next 10 years of his life in or if it would be easier to move to something else.

He took the advice of career guidance tarot card readings through a career move tarot spread, which ultimately resonated with his own inner voice, and is now happy in Silicon Valley, as a partner in a thriving corporation.

Who knows what would have happened if he had decided to stay. Maybe he would be happy here too, or maybe not. But life is really a set of choices that we make, so it’s far better to make a choice that sits well with you than to constantly second guess yourself.

Career Tarot gives you the cushion to verify your intuition and thoughts from a neutral source that has no vested interest in your outcomes. Its very neutrality is its biggest offering to you. And this is where things get really interesting.

It is not the job of the Tarot to replace your ability to think or feel or make decisions for yourself. I like to view the Tarot as a map. In the hands of a skilled tarot reader, the tarot spread for career guidance can show you the hurdles and pitfalls the journey you are on has, while also showing you the easiest way forward.

Your career tarot reading holds a mirror up to you, so that you become aware of your own shortcomings, giving you a chance to do something about it. And it also reminds you to play to your strengths. Many of my tarot students who came to me to learn tarot have successful careers that have nothing to do with reading the tarot.

After understanding the tarot, they now do their own free tarot readings to gauge the best direction when they have a big decision to make. This changes the game in their favour as they have access to information that is not on the table.

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Take the case of a very successful arbitration lawyer who was one of my first tarot students. While he was learning to read the cards he started asking the cards which judges were pre-disposed to his case and would like him.

I would never have thought about asking the questions he did, but you know what, it worked out beautifully for him. He was already a good lawyer, specialising in an obscure branch of the law. His reputation for winning legal cases grew over the years and he has now become an authority in his field.

The same gentleman swore that he would never marry and believed that the tarot cards were wrong when they predicted a family life for him. He is now father to a lovely girl and doting husband to his wife.

And then, there’s the young lady who was convinced her future was in running a fast fashion store but felt bliss while baking. Today she runs a thriving business, teaching people to make cookies, cakes, bread, and whatnot. Delicious turn of events, right?

The bottom line is that the cards in your career shift tarot spread can ease your way through the labyrinth that is so easy to get lost in. Whether it is personal issues or career-related, Tarot offers you a quick and easy perspective, helping you align with your goals and your dreams.

Tarot cannot and will not replace your ability to think for yourself, nor should it. True success comes from listening to your instincts, from working hard and working smart, from having a vision about your career goals and following that vision.

The job of the Tarot is to assist you in making that vision a reality, in helping you plot the best route forward, in helping you turn adversity into opportunity. The sky is the limit and tarot can help you fly.

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About the author:

Danovy Velloz is a practising tarot reader and tarot teacher since 1993. She is Co-Founder of Mind Spa, Mumbai and the creator of the Power Wand, an energy healing device, designed to bring harmony and balance into your life.

Follow her daily tarot in the Healing Space community on the SHEROES app for women (where you can ask her a free tarot question during free online tarot events) and connect with her to learn to read tarot or for career tarot readings to help with career planning, career assistance, or advice on any other issue in your life.

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