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7 Lesser Known Career Tools For The Woman Who Wants To Go Places

Women in India have been successful at breaking away from their traditional roles and finding their place in society. This is especially true when it comes to education.

Today, they are pursuing college degrees and going after their dreams. According to research, almost 46 percent of women are enrolled in undergraduate studies, and over 40 percent of them are PhD students, which means they have also been successful at bridging the gender gap in higher education.

However, despite the fact that the number of college-educated Indian women is growing steadily every year, the situation is less than ideal when it’s time for them to find their place in the highly competitive job market.

They make up less than 15 percent of the workforce, and many those that do manage to get a job don’t have the luxury of choosing one which offers both decent salary and opportunities for career growth.

However, Indian women still have a chance to build their careers through a variety of other options, such as startups for example.

We’ve put together a list of the seven best career tools that can help Indian women build their careers and increase their chances of finding a good job.  Keep reading.


For those women interested in assuming complete control of their own destiny, as well as their career, AngelList is truly one of the best platforms out there.

If you are looking for a job in startups, or have an idea that needs an investor, AngelList offers tons of such opportunities, because it gathers the best angel investors, many of which have been entrepreneurs in the past, so they know all the ins and outs of startups.

One of the dynamics that makes this platform better than others is the high-quality vetting, as well as the transparency of the entire process, which used to be one of the pitfalls of this industry. You can make use of AngelList if you are an investor, as well.

  1. ResumesPlanet

One of the things that can increase your chances of landing that dream job is having a killer resume.

Easier said than done, because there are dozens, or even hundreds of other applicants competing with you for the same job opening, which makes it very difficult to stand out.

Things get even more complicated if you’ve just finished college, and have no experience to speak of.

However, professional writers over at ResumesPlanet, one of the most reputable resumes writing services online, can help you make the most out of the experience and skills you do have, and shine a big spotlight on them.

They will make sure that the recruiters take notice when it comes to your strengths, as well as all information which might recommend you for the job, such as volunteering, or completion of relevant courses.

  1. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is probably the best resource online if you’re looking to find information on businesses, companies, as well as professionals.

Although it is mostly used by marketing experts in order to seek out potential leads and customers for their products and services, it is also a valuable tool for both companies and recruiters on one end, and those looking for a job on the other.

The list of companies and people is constantly updated, and currently, it has profiles on over 7 million businesses, and over 95 million people from all over the globe, which means you can always find numerous companies which are hiring at any given moment.

Searching through all that data is made easy, thanks to ZoomInfo’s semantic search engine, which always lists the most relevant results.

  1. GojobHero

Getting hired these days is difficult, but it’s not any easier to find the right job, either. However, thanks to JobHero, that time-consuming process has been made much simpler.

It acts as a dashboard through which you can search for jobs, save them for later viewing, upload all of your documents, as well as your resume, and set up alerts which will notify you about the approaching deadlines for jobs you are interested in, so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

JobHero is also available as an extension for your browser, which makes it even more convenient for job seekers.

  1. JobScan

When recruiting potential candidates for a job, companies often rely on ATS (Applicant Tracking System), which are basically applications which automatically eliminate applicant resumes based on certain criteria.

This makes the recruiting process shorter for the companies, but it doesn’t help your chances. With Jobscan, you will be able to get past the ATS, and have your resume read by an actual recruiter.

All you have to do is upload your CV, and let the application analyze it. It will calculate how good of a match your resume is for a particular job, which provides you with the opportunity to improve it even further.

Another cool thing about Jobscan is that it’s constantly updated, so that it’s able to keep up with all the changes which are made in most ATS applications out there.

  1. PayScale

PayScale is a software suite which provides you with a variety of HR and financial tools, so that you can receive safe and accurate payments for each and every one of your projects. This is especially useful if you are trying to build your career through startup companies or freelancing.

On the other hand, companies and corporations use it to determine the average rates for particular projects and services among contractors. This means you can adjust your rates to make yourself more competitive and interesting to potential employers.

You can also benefit from PayScale’s budgeting and benchmarking tools. Using all of these elements, you will be armed with almost everything you need to point your career in the right direction.

  1. Brand Yourself

These days, the recruiters are looking into everything that has to do with potential job candidates, and that includes your online presence.

You don’t want a few questionable photos or statuses to cost you your job, so the best thing to do would be to clean up all of your online accounts and profiles.

However, while you might be able to do that fairly quickly, there is not much you can do about Google search results, as those will not change immediately.

This is where BrandYourself comes in. It allows you to create an online presence which will be acceptable and attractive for employers.

They also offer premium services, which includes advice from real life experts that will help you create relevant content. The idea is to have this quality content rank higher than those search results which you find less than desirable.

In Conclusion:

Building a career is hard nowadays, especially if you are a woman in a traditional society like India. You have to work extra hard in order to find a place for yourself, grow your reputation, develop your skills, and land that job you’ve always dreamed about.

The obstacles are there, but with these helpful tools and resources at your disposal, you will be able to make your road toward success just a little bit bumpy. Good luck!

Author’s bio:

Micheal Gilmore is a career advisor and blogger. He’s psyched about personal growth, business and marketing. In his parallel life, he loves hiking and can’t wait to see the Himalayas one of these days. Follow him on Twitter.




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