Careers In Psychology Offer Job Flexibility For Indian Women

Careers In Psychology Offer Job Flexibility For Indian Women
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The growing awareness of psychology and its importance has brought with itself a horde of possibilities, both for the patients and for therapists. It holds the solution to a thousand mental, social and psychological problems human beings find themselves battling with.

Psychology is an extremely intricate science working on pure logic and reasoning combined with apt sensitivity. This is probably why women find themselves excelling in this field. If you have an academic bent of mind and are genuinely interested in the working of human mind, a career in psychology may be just the thing for you.

A career in this field involves frequent and sometimes prolonged interaction with people. Most women are naturally bestowed with patience and compassion and are therefore apt candidates for a career in psychology.

  • Requirements For Psychology Jobs:

While natural instincts are very important to be successful in a field as intuitive as this, professional degrees are extremely important too. Psychology can be studied at various levels starting from undergraduate degrees and going on till post-doctoral levels.

For post graduation in psychology it is important to have graduated in it. If you have a keen interest in the subject but are not willing to take it up as a career option, you may sign up for certificate or diploma courses to augment your knowledge.

Depending upon your aptitude and interests, you can choose from the various sub-fields of psychology:

  • Clinical Psychology:

Clinical psychology involves the diagnosis, treatment and further prevention of mental and emotional problems in patients. Clinical psychologists can work independently or work in hospitals, community centers etc.

  • Educational Psychology:

Educational psychology mainly involves working in schools, colleges etc as a counselor. Educational psychologists work together with teachers, parents and students to help students especially teenagers to deal with their growing frustrations, common at their age. They help in building an understanding between teachers and students, and parents and students.

  • Organizational Psychology:

Organizational psychologists work with industries, firms etc to boost up production through analyzing employees psychology, working conditions etc. They focus on the behavior of employees and customers and accordingly advise the companies on the strategies that could maximize productivity.

  • Counseling Psychology:

Counseling psychologists help people deal with their emotional, mental and social insecurities. There are counselors working with teenage issues, relationship issues and marital conflicts – the demand for counselors is quite high in the country.

  • Research Psychology:

Research psychologists research on various aspects of human behavior, for example perception, learning, remembering and their various emotions. They carry out a series of surveys and experiments to reach out to a conclusion.

  • Teaching Psychology:

And last but not the least, psychology students can turn to being teachers in schools and colleges depending on their degrees. Teaching can be an extremely satisfying job given that the person has interest in imparting knowledge.

There are other branches of psychology too like social psychology that is involved with the understanding of human nature owing to the social set up and culture he has grown up with, forensic psychology that is involved with studying the state of mind of a criminal etc.

For Indian women, a career in psychology offers a plethora of growth opportunities and flexibility with regard to employment options.

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