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6 Reasons You’ll Want A Lawyer On Retainer For Your Business

November 23, 2018
As a new business owner, there are contracts to sign and legal decisions to prepare for. Here are 6 reasons you’ll need a lawyer on retainer for business.

5 Small Business Loans For Woman Owned Business In India

August 1, 2018
Here are 5 business loan schemes for Indian women entrepreneurs being offered by different banks and the Indian government that have lower interest rates, lower collateral requirements.

10 Problems Female Entrepreneurs Face When Setting Up A Business

June 28, 2018
Female entrepreneurs deal with more hurdles compared to men. Here’s how to overcome them by becoming your own #1 cheerleader.

5 Awesome Methods For Young Entrepreneurs To Finance Business Ideas

June 9, 2018
It’s normal for new entrepreneurs to have issues with funding their ideas. Here are a few solutions that can get you on the right track.

10 Franchises You Can Afford On A Budget

January 31, 2017
For most working Indian women who have the resources, but not much time to build a brand, franchising an already successful brand is a good recourse.

10 Legal Tips For Startups In India

December 1, 2016
Planning to start a business? Legal Advisor, Roma Priya, offers 10 legal tips that Indian founders should consider when creating their startup.

How To Get Business Loans For A Woman Owned Business In India

October 10, 2016
Do you need business funding? In this article, we showcase some government and bank loan schemes and facilities provided to women-owned businesses in India.

Bringing Financial Freedom To Women Entrepreneurs In Rural India

August 7, 2012
Milaap’s Independence Day campaign starts with kicking off the 'Adopt an Entrepreneur' campaign, in which you can select an artisan and raise funds for her.

How To Create A Business Brand In A Troubled Economy

January 23, 2012
When businesses are competing for what remains of the market, you have to double your efforts at ensuring that your brand keeps your business afloat.

Naaree Interviews Gillian Muessig, Founding President Of SEOmoz

January 5, 2012
Known as SEOmom throughout the SEO industry, Gillian Muessig is a thought leader and founding president of SEOmoz, providers of Search Marketing applications.