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Call Center Careers: How To Be A Successful Call Center Agent

April 20, 2011
Becoming a call center agent is not as easy as it looks. Here are some skills and attributes you will require in being successful in this demanding career.

7 Great Jobs For Women Over 40 Looking For Second Careers

April 19, 2011
Are you a mom looking for great jobs for women over 40 for your second career? Check out this list of 7 of the best careers for women over 40 in India.

6 Job Interview Mistakes You’re Making And How To Fix Them

April 14, 2011
Find out if you’re making any of these six mistakes that put off interviewers. and don’t worry - there are solutions for all of them.

Unusual Jobs For Women: Succeeding In Unconventional Careers

April 12, 2011
It only needs one successful example to break the myth of ‘female specific jobs’. In India where gender discrimination runs rampant, this change is heartening.

Career Tips For Women: How To Start An Acting Career In India

April 9, 2011
More Indian women are pursuing an acting career nowadays because it is their gateway to fame, fortune, and the benefits of an acting career in Bollywood.

Careers For Women Over 50: A New Inning In Your Golden Years

April 5, 2011
With their children all settled and a lot of time on their hands, many women over 50 are beginning to think about themselves and of starting a new career.

Business Etiquette: How To Navigate ‘Family Talk’ At The Office

April 2, 2011
When you are talking about your family at work, how do you know if you are sharing too much or if the topic is inappropriate? The following tips will help you determine appropriate 'family talk' at the office.

Master Of Ceremonies Tips: How To Spice Up Your Emcee Script

March 30, 2011
It takes an effort to come up with ideas to spice up your Emcee script and be the master of ceremonies you were meant to be. Here are some of our tips to do that.

Careers For Women: Your Career Options In Print Journalism

March 29, 2011
When you check the workforce inside a news organization, there are different kinds of editors and writers as well as a host of other workers that team up to bring fresh news to your doorstep every morning. Here are some of your career options in print journalism.

Fleximoms’ 2nd Chance: India’s First Back to Work Program for Women

March 25, 2011
Fleximoms, India’s only Workflex Readiness specialist has begun the rollouts of 2nd Chance – India’s first Back to Work Program for Women. The program is meant for women who have taken a break from work and want to return or explore different ways to manage their work and life more effectively.