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The Saree: Elegant Indian Business Attire For Women At Work

September 13, 2011
With Indian women CEO’s making the 'saree' their favoured style statement, it is important to understand what types are appropriate, and how they are worn.

Proper Business Attire: What Do Women In India Wear To Work?

August 4, 2011
In the past decade, easily manageable trousers and non-creasy shirts have taken a front seat among business attire for women in India.

Fashion Tips: Finding The Signature Colour That Proclaims You

July 10, 2011
Whether it is your preferred colour that has been your favorite since you were little or just a color that looks fabulous with your hair color and skin tone, consider creating this shade your signature.

Corsets And Bustiers: Fashioning Powerful Female Expression

July 2, 2011
Madonna, Beyonce and other powerful celebrities have repeatedly brought the corset 'out from under' and into the limelight over the past couple of decades.

Business Attire: How To Dress For Success For Women At Work

June 26, 2011
Whether you’d like to highlight your professionalism at work, at a business meeting, job interview, or at a party, consider the tips here to dress for success.

Business Fashion: Stylish Career Suits For Women At Work

April 26, 2011
Want to be a serious worker and a fashionista at the same time? Business suits for women help you express your femininity in a professional and stylish manner.

Got A Passion For Fashion? Design Schools Can Help You Shine

April 22, 2011
If fashion is your passion, you might be the right candidate for a fashion design school. Learn the basic criteria to use in choosing a fashion design school.

Comfortable Career Shoes For Women: Keep Your Feet Happy At Work

April 14, 2011
If your job requires you to stand for long periods or walk a lot, it helps to invest in the perfect pair of business shoes to carry you through the day.

Beauty Tips: Find A Salon Or Parlour That’s Right For You

February 23, 2011
With beauty parlours and salons mushrooming all over the country, choosing the wrong beauty parlour or salon could make you shudder when you look into the mirror.