Money For Women

Art As An Investment: Tips And Strategies For Investing In Art

March 27, 2012
Though investing in art is a very lucrative option, it is also very risky. Let us take a quick look into this new form of investment to get us started.

Income Tax Exemptions for Women in India: What You Need To Know

February 13, 2012
For tax planning and investments women should consider age, income and the financial goals they have set independently as well as from a family perspective.

Money Management For Women: Top Money Concerns For Women In India

January 9, 2012
Women in India are contributing significantly to family finances. However, there are some fundamental issues that women still face with managing their money.

Funding A Business: Handling Debt With Confidence And Clarity

October 13, 2011
Businesses are traditionally started and grown on loans, and your entrepreneurial venture is no exception. And this can be a positive reason to create debt.

Financial Planning: Money Habits Of Highly Successful Women

August 30, 2011
Highly successful women have figured out how to balance treating themselves with life’s luxury items AND save, creating feelings of security and peace with money.

Are Your Man’s Money Beliefs Holding You Back From Success?

August 18, 2011
What’s an ambitious woman to do when she loves her man and won't compromise her business growth, but doesn’t want to get into another argument over money?

Home Loans And Women: How To Afford The Cost of A New Home

June 30, 2011
Are you a woman who has the dream of owning your own home? Here's why it is actually a lot easier when you use home loans, provided by financial lenders.

Loans For Business Women: Financial Help For Women In India

June 6, 2011
Finding it hard to source funding for your business venture? Here are a number of sources of funding for entrepreneurial ventures by women in India.

Money And Women: Identifying The Root Of Your Money Story

May 13, 2011
Here are 4 common reasons why you're holding yourself back and hiding behind not having enough money as the reason for not creating the life you desire?

Building A Brilliant Business: 5 Business Blocks To Overcome

May 12, 2011
There are 5 main challenges to building a brilliant business. The entrepreneur who plans ahead for potential challenges ends up miles ahead of the game.