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10 Important Life Skills Older Professionals Wish Were Taught At University

November 11, 2018
Although you often learn about academics at University, here are 10 important life skills many older professionals wish they also been taught while they were there.

The Working Woman’s Guide To Financial Planning At All Stages Of Life

January 30, 2018
Just like your personal goals, your financial goals will evolve at each stage of life. Here are some tips to help you achieve them by managing money better.

Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms: Key Takeaways From Amanda Steinberg’s Book

November 27, 2017
This article offers key takeaways from Amanda Steinberg’s book, 'Worth It - Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms', as it relates to Indian women.

How to Plan for Your Child’s Higher Education Based On Their Age

August 22, 2016
Every parent wants to give their child the best education without financial hurdles. This can only be achieved by choosing the right investment options.

The Indian Woman’s Guide To Buying A Home

March 9, 2016
Buying a home requires planning and foresight. For Indian women considering it, either for themselves or for their family, here are some points to consider.

Car Insurance Tips For Women: The Anatomy Of A Car Insurance Policy

January 5, 2016
Women are equally in danger of accidents as men. This article aims to give you a basic knowledge of what a generic car insurance covers.

Special Bank Accounts For Women – What Benefits Do They Offer?

February 7, 2013
To encourage women to manage their money better, several banks are now offering special accounts for women linked to certain benefits that they can enjoy.

Top 10 Financial Tips From Happy Moms

November 26, 2012
Whether it is saving money on ingredients or saving money in the water they use, here is a look at the 10 best financial secrets of a happy mom.

How To Start Living Debt-Free

October 29, 2012
Do you dream of living without the burden of excessive debt hanging over your head? Living debt free requires financial discipline, all the time.

Money Saving Tips: It’s ALL In Your Habits

March 29, 2012
Saving and growing money is not a miracle, but the product of a particular mindset. Here are 5 money saving tips to get your finances back in the green.