Positive Attitude

Assertiveness Skills: How To Speak Your Mind Without Hesitation

April 18, 2011
Being assertive is a skill that every woman should possess at her work or in her home. And it’s never too late to learn this essential skill.

The Top 10 Steps to Attract Your Ideal Relationship. Really.

February 27, 2011
What we all really want are relationships that are more love than work, that are full of true connection. Here are ten steps to get you to that kind of relationship.

The New Indian Woman: In Love With Life

February 25, 2011
The latest issue of "The Week" magazine, profiles the New Indian Woman, as one who lives life on her own terms, is answerable to no one for her choices and is learning to take care of her own needs.

Grab the Wheel: How to Get in the Driving Seat of Your Life

February 23, 2011
Are you truly in the driving seat of your life, or are you carting around a back-seat driver, or a mini-bus load of little voices with big desires?

Are You Free to Be Fabulous?

February 23, 2011
Every one of us has been subjected to some form of commandment to NOT break out beyond where you came from, to not leave your “station” in order to be truly fabulous.

Being an Empowered Woman

February 23, 2011
The smallest positive change in your thinking can begin to unravel the biggest problem. When you ask the right questions of Life, Life will answer.

Five Steps To A Happier You

February 23, 2011
It’s important to live in a way that is satisfying, happier and enriches our soul. Sakshi Singh gives you five ways to help you along the road to happiness.

Leucoderma Was A Blessing In Disguise: Dr. Manjula Jagatramka

February 23, 2011
Even today girls with leucoderma are discriminated against in the marriage market. Pallavi Bhattacharya interviewed woman achiever, Dr. Manjula Jagatramka, who, despite being a leucoderma sufferer, went on to do her Ph.D in Textiles and Clothing, and works with the underprivileged in Mumbai conducting training programmes in income generation skills like embroidery and training.