Here’s A Hidden Secret To Raising Your Fees With Confidence

December 10, 2011
Have you ever wanted to raise your fees - but felt totally scared to do it? Where are you giving up your power with money in your life or business?

Mindset First. Skillset Second: Why (More than Ever) Inner Work Is Crucial For Your Success

December 8, 2011
If you have a true calling or if you run your own business, you'll continually be required to deal with the issues of mindset, release, intention and growth.

How the Concept of Beauty in Indian Women Is Changing

November 27, 2011
In the last five years, there has been a big shift in the attitude of Indians towards appreciating true beauty in women, that is not based on skin color alone.

Business Tips: How To Handle Your Prospects’ Sales Objections

November 21, 2011
It's your job to handle a prospect's objections so they can get the results they are looking for. Here are the 7 most frequent objections a prospect will have.

Emotional Detox: How To Get Rid Of Your Emotional Burden

November 19, 2011
Emotional detoxification cleanses you of feelings of hatred, jealousy, anger and resentment that might have crept into your life and lead to happiness.

Three Ways to Grow Your Confidence (Tip: You Already Have It)

November 17, 2011
Confidence is something we all have, but sometimes it gets knocked by unexpected changes, conflict, setbacks and circumstances beyond our control.

Sex And The Indian Woman: Are We As Liberated As The Media Claims?

November 16, 2011
The new generation of Indian women is perhaps the first where many have had multiple sexual partners before marriage, and are not socially ostracized for it.

How To Break Free Of Self Imposed Limits For True Growth

November 4, 2011
Frustrated with self-imposed boundaries and feel fully ready to expand your life? Identify your self-imposed limits and free yourself from restrictions.

Non-Verbal Communication: Body Language For Negotiators

October 30, 2011
Non-verbal communication is important in any business encounter. These five body language guidelines will help you hold your own when you negotiate.

Top 5 Stress Relief Tips For Women

October 16, 2011
When will you seek stress management for the stress relief you need before you become depleted, worn out, and develop serious health challenges?