Girls Nights Out: Bonding With Your Gal Pals After Marriage

November 18, 2011
Marriage no longer signals an end to girls’ nights out parties. Here's how to bond with your gal pals without getting into too much trouble at home.

Toxic Love Relationships: The Jilted Lover Syndrome

October 28, 2011
Many women remember being stalked and harassed by former lovers who just can’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Here's how the law can protect you from a toxic lover.

Is Marriage Less Of A Priority For Indian Women Today?

October 14, 2011
With conventional notions of marriage being replaced with one that offers a lot more freedom, Indian women think twice before tying the knot today.

Loving Relationships: The #1 Way To Attract Your Soulmate

October 1, 2011
When people are trying to find their soulmate, they’re looking outside themselves. Yet, loving yourself actually has power to attract your soulmate.

How To Stop Overfunctioning And Start Getting The Love You Want

September 3, 2011
Overfunctioning is a deeply unsatisfying thing. Trying to play your man's part in the relationship as well as yours creates tension and conflict.

What Do Working Women In India Look For In A Man?

August 25, 2011
What do working women in India look for a man? Here are the essential skills that today’s modern Indian man will need if he wants to charm his lady love.

Dating Advice: Help, His Ex is Back

August 13, 2011
The Ex-Girlfriend, when not properly exorcised from your boyfriend's life, can cause ALL kinds of problems. So what can you DO to protect your relationship from her?

Relationship Tips: How To Deal With Bully Bosses And Husbands

July 18, 2011
A bully is one who is obsessed with the need to control others. Here's how to recognise a bully and deal with people who try to control and dominate you.

Marriage And Money Problems: When The Wife Earns More

July 10, 2011
Does a wife earning more spell disaster for a marriage? Pallavi Bhattacharya profiles some couples where the husbands are proud of their successful wives.

Women Entrepreneurs, Succeed In Business, Keep Your Marriage

July 5, 2011
As an entrepreneur and a relationship expert, it is my firm belief that a broken relationship is way too high a price to pay for entrepreneurial success.